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Insights from HoReCa Professionals on International Chefs Day

Every year on October 20th, International Chef Day is celebrated to acknowledge the skill and dedication of chefs globally. This year's theme, "Growing Great Chefs" and "Growing a Healthy Future," focuses on the importance of

Every year on October 20th, International Chef Day is celebrated to acknowledge the skill and dedication of chefs globally. This year’s theme, “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future,” focuses on the importance of nurturing young talent and promoting healthy living. In honor of this day, industry experts from around the world share their expertise on developing exceptional chefs and establishing a brighter future. Discover how HoReCa professionals are contributing to this celebration and their thoughts on this year’s theme.

Chef Rajdeep Rana

Director of Culinary, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park

At The Westin Pune Koregaon Park we lesson the growing importance of sustainable work culture in kitchens. Chefs play a pivotal role in shaping the culinary industry, and their commitment to sustainability can significantly impact the environment, by embracing sustainable practices such as reducing food waste, sourcing locally and seasonally, promoting plant-based cuisine, and implementing energy-efficient waste management systems. Chefs can lead the way towards a “Greener” kitchen culture.

Sandeep Pande

Director of Culinary, The St. Regis Goa Resort

By spreading the seeds of learning and mentoring, we must be ready to hand down the proverbial culinary torch to chefs who are stepping into the fold. It’s the only way for this legacy to grow

Jerson Fernandes

Culinary Director and Culinary Alchemist- Accor India Region, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

At Accor, we chefs believe that “Nurturing future culinary talents not only grows great chefs but also cultivates a healthy future, where passion and innovation harmonize with nutrition and well-being. On this International Chefs Day, we Chefs at Accor wish to cultivate the seeds of culinary excellence, fostering a future where great chefs nourish both palates and bodies.”

Kailash Gundupalli

Director of Culinary, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC

“This year’s theme for International Chefs Day, ‘Growing Great Chefs,’ serves as a beacon of inspiration for the emerging talents in the culinary world. It encourages them to explore their culinary skills, cultivating a passion that can not only lead to personal success but also contribute to the growth of an industry that continually innovates to create a healthier, more delicious future for all.”

Ashish Pant

Chef De Cuisine, Lords Hotels & Resorts

“Growing awareness of health and wellness among Indians is impacting the food and beverage industry. We have included organic,nutritious food on menus across all our restaurants due to high demand.”

80% of Indians are protein-deficient. This deficiency can cause numerous problems in the body, such as fatigue, hair loss, low immunity, loss of muscle mass, frequent illnesses, gas, and constipation.

To make your meals protein-rich, you can add nuts, green peas, oats, black beans, chickpeas etc. as these are the best sources of proteins.

Along with proteins, other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates are also equally important. Eating a balanced meal with food from all the groups helps the body function correctly. 

A healthy breakfast is also an important part of a balanced diet. Studies have shown that it helps improve energy levels and weight management.

Sidney Dcunha

Director of Culinary, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

“Cultivating great chefs demands a growth mind-set for a sustainable tomorrow. We often overlook the simplicity of nurturing a healthier future. Returning to our culinary roots, relishing fresh, unprocessed ingredients, and fostering mindfulness in our dining choices can shape a robust, health-conscious legacy—particularly when we instil these values in our children from an early age.”

Chef Sunil Dutt

Culinary Director, W Goa

International Chefs Day acknowledges chefs’ influential role in culinary culture and fostering positive food practices. W Goa celebrated this day, recognizing the power of food in nourishing both the body and the planet. This occasion symbolizes a commitment to using culinary skills for a broader purpose beyond mere taste satisfaction. W Goa’s chefs utilized the occasion to advocate for healthy eating and sustainable food practices, aligning with a global movement towards conscious consumption. They emphasized the responsibility to encourage choices benefiting individuals and the environment, promoting mindful decisions about ingredients, ethical considerations, and environmental impacts. The celebration represents a collective effort within the culinary community to contribute to a healthier future by inspiring positive change in individuals’ well-being and promoting environmental sustainability. W Goa’s chefs aim to extend their impact beyond the kitchen, emphasizing the transformative power of food in shaping a more sustainable and health-conscious world.

Chef Rajesh Sharma

Director of F&B, Six Senses Vana

‘Healthier societies cannot be imagined without healthy eating cultures.’

Nature and ecology are forever present in how the seasons and our supply chain influence Six Senses Vana’s menus. It embraces a culture that emphasizes natural ingredients, a local and sustainable approach, and the philosophy that ‘less is more’

Supreet Ghai

Director of Culinary for ibis & ibis styles India

In the heart of the kitchen, we don our aprons, not just to create delectable dishes but to nurture a generation of great chefs and sow the seeds of a healthier future. At ibis Hotel, we understand that the culinary journey is not just about food; it’s about nurturing talent, igniting passion, and fostering a sustainable, healthier tomorrow.

“Growing Great Chefs” is more than just a phrase – it’s a philosophy we live and breathe every day. In our kitchens, we don’t just prepare meals; we craft futures. Our mission is to unearth the hidden talents, the potential waiting to be unlocked, and the passions eager to burst into flames. We believe that every aspiring chef, like a budding herb, needs the right environment to flourish. With guidance, dedication, and a dash of inspiration, they can reach heights they never thought possible.

Our culinary team at ibis Hotel takes pride in being mentors and cultivators of talent. We recognize that a great chef isn’t born; they’re made. We’ve set up a supportive, creative, and innovative environment where our kitchen apprentices can learn, experiment, and grow. We encourage them to not only follow recipes but to understand the science and art of cooking. Our culinary garden is a canvas, and our chefs are the artists who paint it with their unique flavors and ideas.

But “Growing Great Chefs” isn’t just about culinary skills; it’s also about cultivating a sustainable and healthy future. We believe in the power of food to nourish not just the body but also the planet. It’s our responsibility to source ingredients responsibly, minimize waste, and educate our chefs and guests about the importance of mindful eating. We strive to make our kitchen a place where food is celebrated as a source of health and vitality.

We embrace local, organic, and seasonal produce to ensure that what we serve is not only delicious but also good for the environment. Our commitment to reducing food waste and supporting sustainable practices is a testament to our belief in growing a healthier future. We encourage our chefs to explore innovative cooking methods that conserve resources and reduce the carbon footprint.

In the spirit of “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future,” we’re passionate about educating our guests as well. We share our knowledge and love for food, hoping to inspire others to make healthier choices and appreciate the culinary arts.

As we continue to strive for excellence in the kitchen, let’s remember that every dish we create is a small step toward “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future.” Together, we can turn our love for food into a force for good, celebrating the culinary arts and preserving the planet for generations to come.

Chef Deepak Dandge

Director Culinary at Raintree Hotels

For me in day to day operations -Not every day is same, but there will be many coming in every time… so always keep myself ready with same passion and attitude to make things better day by day. Also TEAM is very important so focus on training them. Cause the time has changed and everyone wants to eat healthy and fresh. Frozen is past and it will not come again.

We at Raintree Hotels are focusing on menus with different healthy cooking methods and best quality ingredients freshly picked.

Chef Deepti Jadhav

Senior Sous Chef, ITC Maratha

“At ITC Maratha, we grasp the requirement for preparing culinary experts to be perfect. It includes a smidgen of procedure, a spot of innovativeness and for the most part direction. Developing outstanding culinary ability is an undertaking that weds custom with advancement, bringing about the making of breathtaking gourmet experts.”

Chef Rameshwar Mohanty

Senior Sous Chef, ITC Maratha 

“In my culinary journey, I’ve come to understand that being a chef is more than just crafting delicious dishes. ITC Maratha’s Millet program has been a game changer as it is about shaping a future where food is not just sustenance, but a source of vitality and well- being.”

Ritesh Sen

General Manager, Food & Beverages, The Fern Hotels & Resorts.

“At The Fern Hotels & Resorts, we embody the spirit of ‘Growing Great Chefs’ and ‘Growing a Healthy Future. Our culinary journey transcends innovation and excellence, cultivating talents that resonate with our commitment to sustainable, memorable experiences. We take pride in crafting a flavourful legacy, rooted in a passion for exceptional hospitality and a dedication to fostering both culinary brilliance and a healthy tomorrow.”

Tom Thomas

Lecturer/ Culinary Instructor, IHM Ranchi

“Our responsibility as a Chef Instructor  is to expose young minds to the art of healthy cooking, exploring taste & textures and promoting local sustainable ingredients. This will create a society of great young chefs  having healthy present & a healthy- future” 

Chef Savita

Vice Principal at Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management

In the world of cuisine, our kitchens are the birthplace of culinary dreams. Just like a gardener nurtures their plants with care, we cultivate young chefs into culinary artists. It’s not just about recipes; it’s about kindling a passion for creativity and innovation. We’re shaping future culinary leaders who will redefine how we eat, think about food, and care for our planet.

Chef William lee

HoD- Culinary & Head Centre of Excellence in Culinary Arts, MRIIRS

In my culinary journey, I’ve experienced the profound connection between nurturing culinary talent and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Through my own unique brand, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring budding chefs and encouraging a sustainable, health-conscious approach to cooking. Witnessing these emerging talents grow into culinary innovators who emphasize the importance of fresh, locally-sourced, and nutritious ingredients has been incredibly fulfilling. This not only enhances the world of food but also contributes to a brighter, more health-focused future.

T. Prakash

Director Culinary, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats

As Niraamaya Wellness Retreats’ Culinary Director, I’m dedicated to well-being and local culture immersion. We revive Ayurvedic recipes, embrace slow food, and emphasize organic, unique flavors. Promoting mindful eating and holistic living, I envision the future of food uniting history, fine cuisine, Ayurveda, and organic, slow food practices.

Ram Bahadur Budhathoki

Head Chef, Chowman Chain of Restaurants

We often associate cooking with a very technical term yet what we don’t realize is that cooking is an art it should be dealt with in the same manner as any art form. One should remember that cooking is a creative filled along with hard work one needs to be persistent with their creative skills. People as per perception often associate this with a field more inclined towards females wherein most of the celebrity chefs are males hence this pasture has nothing to do with gender. A chef along with many other skills is known to have greater knowledge in terms of health and healthy food for all different age groups the important part is how a chef implies that in the daily lives of the people along with the dish being sumptuous it needs to be healthy too, with this we can take a step towards a healthy future. A child if interested in the cooking field must be encouraged to acquire all that is necessary to be a fine chef, since the most creative mind is that of a child. With all the right teaching skills and practical work, institutions are heading towards nurturing their passion and building this into a more diversified career perhaps growing passionate chefs.

Chef Saurabh Sharan

From Guppy the part of Olive Bar and Kitchen

Growing a great chef and cultivating a healthy future both begin at the same point – nurturing each correctly at every step with the right amount of information or nutrition required. Therefore, being mindful of what we provide and how the growth progresses is of utmost importance for both, says Chef Saurabh Sharan.

Chef Sheriyar Rustom Dotivala

Culinary Director at Della Resorts

Cooking is not just about recipes and techniques, it’s about inspiring a passion for food and a love for the craft.

Working at Della Resorts and understanding the brand’s variant 6-multi cuisine restaurants & food experiences, we cultivate a legacy of nourishment, sustainability, and vitality for our customers and for us as well.

Sandeep Sadanandan

Head of Culinary, BYG Ventures

We at Byg Brewski Brewing Company, always believe in nurturing young talent and specifically today, it being the International Chefs day, we are committing to help enlighten the young minds through our noble career.
We have various programs, that gives us an opportunity to inspire and educate the upcoming generation about the joys of cooking, healthy eating and the importance of sustainability.
We also conduct various workshops, particularly for children of various ages, to develop a culinary passion along with creativity, curiosity & love for food.

Chef Amit Shetty

Taki Taki, Cafe Noir, Mumbai, VRO Hospitality Pvt Ltd

A great chef has to be passionate about food and cooking. They have to genuinely enjoy the whole process of procuring, preparing, cooking, serving and should have the hustle to strive every day with the same enthusiasm.

A healthy future depends on the individual as to how fast they grab and grasp the skills and constantly discover new skills and recipes; and also to have a great leadership quality, as team growth is dependent on the captain of the ship.

Chef Vikas Seth

The Culinary Director, Embassy Leisure

Developing talented Chefs requires nurturing their skills, knowledge, and passion for cooking. We need to encourage culinary education, a love for continuous learning, foster creativity, emphasize practice and repetition. Along with all this, an exposure to diverse cuisines, incorporating well-being practices and promoting teamwork and communication to achieve ever growing community of Great Chefs.

Chef Shashwat Shivam

Brand chef, Julius

‘Julius a modern European Cuisine themed as a restaurant that has cuisines from the region where Julius Caesar invaded.As Julius says’ I came, I saw, I conquered The same theme applies to the chef as he has worked in various regions and then got assassinated from every region for a better reincarnation. The growth of the chef comes in with taking challenging cuisine for all patrons to come in and dine for with an extrinsic experience

Chef Vadim Shin


“Investing in young culinary talent is like planting the seeds of innovation and artistry in every dish. As we mentor the next generation of chefs, we’re sowing the flavours of the future. As chefs, we hold the recipe for a healthier world. Our ingredients are compassion, knowledge, and sustainable practices. Let’s craft a future where good food isn’t just a trend but a way of life.”

Chef Akhil Multani

CDC for Cafe Allora and Dobarra restaurnat 

Any good Chef will tell you that dedication & hard work will be a sure-shot formula for success, But Great Chefs will say that along with Dedication & Hard Work you need to be creative & adaptive. Today’s FnB industry is ever-evolving and chefs need to evolve with it or get left behind. & that is what we are dedicating our focus towards. Consistent evolution is the Key to stay ahead.

Chef Sanjay  Mandrwal

Head Chef of Ishaara, Palladium

Myself chef Sanjay mandrwal to be a great chef you have to be good in techniques and skills in whatever you do. Once you good with this you can be great chef. Growth as chef is very huge I can give you myself as n example if you are passionate you can grow as a chef in this hospitality industry.

Chef Jagdish Naidu

Head Chef of Ishaara Kurla

Myself Jagdish Naidu for me to be a great we should keep this two things in mind. One discipline and two respect. If you respect your colloegue and be disciplined you can learn easily and can grow as a great chef. Growth as a chef is huge as the hospitality is growing vastly all over. Be it religious or be it sports or for holiday people need warm hospitality and because of this career as a chef is very great.

Vaibhav Jambutkar

Head Chef – SAZ American Brasserie, Bandra-Kurla Complex

1)”The culture of growing great chefs at Saz is about mentoring and passing down knowledge from one generation to the next generation so results are always concrete and perfect “

2)”We at Saz believe that growing a healthy future is not a trend; it’s a commitment to a better life through disciplined choices.”

Chef, Kiran Raj

Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Celebrating International Chef Day at Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village, we emphasize “Growing Great Chefs” through the fusion of Ayurveda and culinary expertise. In nurturing this unique blend, we’re not only growing great chefs but also cultivating a healthier future, where food is medicine.

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village nurtures not just the body, but the culinary soul. On International Chef Day, we celebrate the art of growing great chefs and growing a healthy future, rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom and the flavors of nature.



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