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Hoteliers on good cause on Earth Day

These hoteliers are setting examples for the industry on returning to the mother earth. Vishal Kamat Director, Kamat Group of Hotels Being Asia’s Pioneering Environmentally sensitive chain of Hotels, Environment has always been one of our most important

These hoteliers are setting examples for the industry on returning to the mother earth.

Vishal Kamat

Director, Kamat Group of Hotels

Being Asia’s Pioneering Environmentally sensitive chain of Hotels, Environment has always been one of our most important Ethos. Hence, every day is EARTH DAY for us! All our guest services & internal processes revolve around the 5 Globes of Environment: Energy Management, Water Conservation, Environment Commitment, water Conservation & Solid Waste Management. Each Kamat Khandan member provides quality services to the guest in eco-friendly ways. We strongly believe in the theory of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle and follow some of the best eco-friendly practices which are clearly reflected in our infrastructure, our rooms & guest amenities, stationery & cutlery. In our efforts to make each life we touch, we timely educate our employees, create awareness amongst the communities, act & respond to be always committed to saving our environment in every possible way. Apart from our regular tree plantations, cleanliness drives, awareness talks, our recycling from waste, say NO to plastic, No cracker Diwali, organic farming, we take pride in highlighting a few more of our initiatives like making 1lakh seed balls to rebuild greenery in the flood-hit Orissa, promoting Tree Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi & making all our Hotels Non-smoking. With our constant endeavour we would keep achieving our environment milestones in the years to come. Environment is our Passion & will always be intrinsic to us.

Vineet Verma

Director, Brigade Hospitality.

To Commemorate the World Earth Day on 22rd April, Holiday Inn Chennai is organizing an activity with the aim to emphasize environmental protection. Tree saplings will be planted in the hotel premises garden area and these trees will be named against the person planted and they will nurse it personally for a better future and earth tomorrow.

Erika Farina,

Creative Director, Namaste Dwaar

At Namaste Dwaar, we are grateful for the environment we exist in and for what it provides us with. Therefore, we are fully committed to protecting and giving back to the ecosystem which surrounds us. We have planted an abundance of flowering plants and trees to promote green cover and to encourage the preservation of biodiversity; we have also developed our own organic farm so that we can grow produce while ensuring that the soil is fertile and secures stable yields for many years to come.

Every year we use Earth Day to pledge our commitment to the environment and to incorporate new efforts in restoring our planet. We commenced this Earth Week with waste management workshops so that all of our team members can contribute in their own meaningful ways.

We have already replaced regular garbage bins with specific waste disposal baskets (green for eco-waste, red for plastic, and blue for compost). Moreover, we are the first facility in the region to incorporate a STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) for the purification of sewage from the major food outlets on our campus. Once purified, we then collect the biodegradable waste and convert it into manure, dispersing it to neighboring farmers to use as fertilizer. This is one way we are improving community health and creating awareness in the rural sectors about sustainability. We are also working towards providing garbage and recycling management in the surrounding villages so that our locality can meet international standards of disposal.

We limit plastic usage in our property and the upcycling of products also plays a major role in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. As for our infrastructure, our property was specially created to be eco-friendly by including insulated external walls and highly insulated windows that help improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

On Earth Day we will be planting new seedlings in our farm and we invite everyone to come and participate in a day of fun and activities.

Pradeep Shekhawat

Partner, Stotrak Hospitality

Stotrak Hospitality is proud to be a part of the fifth exponential climate action summit and doing are part in support of our nature.

At Stotrak from our inception we have never let a stone unturned to be sustainable in day to day operations, this includes plantation of around 500 trees in and around our properties, minimizing single use plastic, growing vegetables in our own garden, re-using the swimming pool water in outdoor ponds which refreshes ecological balance, avoid placing buffet unless necessary, encouraging our guests to reuse linen when staying more than 1 night, focus on outdoor activities and experiences, a taskforce has been made which makes a study to find different ways to be more sustainable in our properties, the initial round of interviews are done over a call and only called in physical for the final round which enables us to save fossil fuels. 

This year we made provision for rain water harvesting in Kenilworth Mussoorie, and powering our gardens with solar lights in Sukoon Retreat.

In addition to these we shall hereafter have liquid soap dispensers in all our bathrooms, this has already been achieved in Sukoon Retreat Dakpathar and Spice Hotel Selaqui, with this we will be able to reduce the use of soap bar which always go in trash after a few use. 

Our Vision is to provide inimitable experience to the travelers at India’s most substantial destinations in the most sustainable way possible.

Shaleen Gupta

COO, MultiFit Wellness Pvt. Ltd

Since the start of the millennium, the world has accelerated toward technological advancement. During this pursuit, we crossed the fine line between progression and digression. We fiddled with our environment beyond without limits, and the impact of that is for all to see. At the same time, I see it as a parallel phenomenon. We forgot one more important element of Nature’s creation, our own body and mind. Our Mental and Physical health took a back seat in pursuit of material excellence.

But of late, the realization has dawned on us, and the awareness of environmental Health and Physical & Mental Health has grown and is on the upswing. World Earth Day is a key event in this direction. It is a day of action to create behavioural change and impact human behaviour. This World Earth Day, the theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet”. For us, it should mean investing in working to improve our environment and our Mental and Physical health.

MultiFit has always taken pride in promoting Physical Fitness and Health. Our fitness regime is as close to real-life movements and activities as any. We at Multifit call them ‘Lifestyle Fitness’ regimes. These fitness programs and exercises improve physical health and provide an abundant feed of Mental relaxation through Fun and Fitness combined.

In keeping with the theme of Invest in Our Planet, MultiFit along with our Parent company, The Lexicon Group, Industry Leaders in Education, has been spreading awareness of the importance of Environmental Health. MultiFit is widely admired for its holistic approach to physical fitness and mental well-being.

This year the theme at The Lexicon Group is, ‘Health, Fitness and Happiness’. Taking the same approach forward, MultiFit is doing its bit by organizing an activity called Physical Fitness with Environment Health. On the 23rd of April 2022, we are organizing a unique and fun activity, Plogging, derived from Swedish Term ‘Plocka Upp’ or ‘Pick Up’. While fitness is the core of what we do, giving back to the planet is also something close to our hearts. As we host our first Plogathon to raise more awareness about fitness, we also endeavour to motivate people towards sustainable living.

What better way to combine two activities that ensure we incorporate a workout for the day and contribute towards making the planet a better place to live than organizing a Plogging activity session. There are several health benefits to Plogging. Studies have time and again proven the numerous benefits of exercising. A simple jog help release the happy hormones ‘endorphins’, which boost the mood and also help to alleviate stress.

By clearing clutter while you are on the move, you are looking after your health and the environment. It doesn’t get better than this, does it?

Maulik Bhagat

Founder, Woods At Sasan

At Woods At Sasan, in the Sasan Gir forest we know that nature is pivotal to wellbeing – one is intertwined with the other and this guides our approach to hospitality and architecture, both rooted in biophilic design principles. Our modern retreat in the woods offers a slow, sustainable, and nature immersed lifestyle that encourages a transformation from within with a slew of activities that enrich the mind and body. We offer retreat-like experiences, open spaces, fresh air, and a sense of freedom. Wellness sessions, balanced nutritional meals from our farm in the 16 acres of mango orchard, retreat activities such as farming, pottery, art and craft, and nature immersions such as treks, cycling trails, and forest bathing are a sampling of the nature-based activities at the retreat.

As responsible citizens of Planet Earth, we advocate for a mindful shift in patterns of consumption that involve a ‘less but better’ approach through services and products that are carefully curated for quality and relevance, leading to a reduction in material consumption and overall carbon footprint.

This Earth Day, we especially mark the occasion through a day of activities devoted to our beautiful little patch of the planet in the forest of Sasan Gir. We begin with a cleaning drive of the surroundings, followed by a session of meditation dedicated to the songs of nature. Our guests can plant a sapling and learn about spiritual farming from our horticulture team. We take the time to quietly gaze at the moon and turn off all electrical devices for fifteen minutes and in this time, just be present and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. We wind down with a film screening and a balanced and nutritious Sattvic Dinner that is all organic and lightly seasoned and cooked.



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