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Life of a hotelier during New Year’s eve – GM Desk

Umberto Piccolini General Manager, Haritha Villas + Spa The countdown to the festive season is on! As we gear up to celebrate festivities in our home Haritha Villas & SPA with our guests we know the importance of this period

Umberto Piccolini

General Manager, Haritha Villas + Spa

The countdown to the festive season is on!

As we gear up to celebrate festivities in our home Haritha Villas & SPA with our guests we know the importance of this period of the year for our families and friends far away, as it is a very crucial moment for our job, we never forget the commitment we have made for it, yes, we are far away from our beloved ones but the reward we get is immense!

Our guests become our family together with our colleagues and it is that passion for hospitality that drives us here, it is the reason why we take this as an opportunity of inner growth and happiness!

We deliver memorable experiences to our guests and that gives us the power to share our feelings with our families and friends and we all know: if we are happy and satisfied with our own life everyone around us will benefit from this positive energy!

So, start your engines and be ready to celebrate these holidays with us here at HV &SPA , we will surround you with passion, dedication and a glittering magical atmosphere!!

Christophe Adam

General Manager, Hideaway Beach Resort of the chain Lily Hotels, Maldives!

The “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is just around the corner!

New Year’s Eve is a special time of year in the Maldives for a number of reasons. The Maldives is known for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, making it a popular destination for travellers seeking a tropical paradise.

On New Year’s Eve at Hideaway, our team members are fully dedicated to creating some golden memories with special events and activities for guests, such as live music, firework displays, and gourmet dining experiences. These events often take place outdoors, allowing guests to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful surroundings while celebrating the new year.

It’s a time of year when our valued guests coming from all over the world are looking to celebrate and have a memorable experience here in the Maldives.

Hideaway Beach Resort is likely to be at or near capacity on New Year’s Eve, which means that we have to ensure that all guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. This can be challenging, as we have to coordinate the logistics of hosting a large number of people, including managing room assignments, ensuring that there are enough team members on hand to assist guests, and addressing any specific requests that may arise.

On New Year’s Eve, guests are expecting memorable experiences with a higher level of service standards at the resort, such as delightful experiences, gourmet dinners, and live entertainment. We have to ensure that these services are provided to a high standard.

Overall, managing a resort in the Maldives on New Year’s Eve can be a challenging but rewarding experience for all the team members, fully committed to creating some golden memories once in a lifetime.

Anand Nair

General Manager, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park

As the clock ticks down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, the excitement and anticipation in the air is palpable. For hoteliers, this is one of the busiest and most exhilarating times of the year.

From coordinating large parties and events to managing an influx of guests, hoteliers have their hands full during the festive season. However, the rewards of a successful New Year’s Eve celebration can be well worth the effort.

One of the biggest challenges for hoteliers on New Year’s Eve is managing the high demand for rooms. Many hotels are fully booked months in advance, and it’s not uncommon for guests to make reservations a year in advance to secure their spot. This means that hoteliers have to be prepared for a large influx of guests and ensure that all rooms are ready and properly staffed.

In addition to managing reservations and accommodations, hoteliers also have to coordinate a wide range of events and parties. These can range from small gatherings in the hotel’s restaurant or bar to large-scale events in the ballroom or other event spaces. Hoteliers have to work closely with event planners and vendors to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that guests have a memorable experience.

Another important aspect of a hotelier’s job during New Year’s Eve is ensuring the safety and security of guests. With so many people in one place, it’s essential that hoteliers have a plan in place to handle any potential security threats or emergencies. This may involve


General Manager, Grand Mercure Mysore

New Year is the best time for any Hotelier as it brings along a lot of festivities and excitement for both the guests and team. Business ceases at its peak during the end of the year. The whole property is decked up for celebrations and all arrangements are done to make sure that the guests experience a memorable stay. Even though Hoteliers have to work and stay away from their families but they do get to enjoy the festivities at the hotel with the guests and colleagues.

For over a decade now I have celebrated the New Year with my second family i.e. my team and guests which makes me feel delighted. Every year the team gets enthusiastic about the celebrations and come up with innovative ideas to make every year unique and memorable. The Chefs look forward to curating special menus with spectacular display of food which is served by delightful food and beverage servers. The housekeeping team decorates the hotel and rooms and create unique surprises for the guests from arrival to departure.

This is what Hoteliers look forward to and re-ignites the energies and enthusiasm year on year that we forget the hard work behind it. We get to smile and enjoy with the guests and the credit goes to the entire team that has worked so hard to bring out those smiles.

This year is even more special as we are coming out of the pandemic and bringing the new year with full swing. We are already preparing to welcome the guest and give them the most memorable new year celebrations and ringing in the new year with loads of fun and frolic.

Vikas Kumar

General Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Kochi

New Year’s Eve is the time of the year when everyone around is partying but the hoteliers are working.

It can be challenging when the rest of the world is celebrating and relaxing. However, there is an interesting twist to it. You get an opportunity to be a part of guests’ celebrations. These are the moments that are going to be a part of their lifelong cherished memories. And it feels gratifying to know that you are being associated with those beautiful experiences in their minds.

Moreover, hoteliers are a group of passionate people who find satisfaction and contentment in creating experience for others. There is compassion, commitment, creativity and of course celebration.

On a practical note, we understand that New Year’s Eve is a huge celebration and we plan it months ahead so that there would be no stressing out at the last moment. We learn to balance our jobs and personal lives and have fun while at work. And us hoteliers choose dates before or immediately after New Year’s Eve to party for our personal celebrations. So, on a lighter note, we get to celebrate twice.

Vijay Nanmaran

General Manager, The Soaltee Kathmandu

While most of us are sending off the old year and ringing in the new, others will be at work behind the scenes, making sure revelers have food, drink, at the best ambiance creating memories and a night to remember. There’s a big holiday spirit, people are feeling good and enjoying themselves. They’re out to celebrate and as a hotelier I never feel like I’m missing out. It’s always an epic party, this combined with the presence of family, colleagues and the spirited guests always makes the welcoming of the new year a merry festivity.

Vikas Srivastava

General Manager, Treehouse Hotel Club & Spa, Bhiwadi

“Life of a hotelier is tough especially during the festival season. Festivals and events such as New Year parties etc are the moments when everyone wants to be with their family and friends but as a hotelier one has to put one’s work first before anything else and focus on ensuring that everything is going smoothly and seamlessly for the guests to have a great time. Hoteliers are like a Maestro or a Conductor of a Symphony, who quietly manages and conducts the symphony behind the scenes to ensure that each and every audience enjoys thoroughly.”

Vineet Mishra

Cluster General Manager at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity.

“Festival season is the most important time of year for hoteliers. In my 23 years in the business, I can’t think of even one New Year’s when I was on leave. When the entire globe is celebrating, we hoteliers put our best foot forward and ensure that our customers receive the best services. I don’t recall any New Year’s where I had plans to go on a vacation or celebrate with my friends or family since you have to be there to keep the show going. Nonetheless, we enjoy every bit of it andIt is with love that we provide your guests with the best celebrations they ever experience.”


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