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Industry experts are Providing Insights on the Brand’s Initiatives for World Earth Day 2024

Hotel brands are taking initiatives in the context of Earth Day, with a focus on the theme of the planet versus plastic.

Hotel brands are taking initiatives in the context of Earth Day, with a focus on the theme of the planet versus plastic.

Vice President – VITS Hotels

World Earth Day is observed as a reminder for individuals to uphold their duty in safeguarding the well-being of our planet. At VITS Hotels, we also give importance to conserving the environment.

In each guest room at VITS, there is a card with tips on saving water and a commitment to change bed linens only when requested in order to conserve water.

Liquid soap dispensers are utilized to minimize the amount of plastic soap bottles being wasted.

OWC machine (Organic Waste Converter) is set up to transform damp kitchen refuse into fertilizer suitable for lawns, gardens, and plantations.

General Manager at Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi

“Keeping our Travel With Purpose/ ESG goals of Hilton for 2030 in mind , We along with Diversey, a leading brand in hygiene products, are hosting a session on creating coffee briquettes.Coffee briquettes are a sustainable solution to reduce environmental pollution by making briquettes from coffee  grounds. Introducing them in hotels on Earth Day couldn’t have have been a better choice.”

General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott Pune

Marriott International’s unwavering dedication to sustainability is evident across its global properties, notably exemplified by Courtyard by Marriott Chakan. It prioritizes responsible seafood sourcing & plant based food options for guests. The hotel leads in waste reduction through compost machines and plastic use reduction. The hotel has implemented renewable energy sourcing, energy audits that reduce electricity, fuel usage & using aerators for reduced water usage. Associate engagement in tree plantation drive and local clean-up events offsets carbon emissions. These efforts underscore Marriott’s leadership in sustainable hospitality, nurturing a greener world for future generations.

General Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Goa-Panaji 

Greening Goa: DoubleTree by Hilton’s Earth Day 2024 Initiative

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Panaji, Goa, DoubleTree by Hilton shimmered with a radiant commitment to the planet. Earth Day 2024 saw the hotel elevate its sustainability game to new heights. They transformed food waste into compost, enriching their lush landscapes while slashing landfill contributions. A cutting-edge Car EV charging station, soon to open for guest use, heralded a greener future for travel. However, the pinnacle of the day was a massive cleaning drive around the resort, where enthusiastic staff braved the summer, and scoured the service road clean of waste and debris. DoubleTree by Hilton didn’t just commemorate Earth Day; they orchestrated a symphony of environmental stewardship, leaving an indelible mark on Goa’s eco-conscious landscape. As the sun set on this eco-extravaganza, DoubleTree by Hilton stood as a beacon of sustainable hospitality adding to the brands Travel With Purpose program, inspiring others to follow suit in preserving Goa’s natural beauty for generations to come.

GM – Grand Mercure , Ahmedabad- Gift city.

The essence of “World Earth Day” is about creating awareness and bringing the required changes to protect the environment. At Grand Mercure Ahmedabad, we truly believe Sustainability is the heart of every aspect of running the hotel and we are in -line with our eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Some of the sustainable measures taken at our property towards World Earth Day are as mentioned below:

• Eliminating Single use plastic.

• Promoting Electric vehicles for our guest and team by providing EV charging station.

• Food Waste base line was set for the year and was controlled though out the year.

• 80% of the cleaning chemicals used in the property are eco-label certified.

• Energy saving initiatives like LED lights, Sensors installed in public areas, one switch control, maximising usage of natural light and air.

• Almost 80% of the food served at our property is locally sourced vegetarian food.

• Preserve water- Waste water used for Irrigation, Water sensor installed, Water meters at key locations, Shower & Taps flow controller, Rain water harvesting

• Sustainable guest experiences-Like local, organic food in breakfast and meal.

• Linen reuse program for Guests

Sustainability framework and key actionable for the year 2024:

v 78% emission comes from ENERGY and 22% comes from Value chain and procurement.

• Ecolabel Certification by Global Green key

• Reducing the energy consumption by 5% over last year

• Comprehensive Multi Year Investment plans to reduce the energy consumption by 30% which will be a long-term project

• Sustainable Food Charter focusing on key criteria of food supply like using cage free eggs, endangered fish species, Carbon Scored menus.

v 50% of water footprint comes from F&B

• Water Consumption will be focused in 2024 and will be measured to develop a plan to reduce the usage.

• Focus on waste management continues to reduce landfill waste.

v Promote social elevator to put people at the HEART

• Evaluating our Local Partnerships and sustainability awareness for our guests, Vendors and team.

• School for Change and Watch Program focusing on team to have right approach, awareness and knowledge.

Moreover, our “World Earth Day” celebration includes the below mentioned activities:

• Distributing small tabletop plants among the team and guests

• Plantation drive by inviting locals and team.

• Awareness sessions for our people.

• Switching off lights for 1 hour to celebrate the occasion.

• Promoting usage of Bi- cycles/ Car pool for our teams/ Guests.


At Sayaji Pune, we’ve elevated our commitment to sustainability for World Earth Day 2024. Our staff is rigorously trained in effective waste management, ensuring minimal environmental impact. We’re actively engaged in sustainable activities, from community clean-ups to tree-planting initiatives. Our housekeeping team spearheads energy-saving measures, optimizing resources without compromising guest comfort. Introducing a plastic crusher enhances our waste management efforts, minimizing plastic pollution. Each action underscores our dedication to preserving the planet and sets a standard for responsible hospitality.

General Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi

At Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi, our dedication to sustainability extends far beyond World Earth Day; it’s a constant commitment. Our team actively participates in tree plantation drives, highlighting our strong environmental stewardship. This initiative isn’t just about planting trees; it’s about creating green spaces and backing local organic farms. We take pride in nurturing kitchen gardens and organic farms, evident in our farm-to-table brunches. These endeavors not only beautify our surroundings but also promote a healthier, more sustainable future for our community and the planet.


At Crowne Plaza Today Gurugram, we are dedicated to embodying the spirit of Earth Day every day through our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through a comprehensive range of initiatives, we strive to minimize our environmental impact while providing exceptional hospitality experiences.

Water conservation is a top priority for us. Throughout our property, we have implemented measures such as installing low-flow toilets, high-efficiency showerheads, and water-saving fixtures. Additionally, our pool and spa efficiency efforts include the use of pool covers and energy-efficient filtration systems to reduce water evaporation.

We are also proud to invest in advanced water-saving technologies like sensor-based faucets and smart irrigation controllers, ensuring that every drop counts.

In our ongoing efforts to minimize waste, we actively promote linen and towel reuse programs among our guests. Furthermore, our composting system converts organic waste into nutrient-rich manure for landscaping or local farming purposes.

Energy efficiency is woven into the fabric of our operations. We conduct regular energy audits to identify areas for improvement and have implemented high-efficiency fixtures and LED lighting throughout our property. Moreover, our restaurant’s kitchen utilizes piped natural gas, reducing carbon emissions.

At Crowne Plaza Today Gurugram, sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s a way of life. By embracing eco-friendly practices, we are proud to play our part in preserving the planet for generations to come.

General Manager – VITS Select Mangalore

In honor of World Earth Day, we planted different young trees around VITS Select Mangalore. We gave every guest and staff member a small plant as a keepsake at our hotel. Planting trees is the most efficient method of creating a pollution-free environment.

General Manager, The Tamara Coorg

“At The Tamara Coorg, we recognize that the Earth is a shared resource, deserving of our constant vigilance and care. Our commitment extends beyond a single day, embodying an ongoing dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. Through initiatives such as organic composting, plastic reduction, and community engagement, we strive to make a positive impact every day. Sustainability isn’t just about minimizing harm; it’s about maximising good”.

General Manager, Lords Plaza Jaipur

Lords Hotels and Resorts participated in a cleanup initiative on beaches, roads, and other sites to commemorate World Earth Day, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainability. As part of the event, our teams at different locations launched an awareness-raising campaign to encourage local communities to actively contribute to the solution and prevent further pollution.


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