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The Role of Women Evolved Over Time

Industry experts are providing valuable insights on the evolution of women's roles over the years. Wishing all the incredible women a Happy International Women’s Day! #InspireInclusion

Industry experts are providing valuable insights on the evolution of women’s roles over the years. Wishing all the incredible women a Happy International Women’s Day! #InspireInclusion

Marketing Manager Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai International Airport

The evolution of women’s roles within the hospitality sector has been substantial over the years, mirroring the progress in gender equality and empowerment. At Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport, there is a steadfast dedication to fostering and empowering women in the workplace.

Noteworthy advancements have been observed in the representation of women in leadership positions. This positive trend is evidenced by the increasing number of women assuming pivotal roles across various departments, a development that serves as a source of motivation for myself and other women in the industry, inspiring us to pursue further opportunities.

Presently, women are assuming diverse roles encompassing executive management, finance, culinary arts, and even venturing into ownership and entrepreneurship within the hospitality realm. The sector has also witnessed progress in education and training programs tailored to empower women seeking careers within the industry. Both educational institutions and organizations have acknowledged the significance of equipping women with the requisite skills and knowledge to excel in leadership capacities.

Associate Director Of Sales Holiday Inn New Delhi International Airport

Over the years, the role of women in the hospitality industry has undergone a significant transformation. Historically confined to stereotypical positions such as receptionists, housekeepers, or servers, women’s roles have evolved from limitations to limitless possibilities.

The evolution of women’s roles in the hospitality sector is a testament to the power of inclusion and the boundless potential within our industry. Their voices amplify the need for equitable opportunities and a level playing field where talent triumphs over gender.

In my current role as the Associate Director of Sales at the renowned IHG brand, Holiday Inn Aerocity, I am fully engaged in strategic decision-making processes. Backed by robust management support, I lead a dedicated team of professionals, orchestrating seamless operations and delivering exceptional guest experiences. My contributions are recognized & celebrated by IHG, reinforcing our shared commitment to elevating the guest experience & setting new standards of service excellence in the hospitality industry.

The changing role of women in the hospitality industry mirrors broader societal trends towards gender equality and diversity in the workforce. While progress has been made, there should be continued efforts to ensure that women have equal access to opportunities and can thrive in all areas of the hospitality sector.

Guest Relation Manager The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Urmila Sharma, Guests Relation Manager at The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa, reflects on the changes in women’s roles over the years. With over 6 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Urmila has worked tirelessly to reach her current position, and she is rightfully proud of herself.
Over the years, women have made remarkable progress in various fields, breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings. In the hospitality industry, we have witnessed a significant change in the roles and responsibilities of women. Gone are the days when women were limited to working in the kitchen or housekeeping departments. Today, women have taken on more prominent roles in hotels and resorts, including management and leadership positions.

In her own journey, She credits her success to her hard work and the support and encouragement of her family and colleagues. She is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and hopes to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and break stereotypes.
On this special day, Urmila wishes all women a Happy Women’s Day and encourages them to continue to strive for excellence and make their mark in whatever field they choose. She believes that the change in women’s roles over the years is a testament to their strength, resilience, and determination. Let us continue to celebrate and support women in their journey towards achieving their goals and breaking barriers.


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