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‘Food is emotion’ Chef Ajok’s take on the Emotional influence of Food

The chef, for whom the first impression of food was about his mother’s emotions and care behind cooking for the family. Under his young observation, he observed that it was about nutrition and beyond.

For him, every occasion, every celebration, every human interaction had the involvement of food. The dining table is the holy place where culinary stories were created. The idea that food brings people together, creating memories on the table. He strongly believes food can be a reason for people to come together and meals can leave a lasting impression, creating an aftertaste worth leaving people with the memories to experience it again together. Food not only satisfies hunger but also resonates with the spirit, impacting both positive and negative emotions.

Coming from South of India, God’s own country, Kerala and being raised in a farming family he emerged, enclosed, in agricultural tradition and practices. As an outcome, he has always had a natural flair for natural ingredients as well as homegrown ingredients. Being introduced to a variety of spices, traditional cooking methods like earth pots, and then moving into the modern culinary techniques. He is the finest blend of traditional and modern approaches to the culinary world.

Which is deep-rooted traditions and emotions towards food, the expression defines everything about him as

‘ Food is emotion’.

With an experience of 20 years, he has been a global chef and specialised in opening and pre-opening Hotels of brands like Marriott, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Starwood and many more. His professional journey set an example that success comes to those who have the right blend of passion, emotion and professionalism.

His culinary philosophy is to craft storytelling dishes which can create everlasting memories. His strongly rooted values and upbringing keep him ahead of time in understanding the importance of freshly and locally sourced ingredients. Being socially conscious, he believes sourcing from small businesses globally is a way to support society and help small businesses grow.

Chef Ajok’s professional journey is remarkable, from starting as a Commis chef, Chef Ajok’s narrative unfolds as a story of skillfulness, reaching the esteemed position of Executive Chef. In the demanding realm of hotel kitchen management, Chef Ajok paves the way where culinary creativity intertwines with captivating stories.

Having honed his craft in renowned five-star establishments across India, the Middle East, and Africa, his expertise shone in the enchanting domain of pre-opening and launching hotels. Beginning at the inaugural Marriott establishment in India, his journey continued through the prestigious kitchens of Hyatt, Intercontinental, and Starwood. Currently, he takes pride in curating culinary brilliance as a pre-opening Executive Chef at a distinguished international hospitality venue in Nairobi, Kenya. This serves as the sixth chapter in his illustrious journey of culinary excellence.

Chef Ajok is an inspiration for aspiring chefs as he sets the example of Indian cooking techniques and skills being hygienic. By being recognized with the Johnson Diversey Best Hygiene Award: This award not only showcases his culinary expertise but also his dedication to upholding high hygiene standards in the kitchen, a vital aspect of the culinary industry. This sent out a very clear message about Indians maintaining hygiene in the culinary sphere.

Chef Ajok’s remarkable array of awards and accolades from esteemed culinary competitions and organizations such as The Emirates Culinary Guild in Dubai and the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) underlines his extraordinary skill and unwavering commitment to the culinary field. To name a few, he has been honoured with the Hans Bueschkens Trophy: This prestigious culinary competition is a significant accomplishment to secure, The Emirates Salon Culinaire: Recognition with multiple awards for practical cookery at The Emirates Salon Culinaire by the Emirates Culinary Guild reflects his mastery in the culinary arts.



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