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Passion for Nature and Camping Drives The Out Factory to Craft Luxurious, Eco-friendly Yurts for Enhanced Outdoor Experiences

Passion for Nature and Camping led to Exploring Yurts : The Out Factory specializes in creating luxurious, comfortable, and eco-friendly outdoor spaces, transitioning from basic camping to yurts for enhanced outdoor experiences.

I have always loved the outdoors, traveling, and camping. However, as one became a family man, cramped tents and the lack of facilities made camping a pain. This has always bothered me. Then, a few years back, Tony, my co-founder, and I were at his farm, and the lack of accommodation (and, most importantly, a fridge) there sparked a conversation. That is what led me to yurts.

Yurts fascinated me for two reasons. The first was their origin—round, portable structures that suited the lifestyle of the nomadic cattle herders of Mongolia’s vast and treeless steppes. The second was the new interest in yurts in the US and Europe. Many folks were building yurts in remote locations with the intention of living off the grid. More interestingly, the yurt was becoming the focus of glamping (glamour + camping).

That’s when I explored yurt construction — a pursuit many initially dismissed as a midlife whimsy. However, the unexpected attention on social media for my first yurt led to the emergence of an unforeseen market, and then we really had to deep-dive into the art and craft of the yurt. This paved the way for The Out Factory, India’s first and only yurt manufacturer, established in Bengaluru in 2019.

A growing demand for unique, luxurious camping experiences propelled a hobby (or midlife whimsy) into a business. The next thing we knew, resorts were incorporating yurts into their offerings, recognizing the allure of these innovative living spaces. This, in a nutshell, is the story of The Out Factory—a whimsy that created a market.

Our vision is to redefine outdoor living through innovative and adaptable modular structures. At the heart of The Out Factory lies a commitment to creating exceptional outdoor environments that seamlessly blend luxury, comfort and sustainability.

Our yurt concept revolves around reimagining the traditional yurt as a modern, versatile living space suitable for various applications. We believe in harnessing yurts’ timeless appeal while incorporating contemporary design elements and eco-friendly practices.

Key advantages of our yurts include:

1. Range: Our yurts can go where other structures can’t. As temporary structures, yurts can be put up in areas with regulations on traditional construction, like coastal and wildlife zones. So you can get much closer to the action with yurts.

2. Adaptability: Our yurts are designed to be flexible and customisable, catering to diverse needs and preferences. They adapt effortlessly to different environments and purposes, whether used as luxury accommodations, event spaces, or eco-friendly homes.

3. Innovation: We are committed to pushing the boundaries of yurt design and exploring new construction techniques to enhance comfort, durability and aesthetics.

4. Portability: The Out Factory redefines portability with our yurts, offering a unique blend of mobility, durability, and convenience. Our yurts are designed to be easily transportable, allowing for seamless installation and relocation without compromising on quality or structural integrity.

5. Zero disturbance installation: One of the key advantages of our yurts is their zero disturbance installation process. Unlike traditional construction methods, which can be disruptive and time-consuming, our yurts can be set up in just 72 hours with minimal disruption to ongoing operations in a resort, the surrounding Environment, and existing infrastructure. Whether it’s a remote wilderness retreat or a bustling urban centre, our installation process is designed for optimal efficiency and minimal disturbance.

The hospitality and travel sectors are poised to reap substantial benefits from the growing preference for unique and environmentally friendly accommodations like yurts, especially considering the remarkable growth trends in India’s tourism industry. According to data from Invest India, domestic tourist visits surged to 1.73 billion in 2022, while foreign arrivals nearly reached 10 million in 2023. Projections from McKinsey’s report, ‘How India Travels 2023,’ painted an even more promising picture, forecasting that by 2030, Indian travelers will embark on a staggering 5 billion leisure trips, with a vast majority being domestic. Additionally, international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 30.5 million by 2028, further underscoring the immense potential of India’s hospitality and travel sectors.

Given these compelling statistics, yurts emerge as a strategic opportunity for hotels and resorts to capitalize on this burgeoning demand. Their rising popularity presents an attractive proposition for adventure-seeking tourists, offering a unique and immersive staycation

experience. What sets yurts apart is their eco-friendly appeal and quick installation process, typically completed within 72 hours and with minimal disruption to existing operations and the surrounding Environment. This unparalleled efficiency enables hotels to expand their capacity while swiftly maintaining seamless guest experiences.

Moreover, the versatility of our yurts opens up a world of possibilities for hospitality businesses. Beyond serving as accommodation units, yurts can be easily adapted to incorporate additional amenities such as spas, cafes, or recreational facilities, enhancing the overall guest experience. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of yurt construction, which is approximately 20% lower than traditional concrete buildings, presents a compelling financial incentive for hoteliers, ensuring a significant return on investment.

Our ambitious expansion strategy entails extending our presence to numerous cities and vacation destinations. By the fiscal year 2025, we envision installing 150 yurts across the hospitality sector, spanning iconic locations such as national parks across India, the Northeast, Goa, Uttarakhand and Ayodhya. We’ve already established a reasonably strong foothold in the industry, with over 150 yurts currently operational across the country, including prominent locations such as Riverside by Aahma in Jim Corbett National Park, Machaan Wilderness Lodge in Nagarhole, Tathastu Serenity Retreat in Kanha, and ten unique sites in Meghalaya.

We’re committed to innovation, aiming to transform luxury accommodation in India’s lively hospitality sector by offering remarkable outdoor experiences. With a highly skilled team of architects and designers, we aim to double our existing customer base in the fiscal year 2024-25. With a promise to deliver exceptional outdoor adventures that set us apart and reshape the landscape of luxury experiential stays, we are poised to redefine the essence of luxury in India’s hospitality industry.

Working with the state of Meghalaya was more than enjoyable. To start with, MIDC (Meghalaya Infrastructure Development Corporation) is led by extremely competent bureaucrats, who diligently evaluated many concepts, options and organizations across India before impaneling a few. We are happy and proud to be one of them.

As we speak, The Outfitters — our installation team — is busy setting up infrastructure for resort operations.

The first set of yurts from the Out Factory are installed at Laitmawsiang in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, and the resort will soon launch operations. Laitmawsiang is one of India’s best-kept secrets and is a hidden gem. We hope the folks who travel to Laitmawsiang love the place. And our yurts, too.

We are in talks with other governments, and what really impresses us is the interest

governments are taking in creating new options for travelers and choosing us for our adaptability to regulations in their tourist areas. Their desire to invest in tourism while preserving the ecology of their states is very forward-looking.

That’s a question we can both answer and cannot. Because the yurt can go anywhere — it can be the additional room in your compound, it can be the farmhouse, it can be the new library on your terrace, it can be a primary healthcare center, it can be a post office, it can be anything you want it to be.

We are better equipped to answer the hospitality industry question. We receive enough calls every day to know that more and more folks in the industry are considering differentiated offerings. They realize that the new traveler demands new experiences, and they see the yurt as one of their key offerings going forward.

Most of our callers also realize that the yurt can be added to their keys with minimal disruption. They can continue with their operations while we add more rooms to their properties without any disruption, and their guests will not be disturbed. Also, if they plan their interiors and such in advance, they can start selling their new keys within a week.

These realizations, trends worldwide, and the industry’s interest in The Out Factory are factors that we believe will substantially contribute to our growth.

1. Who is Praveen Krishnaiah in the Hospitality Industry in one line?

I am your key to more keys.

2. Is a biography to be written or a biopic to be made on Praveen Krishnaiah? What would be the title?

Enginear, yet so far.

3. Other than this what career would you have loved to do?

Probably psephology. And then watch the carnage on the stock market.

4. Key feature of yurt according to you?

That I work and live in one.



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