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In Conversation with Projjwal Ghosh, Director of Sales & Marketing, Crowne Plaza Adyar Park, Chennai As an experienced sales and marketing hospitality leader, how

In conversation with  Mr Gladvin Rego- Principal - Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management You've been into this industry for a long period of time. Please

In conversation with Prem Dewan, Managing Director of DeVANS Modern Breweries Ltd. 60 years and counting please share your journey since inception. Prem Dewan – Devans Modern Breweries

In conversation with Manas Wadhwa- Founder- K se Kulcha. What was the inspiration behind such an unique concept of making Amritsari Kulchas a signature dish and with ten

RATIONAL India started with a 5-member team and now has taken over the industry with its world-class combi ovens and other kitchen technologies. What

Post lockdown what approach will be appreciatable within the industry? Dr.Nitin Shankar Nagrale: There is no doubt that the pandemic will change the working pattern

You stepped into the hospitality world by launching Octave Hotels and after sometimes the brand touched new success and you own a chain of 7

HospiBuz brings an insight into those elements that specializes The ‘Rainforest,’ a Forest theme- based Resto-Bar located in the heart of Mumbai. With its 4

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