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Lavish stay with an ethereal view : ITC GRAND GOA

Goa is known for its beaches, clubbing, partying and staying in exquisite resorts. So when one comes to South Goa, ITC Grand Goa gives guests a truly immersive experience. ITC Grand, Goa is one of

Goa is known for its beaches, clubbing, partying and staying in exquisite resorts. So when one comes to South Goa, ITC Grand Goa gives guests a truly immersive experience. ITC Grand, Goa is one of the best properties which is spread across 45 acres of land with direct access to the pristine Arossim beach. This beach-side, village-styled resort’s architecture draws inspiration from the Indo-Portuguese vintage and blends classical elegance with a distinctive regional allure that is infused in its service, cuisine, rituals and more – promising a truly immersive experience. The resort offers 6 signature food and beverage outlets along with multiple outdoor and indoor venues for bespoke banqueting, special events and weddings. Spread across 36,000 sq. ft of tropical bliss, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa weaves its own brand of magic on mind, body and soul. The state-of-the-art fitness centre is open 24 hours geared to meet all lifestyle and fitness goals. The swimming pool is also a delightful surprise.

How is ITC Grand Goa, a safe and appropriate destination in these challenging times?

#weassure is our mission to provide the best possible covid precautions and safety measures. When we started after the lockdown the most important factor was trust. To enhance the trust of the guests we have placed a tag of #weassure on the tables in the restaurants of the property, something which is the example and commitment set by ITC hotels for the health, safety and hygiene of everyone. All our cutlery crockeries are wrapped, partitions in the between the tables called separators which help maintain distance between the tables are placed. This reduces the contact between the tables and increases safety. Each and every protocol as well as all the guidelines are followed very strictly. Our staff wear PPE suits, head covers, gloves and masks all the time which build the trust of the guest. Furthermore, to build deep trust in the mind of our guests so that they feel safe at the property, QR codes are provided for menus in the restaurants, spas and rooms so that everything is accessible in no-contact or touchless format.

Why is ITC Grand Goa considered a staycation choice for all age groups?

The Mantra of ITC is Atithi Devo Bhava, the staff greets the guests by joining hands and saying ‘Namaste’. Our logo is Namaste, it reflects our mantra.

This resort is kid’s friendly, family-friendly, safe and homely for senior citizens as well. So generally if you want a vacation or a holiday with family our property is very convenient and renowned. The layout of the hotel is such that every age group can be accommodated, we have rooms on the ground floor and first floor with a garden view, pool view, Lagoon view and many more. Therefore it’s suitable for all generations.

This place is a package of fun. Food and chill with a soothing environment and alluring view ITC Grand Goa is a destination for a culinary experience, weddings and staycation. A mind-blowing location with a private beach is a must-visit, it’s a dreamy experience.

What makes your hotel one of the best wedding destinations in south Goa?

Goa has become the hottest destination for weddings as a lot of people believe that most romantic weddings take place on the beach. ITC Grand Goa has a private beachfront at Arossim beach along with enchanting gardens and manicured lawns. There are very few and rare hotels and resorts in Goa that have a private beachfront with singular space in Goa. Additionally, there is the availability of indoor venues which can be customised and decorated for each host’s individual requirements. With the dedicated team that helps the guests to customise their décor, cuisines, music, entertainment and every other minute detail ITC Grand, Goa is the best wedding destination.

What kind of Culinary Experience is offered?

ITC hotels are known for their culinary strength. At ITC Grand, Goa itself we serve a large variety of cuisine and flavours which are very different from each other. We have six dining options and that’s our unique selling point, especially for staycations and weddings. We only have Goan restaurant Tempero, where guests can experience the authentic local flavours. We have our Master Chef from Goa, Chef Sarita who is a local and known for authentic Goan food. Our guests have an option to enjoy the royal Afghan cuisine at The Royal Afghan – Seaside Barbeque and Grill, which is located on the North-West frontier on the sea. Additionally, we have Pavilion At the Village Square, multi-cuisine and Kebabs and Kurries. We also have Ottimo Cucina Italiana where guests can relish Italian food. We also have two bars at the property Farol bar and a pool bar where guests can enjoy and relax.

ITC is a brand where there was no salary deduction from the staff working in the hotel.

Please share your post covid revival strategy?

Revival post-pandemic was slow but Goa is a popular destination was the first to bounce back. The tourists started visiting in August when the lockdown slowly opened after the government released the restrictions. Initially, there was a night curfew, the restaurants were open with half capacity, and the timings were till 7 pm. So it was very challenging but was a relief because we had finally resumed our services. Once the situation was improved, the closing time of restaurants was changed to 9 pm. The restrictions were slowly and gradually removed and at the same pace, the entire Goa started picking up. A very steady and planned progress towards our services. Eventually, the government also permitted spas and casinos with covid safety and precautionary measures.

How did you keep your staff motivated during the challenging times?

ITC is a brand where there was no salary deduction from the staff working in the hotel. Additionally, we educated our staff that wearing masks or gloves or regular sanitization is essential for their safety and health, before being vital for the safety of the guests. During complete lockdown also, our staff was supported by us as there were no salary deductions or pay cuts.


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