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Air India Launches Its New Brand Track: ‘India Takes Flight’ 

GURUGRAM, 1st March 2024: Air India, India’s leading global airline, unveiled a signature track defining its sonic identity, ‘India Takes Flight’, reflecting the sound of a bold, vibrant, and confident India.  Air India’s new sonic identity

GURUGRAM, 1st March 2024: Air India, India’s leading global airline, unveiled a signature track defining its sonic identity, ‘India Takes Flight’, reflecting the sound of a bold, vibrant, and confident India. 

Air India’s new sonic identity is a jugalbandi (musical collaboration) featuring recent Grammy awardee and acclaimed musician Shankar Mahadevan, renowned percussionist and composer Taufiq Qureshi, celebrated lyricist and writer Prasoon Joshi, and London’s revered Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 

The track embodies Raga Yaman, a timeless Indian classical raga known to effortlessly captivate the hearts and minds of audiences. Air India also onboarded Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with a vision to create a global symphony that resonated across cultures as a warm invitation to India, while acting as a homeward melody welcoming Indians from around the world.

We wanted to create a melody that embodied the Indian spirit. We also wanted to capture a universality that brings people together. This musical odyssey accomplishes it expertly, and as the country’s flag-bearer, we are proud to carry this to the world,”

Sunil Suresh, Head, Marketing, Air India,

Air India will progressively roll out adaptations of the sonic brand identity across the guest’s journeys, starting from digital touchpoints and marketing campaigns to airport lounges and inflight boarding music. 

Last week, Air India launched its Safety Video where it teamed up with Bharatbala, Prasoon Joshi, and Shankar Mahadevan to create a cinematographic audio-visual for in-flight safety. The music in the safety video is a part of a signature brand sonic. 

Additionally, Air India has started the rollout of its new global brand identity across guest touchpoints, launched a new consumer-facing website and mobile app, unveiled a new collection of uniforms for cabin and cockpit crew designed by Indian celebrity couturier, Manish Malhotra, and welcomed its first Airbus A350 aircraft in the new livery. 

Listen to the Air India’s new sonic identity soundtrack, ‘India Takes Flight’ here: 

YouTube:  https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=rtQEAzuiDnc

Spotify:   https://open.spotify.com/album/4tz2SrxQ2Rz9GdnyPG8CQr

Download here: https://www.airindia.com/content/dam/air-india/brandkit/audios/Air-India-180s-Rev-291223.wav


Artist quotes:

Shankar Mahadevan, celebrated Indian music composer and singer:

“Much like the new India, this track is bold and confident, and at the same time, strongly connected to its rich culture and heritage. I was looking for a melody that celebrated the depths of Indian classical music, while sounding warm and inviting. It was an incredible collaboration, linking the best of India to the rest of the world. If you are a musician, you felt like contributing, and if you were in the audience, you felt like joining in.”  

Prasoon Joshi, Chairman McCann Worldgroup Asia Pacific, CEO & CCO McCann Worldgroup India:

“I am incredibly honoured to be a part of this collaboration that embodies Air India’s new global brand identity. Air India always had a sense of rooted cultural ethos. This ethos is not inward looking but connects and welcomes the world. This track signifies Air India the brand on the ascent, one that emanates from the roots but goes on to embrace the skies.”

Taufiq Qureshi, ace Percussionist & Djembe Maestro, and an acclaimed composer:

It was exhilarating to collaborate with creative and musical maestros from across the world, and that too for a legendary brand like Air India. It’s an incredibly moving track, and extremely universal. Its themes of flight, hope and ambition resonate not just with Indians but also the citizens of the world.”

James Morgan, conductor, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

“Collaborating with Shankar, Taufiq Qureshi, and Air India to create the airline’s new sonic identity has been a great privilege. The fusion of our orchestra’s classical heritage with the soul of Indian melodies creates a sound that speaks volumes about the shared human emotion of aspiration and flight. We have no doubt it will resonate with hearts and minds around the world.”

Founded by the legendary JRD Tata, Air India pioneered India’s aviation sector. Since its first flight on October 15, 1932, Air India has built an extensive domestic network with non-stop flights to cities around the world, across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Far-East, South-East Asia, Australia, and the Gulf. After 69 years as a government-owned enterprise, Air India and Air India Express were welcomed back into the Tata group in January 2022.

Air India is navigating through a major five-year transformation roadmap under the aegis of Vihaan.AI, with an ambition to become a world class airline with an Indian heart. The first phase of this transformation, the taxi phase was recently concluded, and focused on fixing the basics. These included bringing back to service many long grounded aircraft, addition of talent across flying and ground functions, rapid upgradation of technology and strengthening of customer care initiatives amongst others. A member of Star Alliance, the largest global airline consortium of leading international airlines, Air India offers seamless connectivity and facilities to passengers all over the world.



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