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Wine Enhances the Travel Experience and Even help Guests take Memories Home

Sriram, General Manager, Feathers, A Radha Hotel Major factors behind the growth of Wine tourism in India Wine tourism has emerged as the latest trend in the Indian wine industry with active participation of the major wine

Sriram, General Manager, Feathers, A Radha Hotel

Major factors behind the growth of Wine tourism in India

Wine tourism has emerged as the latest trend in the Indian wine industry with active participation of the major wine players are extensively marketing wine tourism for monetary gains and transforming their vineyard into resort cum wine tasting and dinning venue for promoting wine tourism. Despite the India’s vast population on of around 1.4 billion the per capita consumption of wine is quite low. The low per capita consumption level. Indicates a huge potential for growth in the Indian wine market in the coming years.

Nasik district has been called ‘Wine capital of India’. In Maharashtra 92 wineries are established out of these 74 wineries located in Nasik district. Affordable manpower and government support has played a vital role in the growth of Wine Tourism in India. Key wine players like Sula and Fratelli has Vineyard tour packages available with make my trip for a unique wine tasting and dining experience while celebrating their happy moment.

The worldwide Wine market has grown at above-average rates within the Alcoholic Drinks market and is expected to reach more than US$439 billion in terms of revenue by end of 2023.

How has the placement/ demand of wine in Hotels changed over time?

Hotel is looking for more of exclusive wines along with Vineyard tour packages. Following are few of new trends in wine making.

  • A private label — essentially a hotel’s bespoke wine brand — It enhances the travel experience and even help guests take memories home.
  • Vineyard cum Resorts producing their own wines- Like Sula, Nandi Hills, Fratelli
  • Some accommodations on vineyards produce wine on the premises rather than sourcing it from elsewhere.
  • Enhanced in-room wine experiences
  • Wine-education tastings and dinners
  • Wine dinner has gained immense popularity in last one decade.

Wine has become an essential part of the menu in today’s dining experience. What are the key factors in managing and serving the diners’ wine options?

Wine and food paring has become extremely important now days; specially for speciality restaurant. Having a balanced wine menu not only enhances guest experience it also helps in maximising revenue of outlets. Following are few of points for managing a right portfolio of wines and its service: —

  • Hand each guest a wine list – Present the wine list to each guest from their right side. Never place a wine list on the table. Instead, hand a list to each guest personally when they are comfortably seated.
  • Help guests with questions – Be prepared to answer any questions related to food pairings, wine quality, and wine vintages.
  • Take the order – After the table has chosen a wine, repeat the order back for confirmation.
  • Select the wine glassware – Choose wine glasses that coordinate with the style of wine, whether it’s red, white, or sparkling.
  • Inspect the glassware – Make sure each wine glass is free of chips, stains, or blemishes. Place a wine glass to the right of each guest, being careful to only touch the stem. The position of the wine glass should be identical for each guest. If a guest refuses the glass, discreetly take it away.
  • Red Wine Temperature – Serve red wine just below room temperature at 62 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If your red wines are stored without temperature control, consider chilling them slightly before serving to bring the temp down a few degrees.
  • White Wine Temperature – White wines and roses should be served chilled to between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sparkling Wine Temperature – Keep sparkling wine stored at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but serve it chilled to 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If guests order a bottle of sparkling wine, chill it immediately to bring the temp down

According to you, how has the wine industry evolved over time in terms of supply as well as customer demand? How has it been impactful for your brand?

Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, wine consumption was predominantly linked to social occasions and specific places such as wineries, restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues. However, 2020 changed the game and brought about significant changes in the way wine is enjoyed. During the pandemic, with people forced to spend much

more time indoors, there has been an increase in domestic wine consumption. Many started pouring themselves a good glass of wine to relax, socialize with family members and roommates, or simply enjoy a moment of personal pleasure and escape the monotony of lockdown.

Domestic wine consumption has become a tangible trend during the pandemic, leading to increased sales and greater order for it once market has opened for hospitality. Beverage is contributing almost 30 % of total F&B revenue in my hotel and wine has been a wining horse amongst all beverage. In conclusion, the world of wine has been significantly influenced by global changes in recent years. We are carefully monitoring guest drinking pattern and adjusting strategies accordingly for the success of our wine sale in coming days.

How is wine at your brand (Hotel, restaurant or airline) playing an essential role in customer experience?

The world is changing very fast and the rise and shine momentum of hospitality industry in post-pandemic phase is worth appreciating. The hospitality industry has emerged stronger with newer challenges and demands. This calls for newer opportunities. Specially food and wine pairing is more in demand now than before. Wine plays a vital role in enhanced guest experience all across the hotel. No matter what the venue and occasions is there is always a suitable wine to offer. Like – half bottle wines for mini bar in our room, sparking wine at the pool side bar- Barefoot, white wine to pair with seafood at our rooftop restaurant Skyloft, Red wine to compliment red meat grills at Sangamithirai (Fine Dining Restaurant), Table wines for Waterside (Coffee shop).



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