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Being a Mother – Challenges faced in maintaining work life balance

Being a mother is not an easy task, you need to manage daily chores and office work equally. Mother's are warrior and our superhero as they balance work life balance very smoothly by managing

Being a mother is not an easy task, you need to manage daily chores and office work equally. Mother’s are warrior and our superhero as they balance work life balance very smoothly by managing work and house chores equally. Let’s take a look on challenges faced in maintaining work life balance.

Monisha Sharma

Director and Co-founder- The Lexicon Group.

You read a dozen articles, watched hundreds of videos, and spoke to innumerable friends about what motherhood would look and feel like when the baby finally arrived, unaware that the reality of motherhood would catch you completely off-guard. While there is no denying the incredible feeling of sheer bliss of holding your precious baby in your arms, the women of our times are also challenged with anxiety, stress, guilt, shame and sadness as they attempt to raise their kids.

While “working-woman” was largely a western concept a few decades ago, Indian women have embraced the opportunities that have arrived for their career aspirations and intellectual abilities. Additionally, with the growing financial needs of nuclear families, women are choosing to work to contribute to the family income and provide better opportunities for their children. However, while the weight of bringing in the income is being split two ways between the father and the mother, the responsibility of raising the children and keeping the house is still being shouldered primarily by the working mother. Our society has begun to encourage women to work after having kids, but is yet to support these working mothers emotionally and mentally.

During the unprecedented COVID-19 work-from-home period, it was not unusual for a woman to be presenting to her team in a meeting while she was nursing a newborn, or with a toddler screaming, or with an older child simultaneously attending online school and requiring her support. There was also the occasional domestic help awaiting instructions on what to clean/cook for the day. Stressful meltdowns, professional burnouts, and mental health decline became the most common concerns among women of this entire period.

Another challenge faced by working mothers is the emotional “mommy guilt”. The feeling of guilt of not doing enough and not being enough for our children plagues a majority of working moms, who are struggling to find the balance between their personal and professional lives. There is always an internal conflict on whether she should prioritise her work or her family, and this leaves no time for self-care.

A support system, both at home and at the workplace, can be game-changers for women who are struggling to walk the tightrope of being working mothers. Families should come forth and offer unconditional support with raising the kids or doing house chores while she is away for work, and at the same time, employers should allow flexible work hours, daycare facilities, and have counsellors on board to provide emotional and mental support for all their employees.

No one can take away from the struggles of a mother, and yet, no one can overcome obstacles and go the extra mile that a mother can. So, if you are reading this article and find yourself feeling understood and seen, we want to tell you to just hang in there, and just take it one day at a time. Tomorrow will be a new day!

Laxmi Sridhar

Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach, Operation Manager

There is a say,- God cannot be everywhere that is why he has created mother.  Probably that is why people expect mother’s presence everywhere.  In our society expectation for a mother is alot. It is a undulant path for a mother to travel throughout her life and yet to fulfil the requirements of her family. There is no denying that working moms are masters at multitasking.  But between taking care of the family needs from morning and juggling conference calls, handling operational issues – career women are struggling to live up to unrealistic work-life balance expectations. To remain calm, composed, positive towards all the situation, challenges thrown in front of a working woman is become a part of day to day activity for her. The feel of guilt at times for not being there at times, and make it up for the gap which is created… I feel is also a challenge.

 Ritika Jatin Ahuja

COO, Big Boy Toyz and Founder Queen’s Drive Club 

“When a woman gives birth to a young one, she not only brings life to existence but also pledges to take up her responsibility with a commitment to give it her best. A mother is her child’s first educator and mentor. This basically means that the child begins to learn from home and his own surroundings before he is exposed externally to a formal way of learning. In this opportune moment of Mother’s Day, let us recognize the role of a mother who unconditionally sacrifices for her children’s well-being. Mothers are the first agents of empowerment for their children from the moment they are born. From excruciating labour to sleepless nights, to the growing years a mother faces it all happily.

Providing for the needs of the entire family, a mother is also responsible for ensuring that the atmosphere and environment in the house is warm and congenial. No matter what it takes, she overcomes all challenges and tries to strike a balance.

As a mother of two children, in a very demanding age bracket, I try and do all I can to provide my children with a happy and healthy home. Nutrition, school routine, and extra classes are all things I try to be a part of. Work can be equally demanding and at that time I push myself to give it my best and make it up with my kids. There are days when I spend little or no time with my children. This makes me feel guilty but even if I can spend a meager amount of time with them, disconnecting from all other woes, I consider that an accomplishment.

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. My children will grow up watching me work hard. As a result, they would imbue them with the values of determination and dedication. It is these two values that allow us to achieve anything. As parents, we want to see our children succeed. It is important for me to set an example for my children so they can also feel proud of themselves for their accomplishments.”

Sarah Todd

Celebrity Chef

“As a mother, we are expected to do it all. The balance of work-life and family is a constant challenge, and being back on the latest season of MasterChef Australia has made it even tougher. For me, I like to give myself time to wind down and be really open with my son about the fact that we all need self-care. I am extremely open and honest with him in saying that I have had a tough week or a busy week, he is really understanding. As a result of this, we have a really good relationship and are able to communicate well with each other comfortably.”  – Sarah Todd, Celebrity Chef, and Entrepreneur

Meenu Nohria

 Co-founder, Silly- A restobar based in Khar, Mumbai.

Being a working Mom for the last 15-17 years had made me very happy and my children very proud of me and has inspired them to be hustlers and dreamers too. However, it is a hard-won victory for most including me, and comes at a cost since I’m constantly juggling between my role as a mother of 3- a son, a daughter, and my beloved pet and being a restaurateur amongst other things. It is a never-ending battle because you have to work as if you’re not a mother and play the role of a mother as if you don’t have a professional career. Time and again I have had to choose between my kids and my job and either option I took has left a trail of guilts that no mother wants to have. However, being a working mom has given me the strength to face whatever life has to throw at me. The journey is long and difficult sometimes, but the rewards are definitely worth the challenges that one has to face.

Meeta Nagpal

Founder, Musical Dreams

Though maintaining a balance between work and family life looks tough, in the long run, it has its innumerable benefits. Women are known for multitasking. If you are juggling between a successful career and being a caring mom, undoubtedly, you learn to balance and multitask better. Time management, decision making, and your focus increase multifold. Prioritization and patience become your key strengths. Though,  initially, working mothers struggle but eventually the children look up to them as role models and strong personalities, and also the children tend to imbibe these qualities in themselves from an early age. Missing a PTM or not being there at the bedside when your child is unwell does leave a  vacuum but in return working, mothers leave no stone unturned to give qualitative time and value to their children. Working mothers and stay-at-home mothers are perceived differently by society but in reality, the love and sacrifice in both cases are unparalleled and unmatched.



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