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Healthy food options on the menu – World Health Day

Komal Hora  CEO & Editor  Hospibuz Hospitality Lexis Media Current Pandemic has changed our mindset and made us more health conscious and take more attention towards our health. Health is key to happiness. Looking at the present scenario,

Komal Hora 

CEO & Editor 

Hospibuz Hospitality Lexis Media

Current Pandemic has changed our mindset and made us more health conscious and take more attention towards our health. Health is key to happiness. Looking at the present scenario, there is an increase in diseases and this is the theme for this year’s World Health Day – OUR PLANET, OUR HEALTH’.

Health and Wellness in Hospitality matters now more than ever. Interaction with the industry experts from travel aggregators to hoteliers, about Healthcare in Hospitality as well as health and wellness trends in the Hospitality Industry.

Samiksha Shetty

Co-Founder, The Moon Village

In today’s world it’s easier to find processed food in every nook and corner. Through the pandemic people have realized the importance of a healthy immune system, which basically comes down to what you feed your mind and body. People have become more conscious of their diets and have become more mindful of what goes in. This can be done by creating small tweaks with your normal routine like switching from whole wheat or Maida and leaning more towards your local Indian millets like Ragi, Jowar and Bajra.

At The Moon Village, we are looking at solving the common issues people face while switching to a healthy and vegan lifestyle. Our main aim is to erase the preconceived notions that eating healthy is always expensive. We are using local substitutes and giving our customers gluten free options, moving from processed sugar to natural sweeteners, and giving people an alternative to dairy options. Each recipe has been tried and tested to perfection to ensure our clients get healthy and delicious meals that keep them wanting more.

Food is something that connects people together but is also the foundation to good health. We at Moon Village are excited to introduce everyone to delicious healthy food options. Menu includes a wide variety of options to suit everyone’s palate. You can start your day with a Sumac spiced Ragi idlis with a citrus sambar or Unpolished Red rice poha accompanied by our immunity boosters. After a hectic day you can come to the cafe and enjoy a cup of warm rasam soup to remove the stress stored in your body.

Neha Anand

Director, Kings Group Ventures

Dining out with a dietary restriction is a frustration that I deeply understand and I’ve made it my mission to provide an inclusive pizza experience for our diners that are gluten and/or dairy intolerant through multiple gluten-free crust and vegan options. With the changing habits of customers and focus on nutritious foods, mindful eating has taken top priority in customer expectations. Circle of Crust offers options of beetroot, spinach, and corn that comprise 60% vegetable, 100% whole wheat crust with the goodness of roasted flax seeds, and multigrain crust options to customers. For those who are gluten intolerant, there’s the classic gluten-free crust along with quinoa and buckwheat too! With a varied choice of sauces and toppings, customers are spoiled for choice in making pizza their own way. Circle of Crust always makes pizza but better with a focus on bringing desi flavors to the fore. The delectable pizzas are lower in calories and high in quality and taste. For vegetarians, Circle of Crust offers Vegetale, Paneer Tikka, Mushroomza, Exotica Alfredo, and Veg Heaven. While meat lovers can savor Spicy Grilled Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Pesto Chicken, Chicken Alfredo, Fiery Chicken Pepperoni, and Chicken Kheema & Sausage pizzas. With heavy awareness among customers looking to consume nutrient-heavy foods, Circle of Crust offers vegan pizzas as well as vegan side dishes. Vegan pizzas currently offered are Margherita, Vegetale, Almost Kheema, and Mushroomza, with each slice full of grilled veggies and oozing with dairy-free cheese. Vegetarian pizzas can also be transformed into vegan pizzas by substituting mozzarella with vegan cheese.

Govind Bhusal

Managing Partner & Executive chef, Dr. Zombie

“The idea of serving healthy food options with exciting taste to the customers is much in demand nowadays as post-pandemic people have become more conscious of their and their family’s health and searching for healthy food options outside as well. The emerging trend of eating healthy food is also a big challenge for restaurants as a considerable number of people associate eating in restaurants with unhealthy food choices. Being a restaurant that focuses more on adding healthy food to the menu and serving nutritious and authentic food to our customers is both a challenging and enthralling experience.”

Rishabh Misra

Lecturer, FHRAI Institute Of Hospitality Management

Samosas and jalebis have been in the heart of every Indian food lover, and in the world of rising obesity, restaurants have become an easy target for promoting unhealthy food. Especially after COVID 19, everyone wants to be up and running in a systematic fashion. Eating healthy is in the mind of millennials who love eating out. The government regulators may have a role to play but the real work must be done at the ground level where the menus are planned. Before the 2000-2005s, restaurants were largely reserved for special occasions or perhaps a weekly treat. But the present trends have shown regular interests in consumption of the products.

More recently many restaurants have started offering a wide range of healthy and diversified, low calorie options such as salads, calorie-free drinks, vegetarian dishes which are more sustainable in nature, and are also equally profitable than some of the more frequently ordered menu items, making these healthier options increasingly popular.

Different people have different need, some tend to find healthy food for weight loss, some to sustain a better body, the exact make-up of a diversified, balanced and healthy diet may vary upon individual characteristics such as age, gender, and lifestyle, but the basic principles of what constitutes a healthy diet remain the same. Fast-food chains have made their fortune by offering food with a better shelf life, but often tend to be less healthy. The need for healthy food on the restaurant menu has not only been desired by the people but the regulations have also stated to press for this. There are many steps restaurants can take to build a better menu, A healthy restaurant menu item would incorporate vegetables and whole grains, while also limiting sodium intake to minimum. The Indian government declaring 2022-23 as the year of millets, stakeholders must take clue and start planning menus around it. Millet being healthier and richer in soluble and non-soluble fibres have made it the preferred food of millions. Different millets have the potential to replace rice, potato or even refined flour from our diet as well as a favourite accompaniment for our dishes. Not only food on menu even marketing of the same must be done in the right manner. Although “healthy”, “low fat”, or “low sodium” are terms to look for, but these may be replaced by terms like “succulent”, “delicious”, and “fresh” to make it more appealing. Also, placing healthy items on the menu especially, the corners or at the top and bottom of columns makes them stand out more. Even upselling healthy meals and drinks by the sellers and the servers over unhealthy products can help in maximizing the reach. Recommendations are of prime importance as it shows the concern of the industry for eating right and healthy.

The change is in the air and one must not overlook it for pity profits. It is understood that menu developers cannot remove all deep-fried food, steaks or burgers from the menu as they keep the cash counters running, but having healthier options will make a great difference and help in regaining guest confidence as well as trust

Sonal Barmecha

Owner, Santé Spa Cuisine

Health is of paramount importance in today’s fast-paced life. We are always on the run and our busy lifestyle determines our food habits as well. The current food trends in the Industry are also moving towards healthier wholesome options. However, it’s always a challenge to balance health and those delicious food cravings.

We at Sante Spa believe in offering balanced nutrition in every dish that we serve here. We strive hard to focus on the health aspect in our cuisine, for our guests. Our dishes are made up of iron-rich vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats which are perfect for a toned body and a holistic lifestyle.

Sharing five of the best sellers from our exhaustive menu and their respective benefits.

1. Bajra Rissoto:- How about having all your major sources of nutrition in a bowl? This is exactly what the bajra rissoto offers. The ingredients are loaded with superfoods like moong daal for the protein, beans for the fibre intake, wholesome spinach which is loaded with iron and bajra which is rich in calcium.

2. Thai Curry with Brown Rice:- We all love our rice, but because of the starch content we are hesitant to eat it more often. The substitute is brown rice which is rich in fibrous content and is a great choice to relish your Thai curry guilt-free.

3. Vegan Buddha Bowl:- A colourful food bowl is not just calming to look at, it also is wholesome and appetising. That is our inspiration for the Buddha Bowl. This salad is high onProteins with a mix of raw greens, avocado, beetroot, sprouts, peanuts etc.

4. Smoothie Bowl:- These healthy smoothie bowls are rich in fibre, which not only cleanses your organs but also fills your stomach. We don’t use refined sugar in these smoothies, we substitute it with honey and khandsari sugar.

5. Almond Muesli Icecream:- A vegan ice cream that has roasted nuts and honey. You can literally splurge on it without thinking of the calories.

Enjoy these healthy food options on our menu along with a lot more options and experience a wholesome culinary experience at Sante Spa.



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