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Enjoy the Best Experiences in Qatar on a Budget

Qatar Tourism shares top things to explore in Qatar on a value budget Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world, centered around a host of experiences, cultural attractions, and warm hospitality. Located 3-4

  • Qatar Tourism shares top things to explore in Qatar on a value budget

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world, centered around a host of experiences, cultural attractions, and warm hospitality. Located 3-4 hours away on average from most cities in India, the country is an ideal destination for vacations. Referred to as the land of epic adventures, the peninsula has a range of activities and attractions for everyone.

Qatar is a budget-friendly destination that provides outstanding service and unique experiences at low or no cost. The destination is easy and exciting to explore without breaking the bank be it with local sightings, beaches, parks, and delectable cuisines. No matter what a traveller is seeking – relaxation, adventure, romance, or culture – the destination is a fantastic option.


Cultural Attractions

Katara Cultural Village is Doha’s must- visit destination for culture and entertainment with numerous eateries, a promenade, concert halls, exhibition galleries and running with cycling tracks in the nearby lush landscapes of Katara Hills. Doha’s century old trading market, Souq Waqif, is another highlight that offers a mix of traditional street life, commerce, mud-daubed buildings with an old-world charm. The newly developed Msheireb and Education City districts each provide a free tram service to tour the wonderous avant-garde architecture for a dose of how the past meets the present in Qatari design and culture. The latter also houses the Qatar National Library with its intriguing paper plane design, while Msheireb has museums that celebrate the history of four heritage houses.

Relaxing at the Beach

A seven-kilometer stretch of gorgeous promenade overlooking the serene waterfront, The Corniche is a crescent shaped walkway around Doha Bay. You can simply take a boat ride to soak in the vista of this city or walk around the bay to the stunning views of the city’s modern skyline.

Just 1 hour and 20 minutes outside of Doha is the beautiful Fuwairit Beach, which has powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters and is a popular destination for kitesurfers is home to a hatching site for the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles. Closer to the capital is Sealine Beach, in the desert dunes of the south, or Katara Beach, inside Katara Cultural Village within Doha itself. For a list of the top public beaches visit: https://www.visitqatar.qa/intl-en/things-to-do/get-inspired/the-top-public-beaches-in-qatar

Picnics at the park

Qatar has numerous lush green parks – the perfect place for a family stroll and a picnic MIA Park, adjacent to the Museum of Islamic Art, has the greatest view of the Doha cityscape. Onaiza Park is a modest but beautiful park with a lovely garden section and a winding walking path. Lakes, children’s play areas, and views of the 300-meter Torch Tower can be found in Aspire Park. Along with a variety of sporting opportunities, Al Bidda Park offers a lengthy stretch of the beach and rental barbeque spaces.


In the souqs, or markets, of Qatar, friendly haggling is expected to arrive at the right price. There are several stores and stalls at the famous Souq Waqif, located in Doha’s historic district. At the appropriately named Gold Souq, popular products for sale include pashmina shawls and scarves, oud wood or oil, dates and spices, exquisite wooden boxes, Dalla Arabian coffee pots, and contemporary jewellery. A cruise in a classic wooden dhow boat, which is parked along the Corniche and offers a tranquil way to view the sunset, can also be negotiated for by the tourists.


When dining in Qatar, which offers a wide choice of local and foreign food, being on a low budget should not mean losing taste and quality. Shams Al Qassabi, a well-known Qatari woman who opened the first shop in Souq Waqif, is the owner of Shay Al Shomous. Each menu item costs less than $7 USD, so you can sample a variety of authentic Qatari delicacies.

Local tea may be bought at Chapati & Karak, a restaurant in Katara Cultural Village, for less than $2. This sweet karak tea, which hails from India, has been welcomed by Qatari culture. Turkey Central, which is in the heart of the city, is well-liked by both locals and tourists for its delicious meals, reasonable rates, and helpful service. The dishes on the menu are big enough to share for two people, and prices start at $1 USD and go up from there.


Dhow Trip

Along the Corniche, you’ll see a lot of Dhows, which are traditional sailing boats popular in the Arab world. You can book a Dhow cruise for dinner; alternatively, you can have a 20-minute Dhow trip, taking in the beautiful surroundings and Doha cityscape.

Desert Safari

Qatar Desert Safari is a must-try, the excursion includes a whole day of planned fun where you will stop at the best spots to see the views around. The last stop before heading back to Doha will be the amazing inland sea area, locally called the Khor Al-Adaid, a UNESCO-recognized site which is one of the few places in the world where the sea meets the desert. You can also expect the most sought-after adventure activities like skydiving, paratriking, and hot air balloon rides.


Furthermore, you can hire a kayak and explore Al Thakhira’s waterways that flow between clusters of vibrant mangroves, 35-40 km from Doha.

Theme Parks

Doha Quest is a 32,000 square meter indoor experiential theme park with thrilling rides, media-controlled simulators, virtual reality experiences, and family-friendly attractions, all offering adventure led experiences. The Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park is located at the heart of Salwa beach resort, in the southern region of Qatar near the Saudi Arabian border Featuring 56 slides and rides, and 18 attractions, it is the most exciting aqua adventure playground in Qatar.


One of the most viable modes of transportation in Doha is the brand-new metro system. The state-of-the-art transport system provides 100 km/h trains, driverless cars and a Gold Class for passengers who like to travel in style. A trip can be taken for as little as 2 QAR for a one-way distance (0.55 USD) after obtaining a reusable travel card for 10 QAR (2.75 USD).

A comprehensive bus network, taxis, and ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem offer additional options for transportation. In most cases, Uber will only charge $7 for a 30-minute (non-surge) ride.


There are incredible stopover deals in Qatar that start at around $14 per night. The packages, which were unveiled by Qatar Airways, Discover Qatar, and Qatar Tourism towards the end of last year, include a number of renowned four- and five-star hotels that offer luxury stays at rates to suit all budgets.

For more information on the world’s best value stopover visit: https://www.qatarairways.com/en-gb/offers/qatar-stopover.html

Visitors after more inspiration on travelling to Qatar on a budget should visit: https://www.visitqatar.qa/intl-en/plan-your-trip/itineraries-and-tours/traveling-to-qatar-on-a-budget

One of Middle-East’s top destinations, Qatar is an ever-growing popular destination that holds thrills and novel experiences for everyone traveling within a budget. With a thriving arts and culture scene, heart-warming hospitality, family-oriented activities and fun, thrilling adventures and sports, and pristine nature, Qatar makes a compelling young destination for all types of travellers.

About Qatar:

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian Gulf in the heart of the Middle East, with 80% of the earth’s population within a six-hour flight. Ranked the safest country in the world by Numbeo, Qatar welcomes all travellers, and guests from over 95 countries can enter visa-free. Qatar has an incredible variety of easily accessible tourist attractions, a plethora of fauna and flora including Whale Sharks and the majestic national animal the Arabian Oryx, and most experiences are a unique combination of cultural authenticity and modernity. From iconic museums to high-rise restaurants, from thrilling desert adventures to world-famous events including none other than the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, there is something for all types of travellers and budgets. Travellers set to transit through Qatar should turn one holiday into two with the world’s best value stopover packages, launched by Qatar Airways and Discover Qatar and supported by Qatar Tourism.



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