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Offering gastronomy in a Jar at Xero Degrees.

The cafes today pay a lot of attention on the ambience. Please tell us how important it is for the ambience to match the food served in the restaurant and why? Xero Degrees:- A restaurant’s atmosphere sets

The cafes today pay a lot of attention on the ambience. Please tell us how important it is for the ambience to match the food served in the restaurant and why?

Xero Degrees:- A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage and plays a gigantic role in customer’s retention. We as Xero Degrees truly understand that a Good restaurant ambience is the way to Customers’ Heart! Therefore we have created this cute ambience in our restaurant through colorful seating, outdoor grass laid dining space, elegant dim lights and lively music which give an awe-inspiring experience to our customers and also matches the ethos of our cuisine which being super cheesy lead our customer mesmerized and they feel themselves transported to the breathtaking place in an instant and feel a greater sense of connect with the food, thus taking the experience several notches higher!

How did you come up with the idea of Xero Degree and its differentiated menu ?Xero Degrees is a must visit place for the cheeso-holics of Connaught Place. Please tell us along with pizza what more delectable are served here impregnated with cheese?

Xero Degrees:- We just wanted to be different from the league. We thought of introducing this cool trend of eating food right out of jars. Our menu follows the latest trends and customer interests where these days main course seen replaced by these cheese full delicacies and fresh chilled beverages.

Our Signature dish, ever-so cheesy fries, which are served hot and crispy in a jar and topped with a lot of cheese is our must try item. Further to this, we have an extensive menu for coolers and shakes which offer the freshness and tangy flavor of fruits and are an instant relief from the scorching heat. Our Nutella Shake, strawberry cheese cake Oreo, coffee, elderflower cooler, passion fruit are simply lip-smacking good! Our shakes are both thick and creamy with the right amount of sweet, and add explosion of rich flavors in your mouth. Our pastas again served in a jar are captivating as quite creamy and cheesy and full of sauces with right amount of flavors.

Slider again being our specialty , 3 mini burgers with cottage cheese, caramelized onions , cheese slices with a hell lot variety again is our must try. Adding to this we offer sandwiches, big burgers, nachos, pizza and garlic bread which will surely satisfy the taste buds of all cheese lovers.

We also serve waffle and Our Waffles are crisp and good and we have a superb response from our customers. We serve our waffle with ice-cream and it is completely dipped with Nutella/ chocolate and again rated very good, crunchy and melting inside mouth. We introduced waffle in a jar concept, where waffle with ice-cream is served in a jar, the presentation of which is so succulent and a massive hit again!

Xero Degrees is very famous for the unique dishes it serves to its customers. Pizza is generally known with its slices but at Xero Degrees, one can have a spoon full of cheesy pizza because it is served in a jar. Please tell us about this innovation in Pizza serving?

Xero Degrees:- Yes, we thought of bringing this cool trend of eating food right out of jars. You must have heard about cake in a jar, salad in a jar, so we thought of introducing to this league -our pizza in a jar, stuffed with pieces of base crumbs and topped with a mélange of sauces and thick melted cheese. This delight is sure to tantalize your taste buds and is quite filling as well. Further the generous topping of chili flakes and oregano seasoning on the dish adds a nice piquant aroma and flavor. The entire jar is bursting with flavors, and we can assure that it can get you drooling in just no time.

A lot of people are die-heart fans of beverages and desserts. How important do you think it is for a cafe to keep a sufficient number of desserts and shakes in their menu?

Xero Degrees:- It is no surprise that more and more people are replacing their main course with the desserts and beverages, and often plan outings just to stuff themselves with these king-size delicacies, which completely leave them satiated. The food bloggers agree that fancy freakshakes, pancakes and waffles owe their popularity to Instagram, and posting pictures of these foods is a foolproof formula to get traction to their social media profiles on a dull day. As per the survey conducted people have diverted to more of fancy food which looks creative or to freakshakes fully loaded with ingredients and to stacked waffles and pancakes, with insane amount of sauces, nuts and ice cream .There has been a major change in the way youngsters and college students like to spend money today. They would prefer to spend money on something special that would look innovative and appealing to their eyes. Just considering this trend we have more than 20+ shakes on our menu and 10+ varieties of waffles and again 20+ coolers and we continuously work to add more and more to our menu. Our place gives you a huge number of options to choose from like Brownie , Nutella, Chocolate, including some extraordinary flavors like Bubble Gum ,blueberry , Red Velvet, Popcorn, Strawberry , Oreo in terms of shakes and we can vouch that our desserts and shakes can easily fulfill your sweet tooth fantasy. You just can’t help but indulge!

People love diverse cuisines and innovations in it. Please tell us what made you stick to the American cuisine?

Xero Degrees:- Anything which is shredded with cheese is a delicacy these days. As I earlier mentioned people now prefer these fancy cheese loaded items in their main course. Pizza, Pasta, Fries, burgers are some of very popular foods these days you can find lots of people eating almost everywhere.

It is interesting to note that American food has found a place of its own in Indian cuisine. Indian food is mostly considered to be rich in spices and tastes, but American food has managed to develop its own craze among food lovers. Hence our menu purely sticks to the American Cuisine.

The current generation is dwelling on social media. How important do you think social media is for the popularity of Xero Degrees?

Xero Degrees:- Social media strategy is a necessity in the food industry to increase the brand exposure. We totally agree that social media is now a must-have and one of the best ways to get results. The food industry has been heavily influenced by Instagram over the last few years. The social media posts and mouthwatering pictures on Instagram certainly benefits and contribute towards inspiring others to taste. We as Xero Degrees have also immensely grown out of social media popularity. Also we understand that social networking sites are the best source of marketing ones growth and ofcourse for gaining feedback too. We also believe in putting up good attractive posts through social media as we agree that it potentially bring in dozens of new customers and increase our customer base.

People eat food with their eyes first. How important do you think is food presentation and styling for a cafe?

Xero Degrees:- This is highly important in our opinion. The sight and odor of food factor in one’s decision to choose to eat a certain food. When a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetizing! Food Presentation Impacts Customer Choices as we believe that presentation communicates the Restaurant Quality and elevates the dish. The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it. The food we order are not merely delicacies for our hungry stomachs but also for the eyes. Customers take tons of pictures of a single plate, choose the best angle, adjust the brightness and saturation, crop it, caption it with right hashtags, and then they have a perfect Instagram worthy post which clearly indicates the importance of food presentation.

In your opinion, what is best about Xero Degrees and please share some incidences wherein customers love Xero Degrees?

Xero Degrees:- Offering quality food at reasonable prices is what is best about Xero Degrees. We understand that there is increased emphasis on serving quality food and consumers are demanding high quality at low prices and we can affirm that we at Xero Degrees are best at serving this!

What is your experience and how do you feel when you see customers loving your outlet?

Xero Degrees:- We understand that Customer service is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant.

We feel immensely happy when our customers appreciate us and love us. We believe in making real sincere contact with our guests as this is a great way to starting off their experience on a positive note in a restaurant. We also ensure that our employees keep a presentable appearance, have a lively and positive attitude and maintain a clean workplace so that are customers feel completely satisfied and this goes a very long way in retaining the customers.


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