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Dipti Gohel  Founder True Fit Gourmet How does your workplace embrace equality? We Provide equal pay and ensure that women are paid the same as men

Nikita Poojari  Director of Shiv Sagar Group How does your workplace embrace equality? We at Shiv Sagar group do not judge performance and growth based on

Meenu Nohria Co-Founder Silly, Mumbai How does your workplace embrace equality? First things first, whether it is a woman or a man, staff members are all treated with respect at Silly.

Vandita Purohit Founder, Mauji Cafe ● How does your workplace embrace equality?Embracing equality anywhere is about the mindset first. It starts with how we think about these things and

In conversation with Manas Wadhwa- Founder- K se Kulcha. What was the inspiration behind such an unique concept of making Amritsari Kulchas a signature dish and with ten

HospiBuz brings an insight into those elements that specializes The ‘Rainforest,’ a Forest theme- based Resto-Bar located in the heart of Mumbai. With its 4

HospiBuz:- Barista is all about serving delectable coffee. Please tells us how has the food menu and ambiance helped Barista grow?  Mr. Puneet Gulati:- Innovation is the

Chef Hari Nayak is a well-known Chef in the hospitality industry, who apart from being a chef is also a restaurateur, an author of

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