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Empowering & Including Women within the Hospitality Industry

Industry experts are sharing insights on the Inclusion of Women in Hospitality. Delve into the progress made in empowering and involving women in leadership positions, entrepreneurship, and delve into the continued obstacles and possibilities. Sending

Industry experts are sharing insights on the Inclusion of Women in Hospitality. Delve into the progress made in empowering and involving women in leadership positions, entrepreneurship, and delve into the continued obstacles and possibilities. Sending warm wishes to all the amazing women on International Women’s Day! #InspireInclusion

Director at Royal Heritage Haveli 

Many hospitality establishments are now adopting inclusive hiring to ensure a more equitable workplace. There is a notable increase in the number of women entrepreneurs venturing into the hospitality industry, starting their own restaurants, catering businesses, and as owners of hotels. I believe this is due to a societal shift as well as increased support systems, which emphasize on an individual’s talent over a gender stereotype. Recognition is now increasingly based on merit, talent, and skills.

Despite these strides, I think the challenges they face in the industry are mainly the pay gap which is not always determined based on their skill set, a very demanding work environment with variable hours which makes it harder to balance life at home, especially for care givers. Access to financial education and flexible work arrangements with family-friendly policies can drastically help overcome most of the ongoing challenges.

Regional VP – Commercial, India and Southwest Asia, Hyatt India.

There has been notable progress in empowering and including women within the hospitality industry. While women are increasingly occupying senior level positions, achieving true gender equality requires proactive efforts at organizational levels to implement inclusive policies that foster holistic development. At Hyatt, we are committed to this cause through initiatives like ‘Change Starts Here,’ which aims to uplift female employees. Additionally, our diversity and inclusion efforts include the establishment of affinity groups or Diversity Business Resource Groups (DBRGs). These groups represent our colleagues’ diverse cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints, fostering connections and collaboration. Specifically, our Women@Hyatt DBRG globally connects colleagues, identifying professional and individual growth opportunities for women within Hyatt. We are dedicated to creating a workplace that enables all colleagues to thrive and be their best selves.

Director of Adukale Foods

“As Director of Adukale Foods, I am deeply passionate about fostering inclusivity and empowerment for women within the hospitality industry. Over the years, we have witnessed significant avenues for women to thrive in leadership roles, entrepreneurial ventures, and various facets of the hospitality sector. At Adukale, we firmly believe that diversity drives innovation and excellence, and we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where women can realize their full potential.

While we celebrate the progress made, it’s crucial to acknowledge the ongoing challenges that women still face in this industry, from gender challenges to access to resources and opportunities. As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to addressing these barriers and creating pathways for women to succeed by providing a level-playing field for all.” 

Director of Adukale Foods

“With evolving landscape, there are immense opportunities for growth and transformation in the hospitality sector. By harnessing unique perspectives and talent of women, we can drive positive change, elevate standards of excellence, and contribute to the overall advancement of the hospitality sector. As we reflect on our achievements and look towards the future, our goal is to collectively work towards building a more inclusive and equitable hospitality industry where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our shared success.”  

General Manager of Novotel Jaipur and Convention Centre and Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre

At Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre, we don’t just celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible women who are the very heartbeat of our organization, every single day.

As part of Accor, a global leader renowned for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are immensely proud of the remarkable women who contribute their talent, passion, and expertise to every aspect of the guest experience.

From the unwavering dedication of our housekeeping heroes, the frontline champions in our Front Office, the passionate heartists in Food and Beverage, the dedicated team in Talent and Culture, the vigilant security guardians, the sales and marketing tycoons driving our success, the culinary maestros weaving magic in our kitchens to the inspiring leadership of our female managers, the spirit of Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre thrives on the strength, creativity, and resilience of its incredible women.

We wholeheartedly believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the cornerstone of our success. By empowering women and fostering a culture of inclusion, we are not only creating a stronger and more innovative organization, but also delivering an exceptional guest experience that reflects the richness of diverse perspectives.

On this International Women’s Day, a special message to all the incredible women at Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre and beyond, your unwavering dedication, boundless passion, and unyielding resilience inspire us every single day. May your journeys continue to be illuminated, filled with growth and success.

Shine on!

GM – Hotels and Hospitality, Deltin

“The hospitality industry is at the cusp of transformation. Women, who have long been the backbone of guest service, are now taking center stage. We see them leading hotels, crafting innovative experiences, and even building their own hospitality empires. While challenges like a lack of senior-level representation and the need for work-life balance persist, the tide is turning. Mentoring programs, diversity initiatives, and a growing network of female leaders are paving the way for a future where women’s voices shape every aspect of hospitality, ensuring a more inclusive and successful industry for all.”

General Manager, The Den

The inclusion of women in the hospitality industry can be achieved through various strategies. One of the advancements in the hospitality sector is the increasing presence of women in leadership roles. Over the years, there has been a growing recognition of the unique skills and perspectives that women bring to the industry. Many hotels, restaurants, and travel-related businesses are now actively fostering an inclusive environment, promoting gender diversity in executive positions. Despite the progress and challenges persist in achieving complete gender parity in the hospitality sector. However, the evolving nature of the hospitality industry presents ample opportunities for women to contribute and excel. The rise of experiential and sustainable travel trends, coupled with a growing emphasis on diverse culinary experiences, opens doors for innovation and creativity. Investing in mentorship programs, leadership training, and creating supportive workplace cultures can further propel women into prominent roles, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic industry.

The breakthroughs made in empowering and including women in the hospitality industry are commendable. Recognizing the achievements, addressing challenges, and seizing opportunities are integral to fostering a vibrant and inclusive hospitality landscape. As we celebrate the progress, let us continue advocating for equal opportunities, ensuring that women play an increasingly influential role in shaping the future of hospitality.

Vice President  Asset Management and Assurances, Chalet Hotels Limited.

My journey in the hospitality industry has been a remarkable blend of challenges and triumphs. Starting as the first female employee at Chalet Hotels Limited, I embarked on a path that traversed various domains, from finance and accounting to asset management with special focus on finance, risk management and operational compliances/approvals.

Despite grappling with the initial sense of intimidation as the sole woman attendee at board meetings, I gradually cultivated confidence, buoyed by my unwavering commitment, adept problem-solving skills, and strategic acumen.

My diverse array of experiences, including internships across different verticals at KRC, served as the bedrock for my professional growth. Through these roles, I honed my abilities and expanded my horizons, ascending to the position of Vice President – Asset Management and Assurances.

Amidst my journey, I’ve witnessed a notable shift in the landscape of opportunities for women within the hospitality industry, both locally and globally. As the industry increasingly prioritizes gender equality, a burgeoning cadre of female leaders are emerging, infusing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into the sector. My trajectory underscores the paramount importance of fostering inclusive work environments that empower women to soar to new heights of achievement bringing diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, my accomplishments stand as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the transformative potential of steadfast determination and unwavering perseverance.

Marketing and Communications Manager, Goa Marriott Resort and Spa

Blisse Colaco embodies the essence of a modern professional, seamlessly balancing her role as Marketing and Communications Manager at Goa Marriott Resort and Spa with the joys of motherhood. Since joining in 2019, Blisse’s expertise and passion for storytelling have captivated audiences. Despite her demanding career, she treasures every moment with her four-year-old son, infusing boundless energy into both her professional and personal life.

Her ability to navigate the complexities of work and family life with grace reflects her resilience and determination. As the sole breadwinner after her husband’s passing, Blisse’s strength shines through, exemplifying her commitment to overcoming life’s challenges.

Blisse’s dedication to excellence is matched only by her belief in the power of teamwork. Collaborating with industry talents at Marriott International, she thrives in an environment that fosters camaraderie and mutual support. For Blisse, success is measured not only by individual achievements but by the collective accomplishments of a team united in pursuit of shared goals.

At the core of Blisse’s journey lies Marriott International’s ethos: Putting People First. Grateful for the opportunity to be part of a company that prioritizes well-being and happiness, she continues to inspire and lead by example as she embarks on new endeavors.

Cluster Marketing and Communications Manager, Sales & Marketin Surat Marriott Hotel | Courtyard By Marriott Surat

The hospitality industry has made notable strides in embracing diversity and inclusion, a journey I’ve personally navigated from an Executive Assistant, to the Head of Marketing for two prestigious hotels in Surat. My career growth exemplifies the sector’s commitment to fostering female leadership and entrepreneurship.

Aligned with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” our hotel’s efforts highlight the importance of inclusive practices in unlocking potential and spurring innovation. Through mentorship, skill development, and leadership training, we aim to ensure women have equal opportunities to excel at Surat Marriott Hotel and Courtyard by Marriott Surat.

As highlighted by the IWD Community, “When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.” The industry is actively working to bridge the gender gap, boost representation in senior roles, and support work-life balance, reflecting a comprehensive approach to inclusion.

My experience, mirroring that of many women in hospitality, showcases the benefits of prioritizing inclusivity. It emphasizes our shared duty to create an environment where everyone can thrive, embodying the essence of “Inspire Inclusion.” As we celebrate these advances, our focus on the path forward remains unwavering, dedicated to forging a more equitable and dynamic industry for all.

Senior Cluster Marketing & Communications Manager for The Ritz-Carlton Pune & Marriott Suites Pune

TheRitz Carlton, as a brand, is a commendable representation of women in key leadership roles. Within the realms of marketing, finance, training management, and sales, a noteworthy 4 out of 10 leaders are women. This intentional diversification challenges traditional gender norms, fostering an empowering environment.

Recognizing the unique strengths that women bring to the table, The Ritz Carlton strategically allocates responsibilities, promoting an atmosphere that not only champions but also leverages the inherent potential of its female workforce. By aligning roles with individual strengths, Ritz facilitates women’s empowerment, acknowledging and encouraging them to excel in positions that resonate with their innate abilities.

For instance, the brand acknowledges the multifaceted skills acquired through motherhood, seamlessly integrating these capabilities into the professional arena. This approach allows women to pursue their passions and interests, transforming personal strengths such as in Henna’s case debating skills, artistic flair, and creativity into valuable contributions within their respective roles.

Henna’s firsthand experience underscores the brand’s commitment to equality. Regardless of gender, employees are treated as equals, fostering an open culture where seeking help for challenges is encouraged without relying on gender-related stereotypes. This approach diminishes stress, motivating women to confront challenges directly, instilling a sense of strength and confidence.

The leadership at The Ritz Carlton serves as a beacon of inspiration, particularly for younger women aspiring to join the workforce. By sharing the journeys of existing women in leadership roles, the management establishes these individuals as role models, exemplifying the opportunities and positive experiences that await women within the organization. Overall, The Ritz Carlton’s leadership fosters an inclusive environment that not only empowers women but also sets the stage for continued success and progress.

Operations Manager – Courtyard by Kochi Marriott

There’s a prevailing misconception that women have it easy in terms of career growth due to empowerment efforts. However, the reality is starkly different. Balancing family and career requires immense effort. Talent, quality, and consistency are paramount for growth. Many talented women take breaks to focus on personal life, particularly after childbirth, and struggle to re-enter the workforce. They often find themselves starting from scratch. Providing tailored training upon their return could significantly enhance their position and salary prospects. It’s crucial to recognize and support these women in their journey back into the workforce. Inclusion initiatives in the hospitality industry should prioritize addressing these challenges, ensuring that returning women receive the support they need to thrive professionally.


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