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The Challenges & Rewards of Being an Executive Housekeeper

In Convesation with Dinesh Sharma, Executive Housekeeper, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Banjara Hills Hotels are part of lifestyle industry and thus Housekeeping plays a very crucial role of constant beautification and maintenance of the product. While

In Convesation with Dinesh Sharma, Executive Housekeeper, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Banjara Hills

Hotels are part of lifestyle industry and thus Housekeeping plays a very crucial role of constant beautification and maintenance of the product. While working with brands one has to relate with brand design and standards in order to deliver seamless experience to guests. They are responsible for ensuring that guests have a clean, comfortable, and enjoyable stay.

“Being an executive housekeeper is a challenging role and thus highly rewarding when the outcome is impactful”. It always keeps you on toes, requires a strong work ethic, the ability to manage a large team and the ability to deal with high demanding guests. I am proud to lead such a dedicated and hardworking team, and keep our esteemed customers happy with “delight the guest program”.

Dinesh Sharma – Executive Housekeeper – Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Banjara Hills

How well do you handle stress?

With over 19 years of experience in this industry and having worked with various hotels and cities, I have gained valuable insights and expertise that enable me to effectively address any challenging situation, including those involving stress. I firmly believe in and implement alternative solutions to life’s problems, a practice that has contributed to my growth as a more accomplished professional.

How do you ensure that all guest rooms are clean and comfortable, even during peak travel seasons?

Business hotels have witnessed the notable demand post Covid and currently trending at its peak, we remain committed to diligently training our teams through consistent day-to-day and timely floor sessions. Our areas of focus are meticulously outlined, and any necessary adjustments are promptly made to ensure we consistently deliver our best performance.

How do you motivate your employees to provide excellent service?

Within our housekeeping department, we have a diverse team comprised of individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds. A key driver of their motivation is the appreciation they receive and the camaraderie fostered through team gatherings. Prioritizing the management of their shift schedules and ensuring they receive ample rest by effectively coordinating their days off contributes significantly to their sense of equilibrium between work and personal life. Embracing evolving technologies and providing them with the appropriate tools not only streamlines their tasks but also enhances their efficiency and productivity, ultimately fueling their enthusiasm to remain integral parts of our organization.

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest cleaning techniques and technologies?

In our journey, we encounter a plethora of industry products and vendors specializing in various facets of housekeeping, ranging from surface cleaning and waste management to sustainability, laundry oversight, renovation, refurbishment, landscaping, and beyond. To maintain our relevance and stay at the forefront of industry advancements, I engage actively with these stakeholders, immersing myself in understanding their latest offerings.

Moreover, I am an active participant in Housekeeping Conclaves and I attend hotel product exhibitions on a national scale. These platforms grant me the opportunity to not only explore new solutions but also to personally test and assess their efficacy. This hands-on approach enables me to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into our day-to-day operations, ensuring that our processes are not only efficient but also highly effective.

What do you find most rewarding about being an executive housekeeper?

In the hospitality industry, having a positive attitude matters a lot, and when we bring that positivity to our workplace, it makes a big difference in the outcomes we achieve. It’s really fulfilling when guests praise the cleanliness and quality of our offerings in their reviews – it’s like the ultimate moment of truth. I’ve had the joy of receiving many handwritten letters and emails from guests throughout my career, and they really motivate me. And of course, getting a pat on the back from the boss is always a great feeling too!

What are your goals for the housekeeping department in the future?

The secret to succeeding and lasting in this field is having a team that’s trained really well. I’m always committed to helping the next generation learn and grow in this profession, which will inspire more people to choose this career path.

Using technology for our daily tasks makes things run smoother and faster. And we’re dedicated to training and producing many more talented Executive Housekeepers for the industry.



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