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Insights from Corporate Chefs in Celebration of International Chefs Day

International Chef Day, celebrated on October 20th, is a significant day for food enthusiasts worldwide. It's a day where we recognize the artistry and skill of chefs globally. In honor of this event, corporate chefs

International Chef Day, celebrated on October 20th, is a significant day for food enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a day where we recognize the artistry and skill of chefs globally. In honor of this event, corporate chefs share their insights on how to develop great chefs and foster a healthy future. This year’s theme, “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future,” highlights the importance of nourishing future generations. To mark this occasion, HoReCa experts have shared their thoughts on the theme and their contributions to this special day.

Sumit Kumar

Corporate Chef, Leisure Hotels Group

‘Being a chef in F&B industry I always prioritize satisfaction of the diners first. That they enjoy everything which is being served on table. I don’t consider myself a fancy cook, but rather I believe in a ‘Farm-to-Table Cooking Philosophy’,  shaping up ingredients that comes from the farm to delicious food on the plate.’

Chef Bharat Alagh

Corporate Chef and Vice President Operations and Culinary Orange Tiger Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Creating a healthy environment for children is essential to engaging, selecting, shopping and showcasing healthy eating habits. Give children a wonderful opportunity from regular life and softly inculcate ideas to satisfy their taste buds and gut health. We must set loving boundaries by gently guiding them to make good choices of food for a healthier future. Keep promoting positive and healthy eating habits. Offering a healthy variety of food for children is the main motto of Orange Tiger Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Let’s maintain a healthy relationship with food and our young generation, then we can have a Great Growing of a Healthy Future.

Chef Bobby Recto

Philippines Corporate Pan-Asian Chef of Taki – Taki and Mirage under VRO Hospitality.

In today’s society, where convenience and processed foods have become the norm due to eating habit and life style,

Growing a great chef is essential on cultivating a healthy future by teaching them the fundamentals of cooking techniques, more specially ingredient selection which is very popular in Pan Asian cuisine, those flavour combinations while maintaining the nutritional value and health benefit of each ingredient and overall dish.

The art of cooking goes beyond satisfying not only our taste buds or fostering creativity on our plating or presentation but more importantly is encompasses vital role in nourishing our bodies,

By Educating our young chef, raise awareness, exposing them to a sustainable food system, creating sustainable agriculture, and encouraging to promote functional food that have been enhanced with additional nutrients or ingredients that offer specific health benefits beyond their basic nutritional value. These foods are designed to provide physiological benefits and promote overall wellness which goal is to optimize nutrition and improve health outcomes “Because we are what we eat”

And “Precautions is better than cure.

By introducing those style, methods and trend to our young generation of skilled chefs will lead us towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Ishant Khanna

Corporate Chef Badmaash Brand, V&RO Hospitality

At Badmaash, our commitment is to develop our Chefs, and provide them with an opportunity to make a positive impact, and ensuring that they always bring out something new on the plate.

We always involve our Chefs in discovering our great cuisine and looking at ways to add an extra impact to each dish, through our progressive cuisine approach. Our endeavour is that we will continue to drive curiosity, creativity, and the love for what we do in our Kitchen’s at Badmaash.

We believe that the biggest recourse in the Hospitality industry is the people, and all efforts should be made to help them grow for the business to prosper.

We take a lot of pride in ensuring that the Indian food practices of eating locally grown, seasonal produce and being resourceful by producing minimum waste are followed in our Kitchen’s.

We always ensure that we are using seasonal and local produce for most of our dishes and using the ingredients in the best way possible. We have also developed several innovative recipes around the zero-waste policy to ensure that we do our bit for a Healthy Future. A lot of our broths, sauces, dressings and dips are based on this concept, and are made through interesting and innovative recipes which uses leftover ingredients.

We are conscience towards the approach of a sustainable future and nourished environment.

Chef Agnibh

Corporate Chef, one8 Commune

“Encouraging young culinary enthusiasts to explore their passion and develop their skills is not just about creating future chefs, but about nurturing their potential to become great storytellers and cultural ambassadors through the art of food. By fostering a culture of wellness and nutrition, we are sowing the seeds for a healthier future where individuals embrace wholesome food, making mindful choices that nourish their bodies and empower them to flourish in both their personal and professional lives.” 

Chef VH Suresh

Corporate Executive Chef at Platform 65

“Nurturing great chefs and creating a healthy future are intertwined pursuits. Chefs, with their culinary artistry, play a pivotal role in championing sustainable cooking, innovating with wholesome ingredients, and setting trends that lead us towards a healthier, more sustainable food culture. As they craft dishes that tantalize our taste buds and respect the planet, they’re not just making meals; they’re forging a path to a brighter, more delicious, and nourishing tomorrow. On this International Chefs Day, let us hope to have more chefs that uphold the ethics and integrity of food from Mother Earth, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of her bounty.”

Chef Ashish Singh

Corporate Chef, Dhansoo cafe, Gurugram

As the F & B industry is growing, talent hunt is becoming a tedious job. We need time to hire fresh talent and train them to a level that they manage independently and add more to the organization.
Till a few years back people were not so conscious about healthy eating and eating out was mostly confined to junk food. With the trend of healthy eating catching up I as a responsible chef need to contribute towards this.
We recognize the importance of using fresh,  whole and sustainable ingredients  in our cooking and including a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, millets and protein in our dishes for promoting healthy eating and thus a healthy future. Also we try to keep our process of cooking simple and respect all the ingredients equally so as to maintain the nutritional value.

Chef Subhash Shirke

Corporate Chef, The Pantry ( Guilt-Free Goodness)

As a chef , I always cook to please & nourish people.
I always believed to source ingredients which are  fresh, organic , seasonal & local as much as possible and same thought process was implemented while designing our brands menu .
taking forward on believing The health Is On your Plate , I always wanted soulful meals which were more meaningful to people’s health , taking my food research of changing pizza as a  junk meal to a tasty healthy meal where base made from cauliflower with fresh healthy toppings, followed by number zero sugar desserts to dietary meals all along the way till today.


Rahul Desai

Corporate Chef, Keish Hospitality

“On International Chef Day, let’s celebrate the chefs who cultivate not just recipes but a healthy, delectable tomorrow.” 


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