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Life of a hotelier during New Year’s eve – Restaurateurs

Prerna Gaikwad Co-Founder, Zyzzyva - All Day Dining Being the busiest night of the year, my team and I hope to deliver a great night that ends the year on a good note, paving the path for

Prerna Gaikwad

Co-Founder, Zyzzyva – All Day Dining

Being the busiest night of the year, my team and I hope to deliver a great night that ends the year on a good note, paving the path for next year.
There are so many aspects to keep in mind from arranging the most memorable night for the guests to making sure everything is set in place. As we aim to accomplish what we work towards, I also have my share of joy during the chaotic party aura which is equally eccentric. All these tasks can be overwhelming but this is one of the nights our team looks forward to. In order to put forth a well-thought-out and jubilant New Year.
If you manage a hotel on one of the busiest nights, what would you do?
We expect a huge crowd who does show up looking forward to celebrating one of the grandest days in the entire year. However, the most important thing for a hotelier during New Year’s Eve is to be calm and collected because this is what matters most in such circumstances!

Abhishek Joshi

(Co-Founder), We Idliwale

It’s a little different for us than for those who run a bar. Chirag (Co-founder at We Idliwale) and Abhishek Joshi (Co-Founder) both have spent the last 4 New Year’s Eve in town at their restaurants until closing. They always end up celebrating in their own little ways with the squad, be it by making a big batch of biryani or having a drink. Last New Year’s Eve, they did both.

Amrut Mehta

Director Little Italy Group

As a restaurateur, New Year’s Eve is always one of the busiest nights of the year. The demand for reservations is high, and we have to work extra hard to ensure a great experience for every single one of our guests.
In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, we start to prepare for the rush. This means ensuring we have enough staff on hand to handle the influx of guests, and that we have enough food and drinks to go around. We also have to decorate our restaurant, and make it look its best, as people tend to be more festive and celebratory on this special night.

I believe the biggest challenge on New Year’s eve is managing our guest inflow in a way to not overburden ourselves with too many people or commitments which we may not be able to meet. This sometimes results in a poor experience for some customers which we try and avoid even if it means losing out on some business. It’s a dilemma I feel many restaurant owners find themselves in, where they may have to compromise the experience for big business on this particular day. We at Little Italy have always prioritized guest experience as we feel it makes people come back to us the other 364 days of the year. We encourage guests to make reservations, and we have a fixed number of slots to deliver the best experience to all guests which they will cherish forever.

The chaos begins on the actual night of New Year’s Eve. The restaurant is packed with people, all looking to ring in the new year with a delicious meal. We have to work quickly and efficiently to take orders, prepare dishes, and serve our guests promptly. While it’s extremely challenging with a lot of pressure, it’s also gratifying and one of the most fun nights for us in the service industry.

As the night wears on and the countdown to midnight begins, the atmosphere in the restaurant becomes electric. It’s a special moment that we get to share with our guests, and it’s always one of the highlights of the year. When the ball drops and the new year officially begins, we can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work we’ve done. It’s always a night worth remembering

Dockway Kitchen & Bar

As friends and family start planning their New Year’s eve, the restaurant industry kicks into high gear. About two weeks before the 31st, menus are planned, musicians are booked, and detailed orders are placed for food and bar raw material. Hoteliers work hard during these last few days of the year to ensure their patrons have a fantastic time in their establishments. Shift times start becoming fluid, especially for owners and managers as they work overtime to ensure smooth functioning on D-day. That includes answering phone calls from 7 in the morning to 3 in the night, ensuring the staff is paying careful attention to customers, all facilities are working in the restaurant, and there are no delays in orders. Employees work 14-15 hours in a day with a smile on their face. While they receive incentives for their long hours on the 31st, there is no denying that while everyone is partying, hoteliers are sacrificing their own time to ensure the party doesn’t stop. Hoteliers remain on their toes through the night, keeping an eye on the crowd to prevent any safety hazards like broken glassware, fights between inebriated customers, and safety of all men and women present. Many restaurants remain open past midnight, till the last customer leaves. New Year’s eve is a superb time for people, and an intense time for hoteliers who work behind the scenes, pouring in all their efforts to ensure their patrons’ are satisfied and taken care of.

Cult Terra & House

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everything is lit, joyful and is surrounded by the best people. It can be pure pandemonium, especially if you’re part of the hotelier community this New Year’s Eve but can also be equally ecstatic!

The hustle and bustle of the New year is something that we all look forward to. The real celebration happens when you see your hotel fully booked and bustling with guests. We can all agree that a New Year’s Eve makes for a unique adventure.

I, personally, have the best time enduring the euphoric buzz. It gives me a certain drive to get everything in place for the crowd to enjoy the perfect New Year Party and also, I can enjoy it to the fullest! It’s lovely to see people surrounded by their families & loved ones, have a perfect beginning to a New Year. On such days, I feel a sense of fulfillment knowing my team and I were able to provide our customers delicious food, refreshing drinks and moments to look forward to in the next year.


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