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Celebrating International Chef Day: Executive Chefs Share Insights on “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future”

Every year on October 20th, International Chef Day is celebrated to commemorate the art and skill of chefs worldwide. In honor of International Chef Day, executive chefs from around the world offer their expertise on

Every year on October 20th, International Chef Day is celebrated to commemorate the art and skill of chefs worldwide. In honor of International Chef Day, executive chefs from around the world offer their expertise on how to cultivate great chefs and promote a healthy future. This year’s theme, “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future,” highlights the importance of nourishing future generations. To celebrate this day, HoReCa experts shares their perspectives on the theme and how their brand is contributing to this day.

CHEF Yogen Datta,

Executive Chef ITC Maratha Mumbai & Area Executive Chef West Region ITC Hotels

“In our ITC Maratha community, we celebrate differences, knowing that every chef brings something unique to the table. It is an honor to rouse others to embrace a future where every dinner is a chance to flourish, and each nibble is step towards a more joyful and more prominent world.”

Chef Dibyendu Roy

Executive Chef Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa

“ International Chef Day reminds us of the importance of nurturing talent in our daily lives. Being a chef is all about being creative with the food you cook and redefining your dishes in a better way. At Taj North Goa, we have a blend of Goan and North Indian with European flair, echoing my own journey through the culinary world. Let’s toast to ‘Growing a Healthy Future’ together”

Shivneet Pohoja

Executive Chef, ITC Kohenur

“Chefs who would like to build their careers in luxury hotels must focus on acquiring a deep knowledge and skill in a specific cuisine genre at the beginning of their careers.

Thereafter It becomes important for them to develop an acumen in several other disciplines as well, that will help them to connect with their target guest profile.”

Mani Mohan Pathak,

Executive Chef, Pilibhit House, Haridwar – IHCL SeleQtions

It’s an important day for Chefs to be recognized and honoured worldwide for their culinary expertise, innovation, contributions and creating awareness about the culinary profession and the significance of good & healthy food in our lives.

We at Pilibhit House strongly believe and always follow on building skills of our talents. We are doing Food Safety Awareness Campaign in schools to educate the students about food safety practices, ensuring they understand the importance of safe food handling. We are aiming to create awareness and promoting delicacies made using local, organic, and seasonal vegetables and grains as well as garnering attention on standardized cooking and zero wastage.

Narayanamurthi Veerasamy,

Executive Chef, Four Points by Sheraton Mahabalipuram Resort & Convention Center

“Self-care is how you take your nutrition , stay healthy, eat healthy.

“On this International Chefs Day, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the talented chefs around the world who passionately create culinary masterpieces. It is your dedication, creativity, and constant pursuit of perfection that make dining experiences truly unforgettable. To all my amazing guests and team, thank you for your unwavering support, trust, and love for gastronomy. Let us continue to explore new flavors, break culinary boundaries, and savor the joys of sharing a table together. Happy International Chefs Day!”

Raj Kumar,

Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre

“We at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad, believe in fostering young talent to create exceptional chefs. We nurture their passion, skills, and creativity, making our kitchen a vibrant hub of culinary excellence, much like a flourishing garden.”

Mihir Kane, 

Executive Chef, Fairmont Jaipur

At Fairmont Jaipur we believe that Culinary reputation is one of the important factors for a Hotel. This happens through a strong Culinary team .

Growing great chefs through hiring team with great attitude and aptitude and then developing them for consistency in the Basics of cooking. This is done by trainings and a strong Fairmont Culture. Mentoring by senior chefs ,strong checks on Standard Recipes and Attention to Feedback by guests in ensuring great dining experiences.

A diverse talent pool of Chefs at Fairmont Jaipur assists in wonderful culture of learning through teams.

.Fairmont Jaipur promotes lot of cross exposure may it be sending team members across India of to International Fairmont properties like Fairmont Baku & Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech

A strong process in terms of Food Safety ensures team members are aware of latest Food Safety Standards of HACCP and FSSAI.

Sustainability programs within the hotel like Food Waste Management, Eliminating Plastic from Kitchens, Nutritional Values to Carbon Footprint of Food being served assists the Budding Chefs in being aware of ESG initiatives.

Fairmont & Accor also grows fresh talent through development programs like Inspire and internal development programs like GLP and Reveal Talent Program

Sumit Sabharwal

Executive Chef, Holiday Inn New Delhi International Airport

Growing Great Chefs: Nurturing young talents to become future culinary maestros is our mantra. Our initiatives, from interactive cooking sessions to masterclasses with Michelin-star chefs, offer budding culinary artists the perfect canvas to unleash their creativity. With open minds and fresh ideas, they’ll cater to the most discerning palates of tomorrow.

Growing a Healthy Future: Embracing sustainability is our recipe for a healthier future. We’re dedicated to minimizing waste, from innovative food waste management to eco-friendly glass water bottling. Our menus highlight wholesome choices, from millet-themed offerings to a nourishing brunch. We’re not just feeding appetites; we’re nourishing a greener tomorrow.

Chef Rahul Shrivastava, 

Executive Chef at Sesame – Hyatt Centric Juhu

“As the Executive Chef at Sesame – Hyatt Centric Juhu, I prioritize using locally sourced ingredients in my creations. This commitment is instilled within my team as we collectively champion sustainable choices, supporting local farmers, celebrating fresh produce, and nurturing long-term health and well-being.”

Ramesh Kukreti,


“I take pride in shaping a healthier future through our cuisine. Each dish we serve at Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre, is a step toward wellness and delight. At our kitchen, we’re committed to ‘Growing a Healthy Future’ with every meal. Join us on this delectable journey. Bon appétit!”

Chef Kishan Gunjal, 

Executive Chef, Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur

“With 33 years of culinary expertise at Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur, I’ve seen the transformation of a kitchen into a stage for culinary brilliance. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and exquisite flavors isn’t just about meals; it’s about crafting memorable experiences. Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur’s kitchen is a symphony of collaboration, where diverse talents blend to create unique masterpieces. We’re not just growing great chefs; we’re nurturing a tradition of culinary excellence. Food safety and quality are our non-negotiable standards. Each dish is a testament to our commitment. From banquets to budgeting, we excel in every aspect. I’m proud to be part of a team that doesn’t just serve food; we serve art on a plate and create memories with every meal.” 

Chef Senthil, 

Executive Chef, Hyatt Regency Trivandrum

“As an executive chef at Hyatt Regency Trivandrum, I’m not only proud to be part of this international brand for two decades but I am also elated that they share my passion for encouraging young chefs and shaping an innovative and healthy future. Our drive for creating a culinary journey that’s thoughtfully sourced and carefully served, we believe in being sustainable and offering a wonderful hospitality experience.”

Chef Suresh, 

Executive Chef, O by Tamara

“As a corporate chef, my journey is a fusion of culinary art and the gratifying role of mentorship. Beyond crafting exquisite dishes, my passion is nurturing aspiring chefs and taking them under my wing. International Chef’s Day, under this year’s theme, ‘Growing Great Chefs,’ deeply resonates with my culinary philosophy. I’m committed to not only creating exceptional flavours in our kitchens but also to sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom with young culinary talents. It’s a privilege and an honour to be a part of this celebration of art and science, as I believe that by investing in the next generation of culinary professionals, we ensure a richer and tastier future for the entire industry.”

Biswarup Chatterjee,

Executive Chef, Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi, Saket

“Childhood memories of every budding chef there’s a home kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot, and a mom”

Each chef has their own culinary heritage going back to their childhood which set them on the path to becoming the great chefs they are today. Bit by bit, we learn and improve and turn our weaknesses into our strengths. We need to be grateful for the push in the right direction we were given as children.

Karam Dogra, 

Executive Chef, Sheraton Grand Palace Indore

“Fostering exceptional chefs begins early, igniting their passion for flavors and perfecting their skills. Values like teamwork, discipline, and creativity shape culinary brilliance. Chefs, like mothers, mold unique culinary identities, measured by guest satisfaction. Authenticity and continuous refinement are keys to success, and nurturing aspiring chefs is our shared mission.”

Nisarg Chavan

Executive Chef, Novotel Ahmedabad
“Accor has facilitated my professional development as a chef by providing me with the opportunity to work at different brands in numerous cities. This experience has allowed me to expand my understanding of regional cuisines and culinary presentation, all while catering to a diverse range of guests.”



As a chef at ITC Maratha, my greatest joy is nurturing culinary talents, for in every promising chef I see the potential to craft a table and future full of flavor and innovation. My mission is to empower these young talents, guiding them to master the art of the kitchen.



“As a pastry chef, I dedicate myself to the pursuit of culinary arts that not only excite the senses but also nourish the body and mind. Together, we can cultivate a future where the sweetness of life and essence of health converge, forging a path towards a delicious nutritious tomorrow”.

Prem Kumar Naidu,

Executive Chef , Feathers, A Radha Hotel

Embracing the theme ‘Growing Great Chefs’ on International Chef Day, I believe in cultivating passion, skill, and a commitment to excellence in our aspiring chefs. By doing so, we sow the seeds of a healthy culinary future. Let’s inspire, mentor, and grow together in the world of gastronomy.

Balaji Natarajan, 

Executive Chef Park Hyatt Chennai

“Growing Great Chefs”

“It’s essential to teach not just the techniques of cooking, but also the importance of humility, teamwork and resilience in the demanding world of culinary arts. At Park Hyatt Chennai we not only train the team on technical skills but also soft skills. We encourage them to interact with guests to personalize their stays and that requires a lot of empathy and compassion. This overall develops their character that goes a long way in their career path.”

“Growing a Healthy Future”

Nurturing a healthy future isn’t just about what’s on the plate. It’s about understanding the journey of our ingredients, the impact on the environment and the nourishment of both body and soul. At Park Hyatt Chennai we believe in food being thoughtfully sourced and carefully served. Ethical sourcing of the ingredients is integral and therefore we are selective of our suppliers. I always encourage my team to engage personally with our partners and be mindful of the ingredients they work with.

Cook from the heart, believe in simplicity and create memories for those you meet.

Mark Anthony Perera, 

Executive Chef of LUX* South Ari Atoll

Growing up in Candy, Sri Lanka, surrounded by fresh and colorful ingredients, I have always found myself interested in healthy organic produce. With the signature Keen On Green brand initiative, and unique dining offers, like Amaa’s Kitchen and Herb Garden Master Chef cooking, LUX* South Ari Atoll is the perfect place to dive into the world of organic and sustainable cooking. Here, we believe the journey from a cook to a chef is an art form, investing in cultivating and nurturing homegrown talents – of which I am a living example. Having joined as an Executive Pastry Chef I am now serving as Executive Chef. Today, I am leading the resort’s culinary innovations with a large multinational team who support and develop the resort’s and brand’s values every day. At LUX* South Ari Atoll, we are committed to cultivating exceptional chefs, elevating our cuisine, and fostering a culture of health and sustainability through the art of gastronomy.

Subhash Jana

Executive Chef, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon Sector 56

Over my professional culinary journey, have learnt “In each exceptional recipe, the hidden elements are love and care, stemming from genuine passion and a profound sense of purpose as you cook for your loved ones. A healthy future takes root in a holistic approach that nurtures a pure mind. Discovering purpose and showing respect for all living and non-living elements is the cornerstone of crafting strong, nurturing relationships and forming nutritional combinations.”

Chef Bhushan Ganorkar

Executive Chef, DoubleTree by Hilton Goa Panaji

Maintain fidelity to your passion, culinary heritage, and distinctive style. Forge your unique culinary identity. Stay open to continuous learning— embracing trends, techniques, and diverse cuisines. Let exploration be your compass on this epicurean journey.


Executive Chef, Novotel Vijayawada Varun

To create great chefs Accor Brand is dedicated to aiding our chefs with training from skilled expat chefs. training on modern kitchen tools to encourage the development of creative concepts and methods for food presentation. We provide skill development programs to help future chefs succeed in their careers.

A key component is sustainability. To achieve this goal, the Accor brand stopped using single-use plastic. Segregation of waste and composting food waste Additionally, Supporting local community and organic vegetables grown in our own backyard. In an effort to provide wholesome foods for future generations, we began featuring millet on our menus.

Dwipen Goswami, 

Executive Chef – Vivanta Goa, Panaji

“In my journey, I’ve discovered the power of food in shaping a healthier tomorrow for us all. As custodians of our society’s well-being, it is our responsibility to nurture better eating habits, even in the midst of our hectic lives. I find joy in encouraging young minds to embrace wholesome cooking and help them realize the potential of using fresh ingredients. Beyond the professional realm, I seize every chance to inspire creativity in children through food art, thereby igniting a passion that has now led my 11-year-old daughter to dream of becoming a Chef. As a mentor, I advocate for sustainable cooking, instilling in our budding chefs the importance of mindful ingredients and techniques, forging a path towards an enriched future.”

Amitesh Virdi, 

Executive Chef JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa

Chef Amitesh, with a diverse culinary background, is a maestro of various cuisines. His profound appreciation for homemade food, traditional recipes, and locally sourced produce reflects in our commitment at JW Marriott Mussoorie. We prioritize sustainability and local ingredients, evident in our authentic Gharwali thali experience and Mediterranean cuisine at Wisteria Deck. Chef Amitesh sees cooking as more than just flavors; it’s an art influenced by weather, topography, and history. At JW Marriott Mussoorie, we embrace the journey from a cook to a chef, investing in cultivating and nurturing homegrown talents. Our culinary philosophy aligns with ‘Growing Great Chefs’ and ‘Growing a Healthy Future,’ fostering a legacy of well-being in gastronomy.

Siddhartha Sankar Sarmah

Executive Chef, Radisson Blu, Indore

In my role as the Executive Chef at Radisson Blu Indore, I am thrilled to embrace the International Chef Day theme, “Growing Great Chefs” and “Growing a Healthy Future.” We are excited about introducing children to the culinary arts, sparking their creativity and love for cooking. Through engaging activities and educational resources, we aim to inspire a new generation of chefs while promoting a healthier and more sustainable future through our culinary expertise and responsible food practices.

Karan Dogra, 

Executive Chef, Sheraton Grand Palace Indore

“Fostering exceptional chefs begins early, igniting their passion for flavors and perfecting their skills. Values like teamwork, discipline, and creativity shape culinary brilliance. Chefs, like mothers, mold unique culinary identities, measured by guest satisfaction. Authenticity and continuous refinement are keys to success, and nurturing aspiring chefs is our shared mission.”

Chef Tushar Malkani,

Executive Chef, The Yellow House, Anjuna – IHCL SeleQtions

“ Celebrating ‘Growing Great Chefs’ this International Chef Day, we at The Yellow House merge the essence of Goa with European sophistication. My journey, enriched with diverse experiences, mirrors our commitment to creating an impeccable culinary landscape”

Rajiv Vatsyayan,

Executive Chef Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Goa

“ “Embrace the diverse world of local Indian cuisine, transcending narrow perceptions. Food mirrors varied terroirs, cultures, and philosophies. Gastronomic specialties are fused with indigenous regional influences. Ama portrays authenticity, excellence, and culture. Memorable élan with sustainability drive in local regional produce makes ensures enjoyable experience in diverse settings.”

Vinothkumar J

Executive Chef, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bangalore

Chef’s job doesn’t end with cooking delicious food and creative innovative dishes. Chefs are responsible for serving healthy food for everyone and growing great young chefs by sharing the knowledge and culture.

For Growing great chefs, we have to inspire the young generation of aspiring chefs, by providing early exposure to the art of cooking from school and home. It will help the young generation to imagine, encouraging them to explore the new culture, Ingredients, People eating habits, flavours, textures, teaching them about healthy eating habits.

Suraj Kumar Sahoo

Executive Chef, Mayfair Lagoon

Celebrating International Chef Day, as the Executive Chef at Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, our journey revolves around sustainability. With a focus on organic ingredients and a farm-to-fork approach, I’ve been instrumental in shaping a culinary experience that embodies a healthier and more delightful future. Nurturing the talents of our culinary team has been at the heart of this journey, resulting in a menu that reflects excellence in every bite. Here’s to our collective effort towards culinary greatness and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Chef Dinesh Mhatre,

Executive Chef, The Orchid Hotel Pune

“Chefs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our growing world. Beyond their culinary expertise, they are the architects of taste, creators of culinary experiences, and catalysts for change. At The Orchid Hotel Pune, we’ve witnessed how chefs are at the forefront of driving innovation and sustainability in the food industry. They constantly push boundaries, experimenting with new ingredients, cooking techniques, and food production methods, all with a keen eye on the planet’s well-being.

In this era of increasing health consciousness, chefs have a significant role to play in promoting balanced and nutritious diets. We have the power to influence food choices and combat critical issues like obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.”

Bhuwan Ghale,

Executive Chef, Sinclairs Retreat Kalimpong

“We at Sinclairs believe that growing great chefs is like sowing the seeds of a flavorful tomorrow in the garden of gastronomy. As culinary talents flourish, they spice up the future with innovation, creativity, and exquisite tastes. Thus, we create a world where every dish tells a story.” 

Syamal Raju Annamneedi,

Executive Chef at Ironhill India

“International Chefs Day is a celebration of culinary passion, skill and innovation. It is quite essential that we nurture aspiring chefs, as the aspirations of today ensures a flavorful future for tomorrow. Let’s grow great chefs, and celebrate creativity and taste.” #InternationalChefsDay  

Rajesh Sharma 

Executive Sous Chef, Skyview by Empyrean

“At Skyview by Empyrean, we follow sustainable practices across the board, including in the kitchen. We serve nutritious and healthy local Dogri food and other popular cuisines. We use only fresh, locally sourced produce and ingredients at our restaurant – Banana Leaf. Our patrons’ well-being is our ultimate goal”

Chef Abhishek Pednekar,

Executive Chef, Woodside Inn (Andheri & Bandra)

My personal point of view depends upon 3 S’s – Seasonal, Selection and Simplicity. 

By selecting seasonal food you get the freshest produce and helps in sustainability for mother nature and also farmers in our country, we have three seasons where we get plenty  of ingredients, during that period which also are fresh and new to the market. This helps in creating new menu ideas and we adapt it accordingly. 

Here at Woodside Inn, we also thrive to create seasonal menus with fresh ingredients  that are available and also healthier, Nowadays there are a lot of organic farms that offer a great variety of produce which can be incorporated in menu engineering. For example Indian millets are trending  not only in India but also internationally. 

Which is helping in maintaining a healthy future for all of us, Also, I believe we should  pass on this knowledge to upcoming future chefs so this keeps the process moving.

Chef Krishna Tiwari

Executive Chef at Kyma, BKC

“I have been a cook since childhood Sitting with mom while seeing her making food. School doesn’t teach to become the best chef it’s just a foundation else to learn from your experience. Time has changed and it has become a very friendly environment. remember when we started our chef used to hit to make us understand. I am still learning new techniques, and improving my self”



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