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K se Kulcha – Kulcha For Your Memories

In conversation with Manas Wadhwa- Founder- K se Kulcha. What was the inspiration behind such an unique concept of making Amritsari Kulchas a signature dish and with ten different types of Kulchas? Manas - Amidst covid and its dynamic temper

In conversation with Manas Wadhwa– Founder- K se Kulcha.

What was the inspiration behind such an unique concept of making Amritsari Kulchas a signature dish and with ten different types of Kulchas?

Manas – Amidst covid and its dynamic temper people are inevitably missing finger-licking, spicy street food. Interestingly, K se Kulcha found the key to the stumbling block without weighing heavy on your pockets. Where ‘Good Food | Healthy Food’ comes along with the taste, the place is no other than K se Kulcha! Our object of the exercise is to bring the essence from the streets of India, the taste you can’t impede right into your plate and in your slice of the budget. After the hammer-like hit of Covid 19, we came across the reluctant nature among masses where they wanted to enjoy street spices like before the new normal came into existence but the agitation of getting infected was honest to goodness high or the cost of falling sick was such that they are forced to avoid their liking in this sphere. Keeping this thought in mind K se kulcha was born, with almost 100 dishes to choose from, you don’t have to stay aloof from your most liked street kulchas. Covid protocols are followed and utmost hygiene is maintained at all levels by the field professionals.

Why did you choose to serve North Indian Cuisine in K se Kulcha? What makes K se Kulcha different from others serving the same cuisine?

Manas – We are here intending to bring the warm comforting flavours of Chole Kulche straight from the streets of India to every plate but we also pay utmost attention to hygiene and cleanliness as that is the need of the hour. The sole reason behind choosing to serve north indian street food is to make it available for all without worrying about the hygiene and in their budget.

Our dishes in the menu and flavours in each dish we serve, makes K se Kulcha different from others. We are proud to be one of a kind, who not just serves north Indian street food but has also brought flavours from Hyderabad, Mumbai & Ahmedabad to the table under one umbrella.

Food trends change within seconds, how does the brand keep itself updated with the changing trends? How is the team working on introducing new dishes on the menu?

Manas – That’s true but we ourselves and our team actively works on observing the latest taste and preferences of the consumers through active feedback.

What were the challenges that you faced while starting your Restaurants in initial days and how did you overcome the same. Please share your experience as being a restaurateur and what is the most exciting part of being a restaurateur?

Manas – The main challenge we faced while establishing this concept of K se Kulcha, was to find the right field professionals. Usually on streets we see a stall serving a particular kind of dish but here, we have a plethora of dishes to choose from and to find chefs who were trained enough to bring out the traditional flavours along with trying out new combinations was the greatest hurdle we faced while establishing this outlet.

The Hospitality Industry has faced major losses at the time of Pandemic. What is the survival story of your restaurants?

Manas – It is interesting to share that we started K se Kulcha in August 2021 when the second wave of covid was already over. Moreover, we have been associated with food delivering companies like Zomato and Swiggy that helped us in serving people at the comfort of their home. So luckily the outlet did not have to suffer.

How do you and your team make sure that each guest has a wonderful experience in each of your restaurants?

Manas – Satisfying our customer tops the priority list. Thus, we make sure to take their feedback, which is then closely analysed by our team and worked upon. At K se Kulcha, we positively accept all customer inputs that help us in providing wonderful and top notch experience to each customer. Furthermore, we are always open to customising orders according to customers demand and also provide special birthday and anniversary offers.

What are your future plans of expansion?

Manas – Talking about business expansion plan, being a first generation company we have very aggressive expansion plans. We are eagerly looking for business growth partners who would

like to shake hands with us. We are mainly focusing on FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) Model, where outlets will be operated by us and investment is seeked from a franchise partner.

Social media plays a very important role in today’s era. How do you make sure to stay updated towards your menu and everything?

Manas – We have an in-house team and helps us in understanding latest trends and requirements. Other than this, we also collaborate with several food bloggers from time and time to stay up dated. We are also present across various social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook that provide us with the knowledge of newest market mania. Lastly, customer feedback is a major source of information that motivates us to always do better and be at our best.

How did you decide to keep the name of your outlet K se Kulcha?

Manas – Entire Inspiration about the brand come from Choole Kulcha’s
Just like subway where u can select your own bread and salad.
At K se kulcha we work on the same core concept – Serving 8 to 9 Different types or kulcha’s and 4 to 5 Different types of Chole to choose from.
So the idea was always that the name should connect to our core concept.
With this though we took the initial of Kulcha which is क and named it
क se Kulcha in english K se kulcha

Please tell us one of the dishes on your menu which is the most liked dish by the guest?

Manas – The entire concept and menu of the outlet is liked by our customers but to say the best, options in Kulcha bread is most liked by the consumers as traditionally is it made with flour but at K se Kulcha we offer 5 distinctivebread options that are tasty and healthy. For instance, we have multigrain kulcha, whole wheat kulcha, herbs kulcha and likewise .

From jet mates to Business mates, please share your journey?

Manas – There has been no journey if it was challenging yet interesting. Driven by the same virtue we share with you story of Manas Wadhwa and Varun Khera, the power duo behind the most successful, loved and award winning Restaurant- Desi Vibes, in Sector 18 Noida. Meet them and you meet two people who are extremely passionate, determined and have the zeal to make it to the top. Starting off from a fairly humble beginning, Manas Wadhwa has travelled a rough road to reach where he is today. From working in an event management company to a stint in call center, working in an MNC thereafter and getting into Jet Airways as cabin crew, there remained only one thing common across all the varied platforms that he traversed, and that was his passion and will to reach his Goal. Varun Khera, a hotel management graduate and a Jet Airways cabin crew thereafter, always knew that he wanted to start off with something of his own. It was sheer serendipity that made both of them meet and realize their common passion and vision – that of being entrepreneurs. It’s their expertise and hard work that has bought them to a benchmark and in present time, they have set standards in the market. Today besides Desi Vibes, Manas and his partner Varun (his jet-mate), most unassumingly own three other restaurants; Kaffiiaa- Italian Café & Lounge, Nysha – Bar & grill and K se Kulcha.



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