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The hospitality industry is facing an over 60 per cent demand-supply gap in manpower. Hiring in the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants and airlines,

The hospitality industry is dynamic and ever-changing, every now and then it requires you to adapt something that’s new, something that’s creative, and yes

Rachel Goenka’s Sassy Teaspoon Juhu outpost just got revamped and turned into a culinary paradise. How, you ask?  Talking about the interiors -  A pink door

Mumbai, 29th April, 2022 :-  EHV has signed an agreement with Reliance Industries Limited to bring India’s most awarded restaurant, Indian Accent to Mumbai. This comes on the heels of

Mumbai, May 2022:  If you’ve been manifesting good energy, good food and like-minded people to share a space with, it’s time to reap the fruits.

New Delhi, May 12, 2022: The Claridges has put its heart into bringing Japan to its guests at the recently launched Japanese food festival.

Authored By Chef Govind Bhushal, executive chef & Managing director, Dr. Zombie Pasta is a highly rumored dish since most people associate it with junk

 Article By Chef Govind Bhusal Managing Partner & Executive Chef at Dr.Zombie. Year's most colorful and vibrant festival is forthcoming, and people have already started

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