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An exclusive conversation of Mr Himanshu Jain President APAC Diversey India with Hospitality Lexis.

Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd is a big hand in facilitating our lives, which is constantly seeking on revolutionizing cleaning and hygiene technologies. These include facility management to Hospitality, Foodservice. Harnessing 95 years of expertise and

Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd is a big hand in facilitating our lives, which is constantly seeking on revolutionizing cleaning and hygiene technologies. These include facility management to Hospitality, Foodservice. Harnessing 95 years of expertise and knowledge. Hospitality Lexis is in conversation with Mr. Himanshu Jain President APAC, excluding greater China. He has been in Diversey since 2003, holding a working experience of 27 years & is also a board member of the Indian Council for Competitiveness and Management Council for Enactus.

HospiBuz: Diversey’s vision is to make a healthy and safe world, where people are free to live their lives, how your products help in conserving the environment?


Himanshu Jain:- Diversey aspires to satisfy their customers while aligning for a clean environment while representing a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future. Our chemical solution is prepared in a method of zero hazardous waste and aided by a pollution free technique.

HospiBuz: What will be your next move towards the expansion in India?

Himanshu Jain:- The new age business is encompassing alternative approaches in the field of food servicing, ecommerce and other customer centric businesses. For instance, the food servicing companies are coming up with cloud-kitchen technology and other techniques to ease off the services. Diversey will collaborate with these companies in organizing and monitoring the food hygiene.

HospiBuz: Any new solutions offered by your company? Which is recently launched or going to be launched soon?

Himanshu Jain:- Flush Me Not: An innovative solution for restroom odor control & reducing water consumption, Flush-me-Not! Is a comprehensive Waterless Urinal Program that provides an end-to-end solution to help you maintain men’s urinal with minimal usage of water, attain your operational efficiency, yet create a better customer experience.

Twister pads: Twister is a revolutionary method for everyday machine cleaning of any type of floor. With billions of microscopic diamonds, the Twister pads clean and polish your floor at the same time – completely without chemicals. It’s the easy, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach to professional cleaning, producing astonishing results on just any type of floor.

HospiBuz: Every country has its own challenges and requirements. How Diversey works according to the demand and requirement of every country? Because brand means you need to deliver the same throughout the globe.


Himanshu Jain:-Diversey differentiates itself by being a solution provider, not a product provider. They collaborate with businesses by working in the interests of the company. The land and water resources of every country are different so the engineering of detergent making should be customized for particular region. Diversey has team of water quality testing who go out in the field to measure the iron content and other minerals which might affect the warewash and laundry operations.

HospiBuz: From a business point of view, which industry of India has major scope for Diversey?

Himanshu Jain:- Our facility management services are spread out in various segments into industries, office spaces like ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) and co-working spaces, restaurants retail, infrastructure like airport and public sectors. As an industry leader we leverage our insights to create new opportunities that help service contractors expand their business. Diversey keeps the record of the entire cost of cleaning from labor to supplies, quality to capital, and in turn provide solutions that help make the stakeholders’ operation leaner, greener and more cost-efficient.

HospiBuz: We are witnessing that robotics technologies are now entering into the hospitality industry. According to you how it will change the hospitality experience for the guests?

Himanshu Jain:-Hospitality industry is growing at a fast pace and technology integration with the developing operations is a must. Diversey has introduced The Internet of Clean (IoC), a new platform which remotely monitors equipment, machines, and operations through sensor generated data. So of our products are:

Taski Intellitrail – An intelligent online solution that allows you to track every machine operations in real-time with being powered-on. The data is shared on the online support system which helps you get proactive rather than reactive. The technology comes with Chemical Free cleaning which is sustainable and more focus on facility management.

Intellilenin – It is the ultimate evolution of fabric washing operations with a reliable dispensing system with real-time remote monitoring capabilities, it gives you easy-to-use management information anytime, anywhere. The smart technology spots the inefficiencies at a glance and helps reducing water and energy consumptions. Also the chemical consumptions becomes more consistent by re-washing levels that can be reduced and bottlenecked and also avoids under-usage in the machine.

IntelliDish – More than 60% of the tasks in the kitchen is connected to dishwasher. IntelliDish helps in saving the time by monitoring performance & ensuring systems to function well in the kitchens for optimal efficiency. It turns data into dishwashing insights – sending data from your kitchen’s machines to an interactive dashboard and emailing alerts directly to your inbox.

Do you think that robots will able to deliver the level of hospitality what is being served by humans? It is said that hospitality is incomplete without Human touch.

When it comes to hospitality sector, we do not personally thing that robots are the future. Hospitality is all about the service you get along with the food you are served. No one would like to visit a restaurant to have a quick lunch or dinner, he/she would love the leisure time and enjoy the ambience and hospitality. However, In contrast robots are useful in fast food joints for instant food delivery to the customers.

HospiBuz: If we talk about the hygiene of India on a global level, our performance is below the line. What is the main factor behind this?


Himanshu Jain:- Awareness about cleanliness is the major concern in India. Since there is a lack of education among people, it becomes necessary to install adept equipment to improvise basic hygiene practices. Diversity in culture creates behavioral and transcultural issues because of which priority of people changes. When we take an overview of the Indian history, caste system plays a major role in the social stigma among people towards hygiene that it is not everybody’s job to do the cleanliness work.

Himanshu Jain:- People are now changing the pre-notion that certain caste is obliged to do the cleanliness task and leading to more self-sufficient way of living. Garima project, an initiative by Diversey is taking a step forward to train the janitors with proper equipment so that they don’t harm themselves from chemicals and do their job efficiently.

HospiBuz: If we talk about the Indian hospitality industry, then according to you where we are lacking in terms of hygiene and cleanliness?

Himanshu Jain:- We would like to skip this question

HospiBuz: Define Diversey in one word.

Himanshu Jain:-Safe

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!


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