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The Rise of Experiential Tourism in India- 3102 bce 

The Article  by Ishaan Bhutoria, operations director of 3102bce Experiential tourism is the way forward, and many properties in Goa, like ours, are putting their hearts and souls into designing properties that tourists and travellers

The Article  by Ishaan Bhutoria, operations director of 3102bce

Experiential tourism is the way forward, and many properties in Goa, like ours, are putting their hearts and souls into designing properties that tourists and travellers can soak-in and experience, thereby displaying the fact that Goa is much more than just the sea, sun & sand.

I entered the hospitality industry two years ago with 3102bce, a designer property that is more than a resort and is also an extraordinary tribute to the Indus-Saraswati Civilization’s timeless legacy. Since we started our operations just before the Covid-19 outbreak, the property was only able to serve domestic customers. We now have a visitor ratio of 90:10, which means that 90% of the visitors are from India, and 10% are from other countries.

Despite the fact that Goa is presently experiencing its off-season, the level of interest in the Goan hospitality industry astounded me. I expected hotel occupancy to be around 60% during the off-season, but to my surprise, the facility is currently at over 90%. Goa as a destination has grown in prominence because of the sheer variety of hospitality experiences which are there on offer. But the key factor in making any property stand out is that urban dwellers nowadays look-out for an immersive, experiential experience. This to my mind is what we have been able to do very well at 3102bce.

Today’s travellers expect more than just five-star accommodations; they like being immersed in the natural beauty, cerebral connect and ethnic flavours even as they indulge in delectable cuisines they have not experienced much. They are mostly interested in expeditions and experiences, the lesser-known and unknown places and legends, and developing a deeper connection with local culture & nature.

Less crowded tourism, wellness, and more experience and learning-based trips are among the new promotional drivers in the hospitality sector, allowing the business to focus on high-margin, low-impact travellers who seek wholesome experiences. 

And when you create such a value offering, even word-of-mouth and referrals work wonders for you as they did for 3102bce. We didn’t get much opportunity to resort to digital marketing since we started our operations before the pandemic. Contrary to what others may have experienced, 60% of the visitors to 3102bce learned about it organically, which helped in reaching out to both the domestic as well as international travellers. This is the impact of immersive hospitality experience.

We also resorted to an out of the box approach while naming the resort. 3102bce is an unusual name for a resort and indeed, unusual it is! Inspired by the prehistoric Vedic era, our designer boutique resort offers an experiential experience that lies beyond the boundaries of an average hospitality experience. The Indus-Saraswati civilization-themed resort pays homage to the sublime culture, philosophy and legacy of India’s ‘Itihas’. This enabled us to provide to our guests, that cerebral link to the timeless heritage of this ancient culture. Nestled in the proximity of Vagator, Mini-Vagator and Anjuna beach of North Goa it is also very strategically located. 

To provide an immersive experience and evoke the purity and grace of a bygone era, the architectural team took cues from the Indus-Saraswati culture. To further accentuate the feel, the rooms are adorned with replicas of figurines uncovered during archaeological excavations. While we ensured that all the rooms feature modern facilities and comforts, the interiors were designed to give the impression of being transported to the ancient world. The resort was given a rustic feel throughout, with Harappa-style city walls and a Great Bath-style structure right in the middle. Through plaques, paintings & seals, the story telling that we have indulged in all around the property, brings the myths and legends to the fore. In fact, each of the 37 well-appointed rooms of the resort are associated with 7 Chakras that hold the key to our physical well-being, thus a guest is never short of a new experience. Every nook & corner of this resort tells a story. 

The entire setup is also designed to promote internal rejuvenation and healing. The resort’s fascinating Central Courtyard gives guests a sense of being one with the elements. It is designed around five fundamental elements: Earth (Aangan), Water (Kund), Fire (Yagya), Air (Pran), and Space (Akaash). There are a variety of retreats available, from soaking your tired feet in plunge pools to reading an interesting book about Indic civilization or simply relaxing under the Krishnachura tree. One can even unwind and relax with a cuppa in the Great Bath Café, which is inspired by ‘The Great Bath,’ a renowned structure discovered among the ruins of this ancient civilization. This is our way of paying a tribute to the Vedic civilization for everything it has given us.

The allure of the resort is enhanced by its mesmerising beauty and the sense of rich cultural heritage it evokes. Our property is located in a semi-urban environment on Goa’s coastal area. It is a prominent tourist attraction for both national and international visitors because of its strategic location. What we offer is an unsurpassed immersive experience of a living, yet ancient civilization, and a resort that is equipped with gourmet cuisine, luxurious day spas, and magnificent guest suites. Guests can expect a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

To conclude, the expectations of hodophiles have changed tremendously over the years, but this resort is an example that the promise of an immersive experience is sure to excite the discerning traveller looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. The success of our effort only goes to show that experiential tourism is surely on the rise and is adding tremendous value to the sector.

Author’s Bio

Ishaan Bhutoria, operations director of 3102bce

Hailing from a family of hoteliers, Mr. Ishaan Bhutoria takes inspiration from his father, Mr. Rahul Bhutoria, who has already created a name for himself in the field with ‘The Lindsay Group’. His responsibilities include ensuring a unique immersive experience at all touchpoints in accordance with the brand’s vision statement. Mr. Ishaan completed his schooling at La Martiniere for boys and went on to pursue his bachelor’s degree from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. He earned a postgraduate degree in global hospitality management from the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management University in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Shortly after graduating, he began his professional career with IHG Group, a British multinational hospitality company headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. From taking up the reins of the 3102bce resort to setting up the entire operations, he has used his knowledge and expertise to propel the resort to new heights.



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