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World Whiskey Day falls on May 18th. Let's take this opportunity to delve into the insights being shared by industry experts on the future

World Whiskey Day is on May 18th. Let's seize this chance to explore the forthcoming trends in the whiskey industry on this significant day.

Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace and providing mother's room facilities help mothers balance work and motherhood, demonstrating a company's dedication to employee well-being and

Creating a nurturing workplace where mothers are valued and supported is essential. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

Balancing work and motherhood as a working woman is a challenging task, but mothers possess the superpower to handle both seamlessly. Wishing all mothers

Hotel brands are taking initiatives in the context of Earth Day, with a focus on the theme of the planet versus plastic.

It is important to educate representatives on the issue and urge them to implement solutions.

Chefs and culinary experts are expressing their perspectives on the theme and discussing the initiatives undertaken by their hotel brand for Earth Day