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Hospitality Redefined: Radisson Blu Mumbai Airport’s Vision for Inclusive Community Building


What inspired Radisson Blu International at Mumbai Airport to focus on community building through events like Salsa evenings and collaborations with Vinodebella?

The collaboration with Vinodebella, a pioneering women-led brand in India, aligns seamlessly with Radisson Blu’s values. Both brands share a common ethos centered around lifestyle, modernity, and aesthetics. This collaboration has given rise to a series of events, ranging from sundowners to artistic brunches, serving as platforms to showcase the synergy and alignment between Radisson Blu and Vinodebella. The partnership not only enhances the guest experience but also highlights the hotel’s commitment to supporting and promoting businesses led by women.

In what ways do these community-building initiatives align with Radisson Blu International’s broader goals and values as a hospitality brand?

Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport differentiates itself from other airport hotels by aiming to be more than just a place for rooms and breakfast. Instead, the hotel envisions itself as a hub for creating a sense of belonging and connection among its guests. While providing comfort and a welcoming atmosphere, the hotel is dedicated to promoting new initiatives and entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on initiatives led by women.

What inspired the creation of Vineyard Rhythms and how does it embody the themes of strength, art, community, and gastronomical experiences?

Set to take place on 8th-10th March, Vineyard Rhythms is a manifestation of Radisson Blu International Airport’s desire to curate unique and immersive experiences for its community. This event is designed to bring the burgeoning wine culture from Nasik vineyards to the heart of Mumbai, providing guests with a complete end-to-end experience in a hyperlocal context. The themes of strength, art, community, and gastronomical experiences are interwoven into Vineyard Rhythms through elements such as salsa, culinary arts, live music, and fashion. The event serves as a powerful platform for diverse communities to converge, celebrate, and specifically puts the spotlight on women-led brands, aligning with the launch on International Women’s Day.

Are there any plans to expand or diversify the range of community-building activities and partnerships in the future? If so, what can guests look forward to?

Looking ahead, Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport has exciting plans to expand and diversify its community-building activities. Collaborating with a premium lifestyle sneaker brand to infuse street culture into the hotel demonstrates the commitment to offering diverse and vibrant cultural experiences. This collaboration includes featuring underground hip hop and rap artists, creating an atmosphere that resonates with contemporary trends.

Additionally, partnerships with the Royal Thai Consulate-General for a brunch and collaboration with artists for exhibitions and sip-and-paint brunches further illustrate the hotel’s commitment to cultural diversity. These initiatives not only enhance the guest experience but also contribute to the hotel’s broader goals of being a dynamic and inclusive space for a variety of cultural and artistic expressions. The continuous effort to diversify community-building activities underscores Radisson Blu’s commitment to providing a rich and multifaceted experience for its guests.



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