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Introducing Artisanté: Explore the world of fine chocolates

With a legacy that spans decades, the story begins in 1997 when Raj Madnani pioneered the iconic Java City Café in the idyllic Lavelle Road, Bangalore. A leader before its time, the picturesque Java City

With a legacy that spans decades, the story begins in 1997 when Raj Madnani pioneered the iconic Java City Café in the idyllic Lavelle Road, Bangalore. A leader before its time, the picturesque Java City Café was one of the first coffee shop chains in the country paving the way for today’s popular coffee and café culture having witnessed everything from romances blooming to cherished friendships over cups of coffee and dessert.  Artisanté Fine Foods is a natural evolution of its roots in confectionery and coffee.

Artisanté is a Specialty food producer founded by the dynamic father-son founder duo, Raj Madnani and Amit Madnani who begin their gourmand journey by introducing a wide range of sinful chocolate and original and luxurious line of hot chocolate products curated the old-fashioned artisanal way in small batches and with close attention to details. With a family that believes in ‘food first’, the extensive library of chocolates offered are crafted from their gastro experience while using chocolate like a blank canvas to deliver divinely edible art pieces .

 “Artisanté is a portmanteau of Artisan and Santé. Artisan represents our production ideology of making each product carefully and holistically in small batches with respect to each and every ingredient; and Sante is translated to a champagne toast in French. Another interpretation that we happily discovered is that it also translates to “for you” in Sanskrit, making Artisanté – “Artisan, for you”.  We like both interpretations of our brand name as we feel they both give an accurate depiction of what we want our brand to represent, a visualization of our Indian roots and global inspiration.”

co-founder Amit Madnani

Artisanté is based on the philosophy of offering refined flavours in everyday luxuries.  Explore the world of chocolates, bringing you an array of dark, milk, white, ruby and single origin chocolate bars as well as hot chocolate and mocha mixes. 

Indulge in flavours inspired by their favourite beach and sunset holidays such as with Santorini – a Mediterranean treat of 65% dark chocolate luxe blend of cocoa beans with rosemary infused olive oil and a dash of sea salt.

Dominican, a 70% single origin bar has a strong Cocoa character marked by an appealing bitterness with long floral and fruity notes that linger with an added smokey note and a dash of black Volcanic Salt to bring out the nuances of this complex dark chocolate,

Galactico which offers caramelized white chocolate with toasted almonds and a sprinkle of salt flavours melding together in a wave of creamy, caramel perfection.

 An ode to Indian spices, Rajputana Bars are a blend of milk chocolate with cardamom, ginger, black pepper and star anise, laced with saffron threads. Fitting for only Royals.

A happy kitchen accident is the Tiramisu Bars made with caramelized white chocolate offering an intense and unique toffee-forward flavour with an added strong shot of espresso and a dusting of cocoa powder to re-imagine a tiramisu in a chocolate bar.

A must try is the  Purple Haze – a refreshing burst of berries enhances the subtle fruitiness and fresh citric notes of ruby chocolate providing an unique flavourful experience that’s going to put a spell on you.

Redefining luxury, Artisanté also introduces a range of hot chocolate and mocha mixes which a twist to classic flavours offering redefined experiments is a complex yet balanced mix of heavenly delight.  Enjoy bottled mixes like Mint Mocha that soothes the soul and leaves you with lingering freshness, while the Dark Mocha is a bittersweet, natural, tall, dark chocolate drink. Caramel Hot Chocolate – an incredible construction of flavours with natural burnt caramel flavour added to rich dark cocoa and organic demerara for a truly soul satisfying drink. Ever since 500 BC, the ancient Mayans enjoyed chocolate in a luxurious drink with chili and cinnamon. Now, Artisanté presents Cinnamon Chilli Hot Chocolate, a recreation, many centuries later.

 “The Artisanté lab is already geared up and excited as they work on blending traditional and revolutionary flavours keeping in mind what our audiences preferences and tastes. We look forward to surprising our customers soon!” 

Raj Madnani – Co-Founder of Artisanté

Enjoy a sweet escape as you take a journey around the world through Artisanté artisanal confectionery.



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