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Pre-Budget Reactions By Institutes

Industry experts sharing views on budget expectation 2024-25.

Director Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming budget, the hospitality sector, a cornerstone of our country’s economic and cultural identity, has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. We sincerely hope that the government to recognize the pivotal role our industry plays in driving tourism and creating employment opportunities.

A judicious allocation of funds toward skill development programs, technological advancements, and enhancement of infrastructure for hospitality education is paramount. This will empower our institute and other institutions to produce industry-ready professionals and foster innovation and global competitiveness.

Furthermore, we encourage the government to consider incentivizing collaborations between academia and the hospitality sector for research and experiential learning initiatives. This synergistic approach can elevate the quality of education and address the evolving needs of the industry.

President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI)

Budget 2024, pivotal for education, eyes transformation. 2023 allocated 1.12 lakh crores; this year, it may surpass 1.5 lakh crores. Ed-tech to hit USD 4 billion by 2025; focus on digital learning incentives. Skilling progresses; 30 centers planned, 3 established. Budget 2024 is crucial for funding 27 pending centers. Tech-focused vocational training is vital for global competitiveness, innovation. Expect increased R&D allocations and Multi-Disciplinary Universities for education fortification


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