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Impressive Hotel Initiaves: Earth Day Special

This earth day, we have researched the outstanding initiatives taken by the brands for mother earth. These are inspiring and set the right example for every hotel to move towards sustainability. ITC Hotels On the occasion of

This earth day, we have researched the outstanding initiatives taken by the brands for mother earth. These are inspiring and set the right example for every hotel to move towards sustainability.

ITC Hotels

On the occasion of the upcoming Earth Day, we would like to highlight one of ITC Hotels’ most prized philosophies – Responsible Luxury. ITC Hotels are committed to creating, curating and offering a healthy and hygienic environment for its guests as well as local communities.

Through its primary purpose of ‘Responsible Luxury’, ITC Hotels is dedicated to providing luxury experiences with sustainable practices. Some of the significant eco-friendly measures adopted by ITC Hotels include:

  • Providing Zero-mile Sonya Aqua water in glass bottles almost a decade back through the bottling plant at the ITC Maurya hotel
  • Introduction of swift mitigation of single-use plastic products at all its properties
  • Installation of radiation harmonisers across the chain to provide the cleanest air as per WHO standards

ITC Hotels also observed ‘Earth Hour’ to support the climate change initiative by the World Wild Fund for Nature.

Fairmont Hotels Jaipur

Fairmont Jaipur has completed 10 long years in India. The last two years of pandemic have definitely made us all inclined towards practices which help protect, embrace or enhance our environment. We at Fairmont Jaipur have tried to be an earnest advocate of sustainability and imitate practice of environmental friendly measures across the hotel. On World Earth day, we are organizing a plantation drive which will seek participation from the General Manager, staff managers and also the present guests. As a meaningful token of remembrance, Fairmont Jaipur is giving the guests Jasmine seeds in handmade recycled paper pockets for keepsake. Jasmine often depicts love, beauty, & purity which is intentional to the effort of Fairmont Jaipur sustainable initiatives for this World Earth Day .

We are also steering sustainability initiatives at the property like collaborating with Sunfuel – which is an EV charging company, introducing bio-degradable amenities in the rooms, involving the local community for various cultural activities. We are also coming up with our own water bottling plant. We also support the Planet 21 initiative by Accor, where we take actions to minimize our hotel’s impact on our planet. Programs addressing reforestation, water conservation, energy savings and food waste reduction are an integral part of our hospitality DNA.

Lords Hotels

Lords Hotels and Resorts is protective of Mother Earth and its environment and has extensively charted out its Environment Chapter; and aggressively follows the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to the tee at all its units.

Lord’s endeavour has always been to make all its properties as environmentally friendly as possible and some of the methods that have been undertaken are – convert wet garbage into fertilizers, ensuring proper disposal of plastics apart from ensuring its minimal use. The housekeeping department has been instructed to ensure garbage segregation at source and to separate disposal of plastics, dry and wet garbage. In fact, the laundry bags kept inside the rooms are made of recycled newspapers.

Lords Hotels and Resorts have installed water harvesting facilities and grease traps and STP plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) to combat the water shortage problem and to recycle the water to the upkeep of its gardens. Its restaurants also adhere to the conservation norms such as by introducing glass jugs/ bottles with RO water. The well-equipped conference and banquets are also ensured with eco-friendly conference materials – be it the form of Name Tags, Carry Bags, Gifts and Give-Aways.

The Lords Management conducts at least two “Tourism Area Cleaning Camps” involving staff, every year. The staff are also educated on fire, garbage and environment management. Finally, during the check out, the guests are gifted with plant seeds or flowers, an earthy gesture that is sure to stay in the memory for a long time.

Lords is doing its bit and making the world a happier, healthier place to live. Are you?


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