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Industry experts sharing insights on brand strategies for World Environment Day, centering on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience under the theme “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.”

Hotel Brand’s sharing Initiatives on this World Environment Day Considering the theme for 2024

Managing Director, Ayatana Hospitalities

“The idea of safeguarding nature begins from day one, starting with the construction of our property using prefabricated materials to support reforestation efforts. Our Coorg property features a waterfall that not only provides a memorable experience for the guests but also plays a significant role in wetland restoration, benefiting both domestic and wildlife habitats.”

“This Environmental Day, we are actively planting saplings to support afforestation, creating lush, green environments for future generations. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining clean and healthy environments by organizing an extensive cleaning drive at Mallali Falls, a popular tourist attraction. Whether it’s our property or an external site, our mission of restoring nature remains unwavering and is at the forefront of our values.”

Executive Chairman, Concept Hospitality

“At The Fern Hotels & Resorts, we strive to find the right balance between luxury with elegance and deep respect and responsibility towards the environment. As our commitment towards the environment, all our hotels adopt initiatives in 5 different spheres of environmentalism: sustainability commitment, water management, energy management, waste management and employee education & community involvement. Our initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly toiletries, garbage segregation, using renewable energy, conducting clean-up drives near the properties and distributing potted plants to our corporates are a testament to our dedication to contributing positively to the planet. The Fern Hotels & Resorts true passion for Hospitality with a Responsibility ensures that our guests not just have a great experience but an environmentally sustainable one.”

COO, Lords Hotels & Resort

Here at Lords Hotels and Resorts, we take pride in our commitment to preserving the environment. Through our innovative initiatives and dedication to sustainability, we are making a significant impact in the hospitality industry’s efforts to save our planet through a Diligently adhering to our practices in reducing waste, reusing resources, and recycling materials.

One of our most notable endeavors is our water conservation program. Within our hotels and dining establishments, we have implemented a range of cutting-edge techniques to minimize water usage. Within our hotels and dining establishments, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices. From utilizing energy-saving lighting solutions to optimizing heating and cooling systems, we are dedicated to reducing our energy consumption and mitigating our impact on the environment.

Furthermore, we empower our guests to join us in our eco-friendly journey. We give importance on preserving the environment and has meticulously devised its Environment Charter

At Lords Hotels and Resorts, environmental sustainability is not just a trend; it is an integral part of who we are. Join us in our mission to protect our planet for future generations as we continue to lead the way in environmentally conscious hospitality. Together, we can make a difference and preserve our planet for future generations.

Group GM, The Anam Group

At The Anam Cam Ranh, we have allocated 8,500 square metres to cultivate vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as to raise poultry. These fresh produce and poultry are used in meals served at Lang Viet Restaurant & Bar and the staff kitchen. As part of a supervised tour, children are encouraged to explore the farm, gaining insights into sustainable farming practices.

The Anam Mui Ne started its journey with a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. The Anam is one of the first luxury resorts in Vietnam to use water-resistant wooden key cards instead of PVC ones. These wooden cards, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), are eco-friendly and more durable due to their stronger chip.We enforce a strict ban on single-use plastics and implements various measures to minimise its carbon footprint. These include harnessing solar power, utilising locally sourced ingredients, and recycling laundry water to irrigate its gardens. Biodegradable alternatives such as straws, bags, and bathroom amenities are used.Even the resort key cards are eco-friendly, crafted from sustainably harvested wood.

Area General Manager, Delhi NCR, Radisson Hotel Group, South Asia & General Manager, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport Celebrates World Environment Day with Sustainability Initiatives

In alignment with the 2024 World Environment Day theme, “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration,” Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport proudly embraces a comprehensive sustainability model to foster a healthier environment at our workplace.

Our initiatives include tree plantation drives and sustainable landscaping with native plants, alongside the adoption of an area outside the hotel to enhance local biodiversity. Advanced water conservation measures, such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, bolster drought resilience.

Our effective waste management practices ensure that water used in cooling towers, horticulture, cleaning, and flushing is recycled and reused through our STP. Renewable energy projects, like solar panels, further reduce our environmental impact. We’ve also installed an Organic Waste Converter to produce eco-fertilizer for landscaping and public plantations, and we utilize state-of-the-art “Watergen” technology to convert moisture into water.

By prioritizing sustainable food sourcing from local farms, we support community agriculture and reduce our carbon footprint. These initiatives, guided by Radisson Hotel Group’s Responsible Business framework, underscore our commitment to a sustainable future.

Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.

General Manager, Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

“At Taj Corbett Resort & Spa, we believe in respecting the planet and honouring every aspect of it, ensuring a more sustainable environment for all. Our work aligns with IHCL’s sustainability vision under Paathya, including periodic cleaning drives of the Kosi River and surrounding areas, tree planting in the monsoon, support for local vendors, utilization of solar power and EV buggies, and 100% reuse of STP water. We also focus on providing sustainable experiences to our guests, creating local employment opportunities, and conducting awareness programs on the importance of nature. These initiatives reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and holistic sustainability.”

GM, Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan Island

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability shines through in our dedicated initiatives to address pressing environmental challenges. At Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan Island, we are deeply invested in supporting the restoration and upliftment of the community around us. We prioritize using local ingredients in our restaurant menus and buffets, sourcing supplies from nearby producers such as the Dibba oyster farm.

In addition to championing sustainable agriculture, our chef actively tends to the chef’s gardens while our team utilizes composted organic waste from our kitchens to enrich the soil, promoting land restoration and reducing landfill waste.

Recognizing the importance of water conservation in combating desertification and building drought resilience, we have implemented advanced water-saving technologies, such as a UV water bottle system that eliminates single-use plastics and ensures efficient water usage.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to educating our younger guests through the Starfish Adventure Kids program and reducing paper waste through our innovative iPad check-in/out system. As a team, we are dedicated to our “Go Green” initiatives, striving to restore and protect our land for future generations. It is with great pride that we hold Green Globe and Earth Check certifications, showcasing our ongoing efforts to be environmentally responsible and make a positive impact.

GM, Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

At Phulay Bay, we see ourselves as caretakers of the stunning natural scenery around us. Through the years, we have worked hard to introduce eco-friendly steps that help protect Thailand and our planet.

To uphold our promise of reducing plastic waste, we started using bamboo straws and glass bottles in 2017. We also use eco-friendly packaging for in-room items and cloth bags for laundry. Even our Christmas decorations are made from natural and reusable materials, such as such as coconut shells, driftwood, leaves, and recycled glass bottles.

We prioritise sustainable practices, such as sourcingdrinking water from the natural spring of Naga Mountain to reduce our carbon footprint. We usefreshproduce and seafood from local farmers and fisheries. We also have a thriving Chef’s Garden from we handpicked herbs and ingredients.

Phulay Bay has been committed to sustainability for years, eliminating single-use plastic toiletry bottles in favour of refillable ceramic jars, switching from plastic shower caps to bamboo textile shower caps, offering eco toothbrushes made from bamboo that guests can take home.

Beyond our resort walls, Phulay Bay actively participates in annual environmental events such as Earth Hour and World Ocean’s Day, while also engaging with our local community through initiatives like the Community Footprints program. We also offer reef-safe sunscreen, Passunat our reserve Boutique.

General Manager, Kochi Marriott Hotel

In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, Kochi Marriott is taking a step towards a greener future by planting 550 trees. This aligns with Marriott India’s initiative ‘Two Trees per Room: Embracing Nature’s Bloom,’ reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Kochi Marriott’s approach goes beyond simply planting trees. We are fostering a spirit of environmental consciousness within the local community through a powerful collaboration with Lulu Mall and Rajagiri College. This impactful partnership unfolds in two key ways:

First, Kochi Marriott is committed to planting two trees for each of our 273 rooms, thereby making a significant contribution of nearly 550 saplings. This directly supports land restoration efforts and paves the way for a more sustainable future.

Second, to empower the community, Rajagiri College students will be conducting engaging environmental awareness quizzes at Lulu Mall. Winners will be rewarded with saplings, encouraging them to actively participate in restoring our planet. Through this activity, Kochi Marriott hopes to inspire a wave of action and eco-consciousness.

Hotels’ commitment to the planet extends far beyond a single day. By collaborating with local institutions and actively engaging the community, we try to lay the groundwork for long-lasting positive change. This impactful initiative exemplifies our dedication to environmental responsibility and vision for a greener tomorrow.

Gneneral Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurugram Baani Square

“As part of our commitment to sustainability, DoubleTree by Hilton  Gurugram Baani Square is proud to embrace several green initiatives in alignment with Hilton’s ESG program, ‘Travel with Purpose’.

Our dedication to a greener environment is further reflected in our Carbon Neutral Meetings. By offsetting carbon emissions through carbon credits, we ensure that guest stays and events contribute to sustainable development projects.

We are also revolutionizing our events and catering services  by eliminating single-use plastics and prioritizing locally sourced, organic, and sustainably produced food. This guarantees an eco-conscious event experience for all.

To enhance responsible waste management, we have placed recycling stations strategically throughout our event areas. Our comprehensive transition to LED lighting underscores our commitment to energy efficiency, leading to reduced electricity expenses and a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Our commitment to Sustainability takes a leap forward with the introduction of Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Anyone in the vicinity can power up their vehicle and enjoy convenience of a quick and eco-friendly charging. Additionally, the strategic shift from traditional fuel-based cabs to electric vehicles not only reduces the operational costs associated with fuel but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation options for both guests and team members.

Lastly, our shift from LPG to PNG in our boiler and kitchen operations highlights our focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability, reducing environmental impact while capitalizing on economic benefits.

Very soon, the installation of an on-site water bottling plant will allow us to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste at the hotel by providing guests with locally purified water in glass bottles. 

On this World Environment Day, we reaffirm our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental conservation, striving to make a positive impact on our planet.”

General Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton Pune – Chinchwad

On World Environment Day, DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad is proud about its dedicated efforts in land restoration and sustainability. At our hotel, every team member actively participates in sustainability initiatives as we prioritize environmental responsibility. 

The need for sustainable practices is more pressing now than ever before. At our hotel, we are committed to making an impactful contribution towards a sustainable future through our various initiatives.Our latest effort includes the launch of wooden key cards to significantly reduce plastic use and further our commitment to a greener future. Other than that we have a Vehicle Free Day initiative that helps reduce carbon emissions by encouraging staff to leave their vehicles at home. We also ensure that our staff vehicles comply with PUC norms, promoting eco-friendly transportation. To reduce plastic waste, we have undertaken an Eco-Revolution Drive where we repurpose linen from our rooms to create 100 tote bags. This significant reduction in plastic use showcases our innovative spirit. We donate TVs and compost to schools, supporting education while promoting sustainable practices among the younger generation. 

Additionally, we actively contribute to land restoration through riverbank cleaning projects, improving the health of local waterways. The tree plantations around our hotel not only help restore the ecosystem but also provide a green haven in our urban surroundings. These initiatives highlight our commitment to environmental stewardship and our role in fostering a sustainable future. We aim to inspire others to join us in making meaningful contributions to land restoration and environmental resilience.

Furthermore, our sustainability efforts at DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad directly align with Hilton’s Travel with Purpose, an ESG initiative for driving responsible travel and tourism globally. Through Travel with Purpose, we seek to create positive environmental and social impact across our operations, supply chain, and communities. In line with this, our dedication to sustainability initiatives reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and fostering responsible travel practices.

General Manager, Shangri-La Eros New Delhi

As the world commemorates World Environment Day, Shangri-La Eros New Delhi amplifies its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, seamlessly integrating hospitality and sustainability. Beyond just words, sustainability is deeply ingrained in its core values, influencing every aspect of its operations.

The hotel’s ‘Rooted in Nature’ initiative, championing eco-friendly operations and locally inspired dining experiences, harmoniously aligns with the guests’ evolving green preferences. Every culinary creation at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi exemplifies its reverence for nature. At the hotel’s specialty restaurants, Sorrento and Shang Palace, the hotel elevates dining experiences with dishes crafted from thoughtfully sourced ingredients. From baby spinach salads to free-range chicken clear soup, each entices the taste buds while minimizing environmental impact to serve a harmonious blend of indulgence and eco-consciousness.

Shangri-La Eros New Delhi’s visionary Project Essence exemplifies its vow to deliver clear, clean, and safe water from its in-house water bottling plant. The water is purified with unparalleled CDI technology, eliminating salts without the inclusion of any harmful chemicals. After this detoxification process, the water is further imbued with ozone, enhancing its purity.

This endeavour conveys a noteworthy step towards reducing the environmental footprint and encouraging sustainable luxury.

General Manager, Novotel Guwahati

“Novotel Guwahati shares an unwavering commitment to maintaining environmental sustainability. Our Green Key certification is a testament to our sustainable practices, including the use of environmentally conscious products, underscoring our responsibility towards the planet. Furthermore, I am delighted to introduce our latest initiative on Environment Day: The Art and Craft workshops designed around utilising scrap products. This innovative endeavour not only promotes creativity but also showcases our commitment of repurposing materials and reducing waste. We believe that by integrating sustainability through every aspect of our operations, we can provide our guests with an exceptional experience while preserving the natural beauty of our planet for generations to come.”

General Manager, Sheraton Grand Palace Indore

On behalf of Sheraton Grand Palace Indore, I am delighted to welcome you. This year’s World Environment Day, with its focus on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience under the theme “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration,” resonates deeply with our commitment to sustainability.

At Sheraton Grand Palace Indore, we are dedicated to preserving our environment. Our initiatives include extensive tree-planting programs, efficient water management systems, and sustainable sourcing of local produce. We also actively engage in educating our staff and guests on eco-friendly practices.

Together, let’s embrace the spirit of restoration and work towards a greener, healthier future. Thank you for joining us in this vital mission.

General Manager, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield hotel and Convention Centre

“As Chairman of the Marriott India Business Council, I am thrilled to announce our participation in World Environment Day 2024 with the “Two Trees per Room: Embracing Nature’s Bloom” initiative. Launching on June 5th, 2024, this program highlights our commitment to sustainability and biodiversity conservation. With our 150 hotels pledging to plant two trees for every room, we aim to make a significant impact on restoring ecosystems, combating climate change, and supporting local communities. Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel will plant 720 trees. Marriott India continues to lead in sustainable hospitality through energy-efficient practices and waste reduction initiatives, setting new standards for environmental stewardship.”

General Manager, Radisson Blu, Hinjewadi

As the General Manager of Radisson Blu Hinjewadi, I would like to bring to your sight about our recent eco-friendly initiatives. Implementing a “no plastic bottle” policy and installing a water bottle-making machine in our hotel are significant steps towards sustainability and reducing plastic waste. This is an important initiative as it would help us in reducing plastic in a significant amount that is a main deterrent for environment.

We are proud to provide our guests with an environmentally conscious alternative for water consumption. Our commitment to these initiatives not only benefits the environment but also sets a positive example for others to follow. At Radisson Blu pune Hinjewadi, we ensure that we try and initiate efforts that are sustainable and beneficial for the environment and also appreciated by our guests.

General Manager, The Westin Chennai Velachery

With all the continued focus on preserving the resources of our planet, The World Environment Day has greater significance this year for our future. With a focus on land restoration, halting desertification and preparing for our future, the necessity to act is imperative.

The Westin Chennai Velachery understands and recognizes the gravity of these challenges as we take substantial steps to contribute positively through our initiative – “Two Trees per Room: Embracing Nature’s Bloom,” we are committed to planting 430 trees in our neighborhood on Wednesday, 5th June 2024.

This endeavor extends beyond mere tree planting and it underscores our dedication to ensuring the long-term health of our planet for the next generation. Each tree symbolizes our pledge to be a responsible human towards our environment. Let us unite in this endeavor and work towards a greener, more sustainable future together!

#GenerationRestoration #MarriottInternational

General Manager, Eros Hotel New Delhi, Nehru Place

At Eros Hotel New Delhi Nehru Place, sustainability is not just a value; it’s a way of life. Our commitment to environment-friendly practices is underscored by our unique focus on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. This distinctive approach, encapsulated in our slogan, “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration,” sets us apart and has led us to adopt several innovative initiatives to protect and rejuvenate our natural resources.

Water conservation is not just a buzzword for us, it’s a tangible benefit. We utilize rainwater harvesting and recycled water for our plantation and Engineering Cooling Towers, ensuring efficient water management. This not only helps us reduce our water bills but also contributes to the overall water security of our community. Additionally, our in-house biogas plant helps us dispose of biodegradable waste and provides us with a renewable energy source.

Our commitment to waste management and recycling minimizes our environmental impact and directly benefits the local community. By responsibly handing over e-waste and hazardous waste to government-authorized collectors and recyclers, we ensure their safe disposal, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Moreover, our significant reduction in single-use plastics across all our restaurants helps to protect our local ecosystem from plastic pollution.

Our dedication to energy conservation is a shining example of our sustainability initiatives. We’ve banished incandescent lamps from our premises, replacing them with the brilliance of 100 percent LED lights. To further illuminate our commitment, we’ve installed mechanical timers for lighting, ensuring that energy is saved even when we’re not in the room.

By adopting these practices, we are fulfilling our commitment to sustainability and making a significant contribution to the global effort to restore our lands, combat desertification, and build resilience against drought. At Eros Hotel New Delhi Nehru Place, we believe that our land is our future and are dedicated to positively impacting future generations. Together, we can create a sustainable, thriving environment that supports the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants, a result we can all be proud of.

General Manager, Niraamaya Retreats Samroha, Athirippilly

”Our efforts for World Environment Day revolve around water and soil conservation, waste management, and community awareness. We conduct workshops for guests and locals, recycle e-waste, and upcycle cloth waste. To minimize plastic consumption, we use purified water in glass bottles and cultivate herbal plants onsite. Additionally, we source most food products from local fishermen and farmers, supporting neighboring communities. Niraamaya emphasizes classical regional cuisine, promoting the farm-to-table concept with sustainable, pesticide-free produce. This initiative not only enriches local communities but also provides guests with an unforgettable and sustainable travel experience”

Hotel Manager, Shangri-La Al Husn, Muscat

As a dual-resort complex nestled by the magnificent Hajar mountains and the Sea of Oman, it is paramount for us to ensure the restoration of our land and preserve the native ecosystem.We have made it a practice to locally and ethically source ingredients enabling us to incorporate sustainable items into our menus.

We realise our responsibility as the resort’s private beach is home to different species of turtles and one of the nesting sites. Our Turtle Care Project aims to protect the endangered hawksbill and green turtle species. A ranger looks after nests and protects them from potential threats. Guests are invited to daily Turtle Talks at the hotel’s Eco Centre to learn more about turtle conservation. Between March and September, when hundreds of turtles return to the resort’s beach to lay eggs, guests including children are invited to witness the egg hatchings.

As part of our long-term commitment to the environment, we ensure thatall plastics used for packaging were either recyclable or biodegradable. Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah is a plastic free resort since 2023, and as a conscious practice, we also refill water bottles in the rooms and encourage everyone on the property to use the water fountains around the resort to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

In the pursuit of a nature-positive, net-zero future, we are committed to sustainability, local cultural integration, and wildlife conservation, contributing to the global movement.

Hotel Manager, The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

World Environment Day reminds us of our duty to protect our planet. At The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa, we are committed to environmental stewardship and community impact.

Our sustainability initiatives include installing electric vehicle stations, solar panels, and providing electric carts, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy.

Our resort, with over 10,000 trees, is dedicated to nature preservation. We plan to plant 200 more trees in Pushkar. We also implement rainwater harvesting and in-house farming for resource efficiency.

Details matter: we use reusable glass water bottles, biodegradable laundry bags, paper straws and eco-friendly crayons to educate our youngest guests about environmental awareness.

We segregate dry and wet garbage and use treated water for lawn irrigation from our STP plant. Education is key; our staff understands the importance of conservation.

Additionally, we have a “No bin day” in our cafeteria to encourage waste reduction. Our goal is to create a sustainable future and inspire community change.

Director Sales and Marketing, Holiday Inn Bengaluru Racecourse

“ As a part of our sustainability and environmental initiatives ,we meticulously track food waste in our kitchens, minimizing leftovers. Leftover scraps are transformed into fertilizer through an on-site converter, also we utilize a sophisticated Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle 70% of wastewater. The fertilizer & treated water then irrigates the hotel’s garden along with it we maintain a nearby public park with the help of recycled food waste & treated water.”

Director of Engineering, Novotel Hyderabad Airport

We are gearing up to celebrate World Environment Day with Novotel Hyderabad Airport’s inspiring ESG initiatives, aligning with this year’s theme: “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.” As a property, we’re committed to a greener future with 100% non-CFC air conditioning and 2,000 LED bulbs, cutting carbon emissions. Our 1,500 aerators save 10,000 litres of water daily, and 10 rainwater harvesting systems recharge groundwater, combatting drought and desertification. Embrace eco-friendly travel with our EV charging ports and cycling options. Our 60 solar panels generate 6,000 units monthly, enough to light 70 homes. Explore our 2,000 sq. ft. herb garden, nourished by recycled water and organic manure from food waste. By bottling water in glass, we prevent 20,000 plastic bottles from being discarded monthly. We also repurpose 30,000 litres of condensed water, supporting 250 people. Join us in our journey towards land restoration and a sustainable future!



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