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Industry Experts sharing Views on the theme of Tourism and Green Investment

Industry celebrating World Tourism Day. Industry experts shares views on how tourism plays important role and brands are promoting sustainability. Theme for this year is Tourism and Green Investment. It's great to see the excitement

Industry celebrating World Tourism Day. Industry experts shares views on how tourism plays important role and brands are promoting sustainability. Theme for this year is Tourism and Green Investment. It’s great to see the excitement in the industry for the World Tourism Day.

 Prabuddha Sen

COO-South Asia, VFS Global

World Tourism Day stands as a testament to the key role that tourism plays in uniting diverse communities and celebrating the remarkable strides, we’ve taken in connecting our global family. VFS Global has played a significant role in revolutionising visa processing and facilitating cross-border mobility thereby contributing to the growth of travel and tourism.

Second, it serves as a reminder to all stakeholders of the imperative to cultivate a sustainable environment, one that nurtures the ongoing growth of tourism while ensuring its benefits are equitably distributed among communities with both economic and social interests in its future.

We have embarked on a resolute journey aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission resonates with this year’s theme, ‘Tourism and Green Investment.’ We’ve undertaken an array of initiatives and they include a remarkable 40% reduction in our carbon footprint since 2019. By the end of 2023, we are steadfast in our commitment to transitioning to renewable energy sources in numerous nations, with a visionary goal of reducing our carbon footprint intensity by a commendable 10%.

In my unwavering commitment to sustainability, I’ve seen first-hand how supporting climate-vulnerable communities can make a profound difference. It’s not just professional duty; it’s a personal conviction that resonates deeply within me. Our industry’s choices are intertwined with our planet’s fate, a truth I hold close to my heart on World Tourism Day. I would leave the readers with one last thought, as responsible global citizens, what are we leaving behind for the next generations and thereafter, is what we need to remain mindful of, at every step of our current lives.

Ar. Khozema Chitalwala

 Founder & Principal Architect at Designers Group

On World Tourism Day, Designers Group wholeheartedly embraces the significance of sustainable design principles. Our primary focus revolves around the smooth integration of sustainability principles within the hospitality design sector. Simultaneously, we steadfastly advocate for the promotion of responsible tourism practices, emphasizing the need for environmental stewardship and ethical travel experiences. Our mission is not merely confined to the present but extends into shaping a future that is profoundly conscious of ecological concerns and dedicated to sustainable, eco-friendly tourism. By championing these ideals, we aspire to inspire positive change and contribute to the global effort towards a more environmentally conscious tomorrow. 

MP Deepu

Co-Founder & COO, SeniorWorld

At SilverWings Holidays, we’re passionate about reshaping the way we travel, step by eco-conscious step. We’ve bid farewell to hefty paper catalogs, opting for digital resources to curtail waste and preserve our precious trees. Our partnerships are forged with a purpose, aligning with providers who share our commitment to respecting local cultures and values. In a world that often rushes, we champion a slower, more immersive approach to travel, urging our travelers to connect deeply with local experiences while leaving a light footprint on our planet. Our quest for eco-adventures leads us to destinations that not only captivate but also nurture nature and local communities. Let’s transform travel from a mere journey into a powerful force for good.

Chhavi Chadha

 Founder of Bespoke Tailormade Experiences

 Speaking not just as a travel expert but as a fervent believer in the art of slow, deliberate journeys. Luxury is not just about opulence; it’s about time, depth, and immersion. In our moving world, I advocate for travel experiences that compel us to pause. Instead of fleeting moments, let’s pursue lasting impressions. Instead of counting places, let’s make each place count. Every destination has a heartbeat, a whisper of stories old and new. True luxury lies in capturing that essence, in weaving experiences that resonate long after the journey ends. Travel should be less about doing and more about being; less about seeing and more about feeling. This World Tourism Day, I urge you to delve deeper into the heart of destinations, to let each experience unfold organically, and to cultivate memories that are as rich in meaning as they are in beauty. Happy World Tourism Day!

Rani Aaisha,

Regional manager, wowtickets.com 

The key objectives of our ‘green investment’ in wowtickets.com are funding an environment-friendly project and technology; facilitating a low-carbon, sustainable economy; and generating positive environmental, social and financial outcomes for stakeholders. We, at  wowtickets.com, support the very idea of green investment and promote world tourism through our online portal that helps people to book tickets anywhere across the globe from the comforts of their home without moving out, thus saving enormously on fuel and carbon footprint

Komal Seth

Founder and Director LINKIN REPS

At LINKIN REPS, we understand the significance of World Tourism Day in acknowledging the profound influence of the global tourism industry on economies and cultures across the globe. Our commitment to this cause extends beyond this year, as for the past seven years, we have actively engaged in celebrating this momentous occasion.

One noteworthy initiative that exemplifies our dedication to sustainable practices is our long-standing green office space. Situated on our terrace, this lush oasis has thrived for seven years, boasting a diverse ecosystem with over a hundred trees and plants. What makes it even more special is its role as a haven for various bird species, which seek shelter, nest, and nourishment amidst its greenery.

Our green office space isn’t just symbolic; it reflects our genuine commitment to sustainable tourism. We firmly believe in not only promoting the concept but also embodying it in our daily operations.

As we commemorate World Tourism Day, LINKIN REPS remains resolute in our mission to support sustainable tourism and foster a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.


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