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Air India Express captivates audiences at Wings India 2024 with a live concert by Padma Shri awardee Sivamani

Sivamani enamoured the audience by playing 45 instruments from all over India, Middle East and Singapore National, 22nd January 2024: Air India Express curated a captivating opening day for the public at the Wings India 2024 event,

National, 22nd January 2024: Air India Express curated a captivating opening day for the public at the Wings India 2024 event, orchestrating a mesmerising live performance by celebrated percussionist and Padma Shri Awardee Sivamani. The tarmac with the airline’s newest Boeing 737-8 aircraft on display, VT-BXH aka ‘Kalamkari’, transformed into a stage as the renowned artist Sivamani delivered a captivating performance culminating in an innovative percussionist accompaniment to the Air India Express brand sonic identity. The theme of the performance encapsulated Air India Express’s brand identity and intention to differentiate itself by making meaningful connections across people, cultures and communities. The performance masterfully showcased the cultural and musical diversity of India with 45 percussion instruments flown in from different parts of the country, representing the 45 destinations Air India Express connects to in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, weaving together a sonic tapestry that transcended cultural boundaries.

Air India Express was the only commercial airline to be a part of the flying display at Wings India 2024, where the airline unveiled its unique Kalamkari-adorned tail art on its newest Boeing 737-8 aircraft, VT-BXH, paying homage to the region of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Sivamani, celebrated globally for his exceptional rhythmic skills, captivated the audience with an extraordinary performance using an array of traditional instruments from across regions, including the Chanda, Dhadd, Dhol, Dholki, Dolleh, Dumru, Folk Drum, Gommat, Idakka, Khol, Mridangam, Nagada, Pambai, Shamel, Tabla, Tambourine, Tasha, Tavil, Tapey, Thamte, Thimila, Thumbak Naari, and the Udukkai from India, the Darbukka and Mirwas from the Middle East, a Gong from Singapore. 

“Since the launch of the Air India Express brand identity and positioning in October 2023, we have taken great pride in celebrating the artistic talent and diversity of India and the international regions we fly to, making meaningful connections between people, cultures and communities with a sense of unique Indian warmth; a contemporary premium sensibility and a more conscious emphasis on sustainability. We are delighted to have been recognised as ‘Sustainability Champion’ at Wings India 2024, to unveil the 9th of our unique tail art designs in our ‘Patterns of India’ theme; and to bring to life our brand sonic identity in its various renditions, with an energy and vibrancy encapsulated in today’s percussionist performance on the tarmac at the inaugural public viewing day of Wings India 2024.”

 Siddhartha Butalia, Chief Marketing Officer of Air India Express,

During the flying display, the skilled pilots of Air India Express showcased the Boeing 737-8 with a host of captivating manoeuvres rarely on display to public and aviation enthusiasts including short-field take-offs and landings, touch ‘n’ go, low-level runs, and climbing turns. These manoeuvres demonstrated the operational capabilities and versatility of the aircraft and Air India Express pilots.

The Air India Express tail art designs showcase diverse patterns from across the length and breadth of India on every new aircraft, including Bandhani and Patola from Gujarat, Gamosa from Assam, Jamdani from West Bengal, Jamawar from Kashmir, Phulkari from Punjab, Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, Banarasi from Uttar Pradesh, and Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These designs pay homage to the diversity and craftsmanship of India’s artistic and textile heritage. As Air India Express grows its domestic and international network, delivering exceptional travel experiences powered by award-winning technological innovations, it carries with it the hopes and aspirations of new India, celebrating cultural and artistic talent and diversity with every flight. 

Air India Express, is a subsidiary of Air India and a part of the Tata group, operating over 325 flights daily, connecting 31 domestic and 14 international airports, with a fleet of 63 aircraft, comprising 35 Boeing 737s and 28 Airbus A320s. Air India Express invites guests with the proposition to ‘Fly As You Are’, using thoughtfully considered technology to enable flyers to personalise and take charge of their travel experience. The airline offers Gourmair hot meals, comfortable seats, pioneering in-flight experience hub AirFlix, and a host of exclusive loyalty benefits with a sense of unique Indian warmth, on its award-winning digital experience on its mobile app and website, airindiaexpress.com.



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