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Every year on October 20th, International Chef Day is celebrated to commemorate the art and skill of chefs worldwide. In honor of International Chef

Industry experts' responses on technology being used at their property that is ahead of time and drastically changed the way things work. Amardeep Singh General Manager,

Theme for this year is "Food Standards Save Lives". Let's see what are views on the theme from different industry experts and chef's.  Rajat Agrawal CEO,

Here are inputs and reactions by the restaurateur on the Budget Allocations made by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Prerna and Sangram, Founders, Zyzzyva -

Sanjay Vazirani  CEO, Foodlink The F&B sector is a big contributor to the economic growth of our country and must be considered a priority in the budget

Article by Mr.Sahil Sambhi -Founder of The Drunken Botanist The theme or Concept of your Restaurant defines how your guest perceives your brand. In today’s

The hospitality industry is dynamic and ever-changing, every now and then it requires you to adapt something that’s new, something that’s creative, and yes

Budget 2022 | The Restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit by the Pandemic, specially due to night curfew. Many restaurants shut down