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Beyond Alliance : Trusted Partner for Interior Designers and Architects, offering innovative Technology solutions for Smart Homes and Offices

Each and every member of our Beyond Alliance squad treasures relationships above all else. Pouring our hearts into every project as if it were our own personal masterpiece.

Beyond Alliance

When we started, we had yet to learn that someday we would climb it to become one of the largest residential system integrators in the country. It’s all thanks to the tech-hungry youth of the country that smart homes and high-end AV are now more a necessity than a luxury. Our strength lies not only in the global brands that we collaborated with but also in the teamwork that we have been able to put together. Unconditional support from the interior designers and architectural industry, which influence the use of technology to enhance the lifestyles of each end user and believe in their consultation, led to this growth. We never thought that someday we would be integrating spaces of some of the most renowned names, and we feel truly blessed to have been trusted by each. We strive hard to deliver value beyond their expectations.

Architect Prachiti Khanvilkar

At some point in our journey, we understood that experiences are created only once the relationship is developed with the end users. We believe in designing technology according to how the user thinks. We never want the user to adapt according to the system. User-friendliness and cutting-edge are our design fundamentals. Every user thinks uniquely, be it a celebrity, a senior citizen or the housekeeping team of a hospitality brand. Understanding this uniqueness and delivering a tailor-made solution is where our success lies. We have engraved keypads in Gujarati for some HNI residences where grandparents didn’t understand English. God is in the details, and we dive into their minutest when striving for perfection. More important than this is prompt service. Critical problems demand 2 am support, and we have extended these to all our clients, which is the goodwill we have created because of our team’s dedication and support.

Apple Homekit is the best thing that has happened to home automation. Thanks to Siri, voice control is gaining a lot of traction, too, since we are past all the glitches in the early adoption days. Energy saving is a big deal, too. Smart homes learn when you’re home, adjust the temperature to save power, and turn off lights and appliances when you leave. This helps the environment and saves you your hard-earned money.

Biometric readers have evolved to face recognition readers. EPABX is obsolete and has now moved to IP communications, breaking the barriers of location and bringing unified communication to homes.

Ultra-short-throw projectors now open up possibilities for creating home cinemas in living rooms. People appreciate having such high-end AV at home post-COVID, as quality time spent with family is more treasured now than ever before.

Integrating AI, voice control systems, and biometric security enhances comfort and protection, making smart homes not just a luxury but a necessity. Innovations like geo-fencing for automated settings upon arrival, advanced home theatre solutions, and WiFi 6 mesh networks ensure seamless connectivity and entertainment experiences. With evolving aesthetics and IoT expansion, smart homes are becoming more personalized and efficient, offering endless possibilities for enhanced living.

As technology evolves rapidly, embracing these innovations promises a future-ready lifestyle that combines convenience, security, and sophisticated living environments seamlessly tailored to individual preferences. Market analysis indicates that the Indian smart home market is set to reach $6.5 billion in revenue by 2024, with household penetration expected to rise from 10.7% to 22% by 2028. Smart homes are increasingly considered essential, catering to the demand for high-end, futuristic living environments.

Architect Padmini Pandey
Architect Prachiti Khanvilkar

At Beyond Alliance, smart technology can transform your home into a more convenient, efficient, and connected space. With innovative solutions, you can revolutionize how you live, making everyday tasks easier and your home more secure and comfortable. Smart lighting is one of the simplest ways to start. Imagine controlling your lights with a simple voice command or a tap on your smartphone. Keeping your home safe has always been challenging with our advanced security solutions. Smart cameras, doorbells, and locks provide real-time alerts and remote access, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere. The ability to monitor visitors at your door, remotely control door locks, and ensure home security from anywhere offers priceless peace of mind, knowing your home is safeguarded with cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, achieving the ideal home temperature is effortless with smart thermostats. These devices learn your preferences and automatically adjust the temperature to keep you comfortable while optimizing energy use. You can control the thermostat from your phone, ensuring your home is always at the right temperature when you arrive.

Beyond Alliance

It’s challenging, which is why we have 6 experience centers between Mumbai and Surat. Choosing the right smart home devices can be daunting due to the array of options available. However, understanding your specific needs simplifies the process. Start by assessing your daily routines to pinpoint where automation would add value. For enhanced security, consider smart cameras and door locks that enable remote monitoring and access management, ensuring peace of mind whether you’re home or away.

Next, focus on comfort and convenience. Compatibility is crucial. Opt for devices that integrate seamlessly within a unified ecosystem or platform, enabling centralized control from a smart home app or hub. This approach ensures a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

Lastly, future-proof your investment by choosing brands known for frequent updates and robust customer support. This will ensure that your smart home remains current and adaptable to evolving technologies.

Lighting directly impacts aesthetics, ambiance, and productivity. Video conferencing solutions save time and make boardrooms global thinking platforms where ideation and management can happen most efficiently. Smart automation technology significantly enhances workplace experiences and safety, impacting employee well-being and business efficiency. Automated lighting and climate control systems optimize office environments, adjusting settings based on occupancy and time of day to ensure comfort and reduce energy costs. Enhanced safety measures, including automated security systems with smart cameras and access controls, provide real-time monitoring and immediate alerts for potential threats, ensuring a swift response from security personnel during emergencies.

Moreover, smart automation minimizes mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on strategic activities. Automated scheduling and task management systems streamline daily operations, while smart meeting rooms equipped with booking systems and advanced AV technology facilitate efficient meetings and collaboration. Integrated communication tools support remote work, keeping teams connected and productive regardless of location.

Smart automation technology promotes employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall productivity by fostering a secure, comfortable, and efficient work environment. Embracing these advancements is a strategic investment that enhances workplace dynamics and contributes to long-term business success.

Beyond Alliance

In all hospitality projects, lighting scenes and audiovisuals are the central ideas because music and lights help create the right ambiance. Hospitality brands are paid for the experience they make and go out of their way to ensure the users find value in the dining or stay or spa or gym that they spend on. Technology helps administrative management centrally manage the entire property to deliver a consistent and controlled experience throughout the property. Banquet areas and conference rooms demand a lot of technology for sharing audiovisual content or collaborating through audio-video conferencing solutions. We help conceptualize, design, implement, and maintain these technologies.



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