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 Godrej Food Trends Report Explores the Rise of ‘Indian Gastro Tourists’

Mumbai, 08th January 2024: Godrej Food Trends Report reveals the exciting world of culinary travel, a phenomenon that has captured the hearts and taste buds of Indian travelers. As the desire for an adventure on

Mumbai, 08th January 2024: Godrej Food Trends Report reveals the exciting world of culinary travel, a phenomenon that has captured the hearts and taste buds of Indian travelers. As the desire for an adventure on the plate continues to surge, travelers are embarking on journeys with a fervor to explore diverse cuisines and flavors like never before. This culinary exploration trend is redefining the travel landscape and creating a new breed of enthusiasts known as “Indian Gastro Tourists.”

In a time when wanderlust was confined by global circumstances, food emerged as a universal language, uniting people across borders. Godrej Food Trends Report has closely observed this culinary revolution, and the findings indicate that the Indian traveler’s quest for delights is more profound than ever. Two years of seeking excitement in food has led them to move beyond the traditional tourist activities, rather than venturing into specific culinary exploration.

This year, Godrej Food Trends Report has undertaken an extensive study, diving deep into the growth and possibilities of culinary tourism. The report focuses on destinations that are expected to be popular among Indian culinary travelers and highlights the unique experiences and culinary traditions each location has to offer.

Godrej Food Trends Report 2023 mentions some of the culinary destinations that sees most interest in 2023.

Domestic Food Travel Destination

Northeast India: Regarded as one of the most steadily growing culinary destinations 68% panelist believes, that this region has rapidly become one of the most popular destinations for culinary travelers.

Chettinad: 43% of the experts say that Chettinad is now emerging as one of the most exciting regions for culinary exploration which has a cuisine that is richly infused with prominent flavors from the neighboring kingdoms including Burma, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.

Goa: 46% of the panelist believes that Goa which in recent times has seen an explosion in their food and beverage industry is not only known for its local flavors, but it’s also introducing contemporary cuisines, making it a hub for exploring diverse flavours.

Street Food Destinations

Lucknow: With the rich history of Awadhi and Mughal rulers, a resounding 59% of experts believe that the food culture of Lucknow runs deeper. Don’t forget to try the Nehari Kulcha, Sheermal, and Malai Makkhan; these dishes are an absolute must when exploring the city’s culinary delights.

Kolkata: 54% of panelists say that Kolkata is a melting pot of culture it has an incredible food spanning a number of cultural influencers. The city is known for its street food like kathi rolls and Chowmein which acts as a pull for tourists and culinary travelers.

Amritsar: 51% of experts believe Amritsar is a hub for the most craved north-Indian street food such as chole-kulche, jalebis, Gulab Jamun, and a tall glass of lassi.

International Food Travel Destinations

South Korea: An impressive 50% of industry experts believe that while the K-drama is picking up globally, the curiosity behind decoding an authentic Korean meal is also contributing to South Korea’s prominence on the international stage.

Vietnam: According to 48% of the panel’s insights, in the post-pandemic era, travelers are showing a preference for Southeast Asian countries, with Vietnam emerging as a prominent destination that consistently captivates the palates of food enthusiasts.

Spain: According to the insights of 43% of experts, Spain shines as a culinary paradise with a multitude of award-winning fine dining restaurants. The country’s rich tapestry of flavors extends from its renowned tapas and pintxos bars, showcasing diversity across its culinary landscape.

“We’ve witnessed a remarkable change in the world of travel and culinary where food has become the bridge connecting people to the rich diversity of cultures worldwide. Through every dish, we’ve seen the rise of international culinary tourism as a transformative force, transcending borders and uniting everyone in the shared language of spices and flavors, as emphasized by the findings of the Godrej Food Trends Report.”

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Managing Director of Perfect Bite Consulting and Curating Editor of the annual Godrej Food Trends Report

Godrej Food Trends Report invites travelers, food lovers, and those in the tourism industry to embrace the idea of being a food tourist in India. Let’s enjoy different cuisines from around the world and create lasting memories through culinary travel.

Godrej Food Trends Report 2023 is available for download at www.vikhrolicucina.com

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