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Current trends in the industry for rebuilding consumer trust – post-pandemic – World Health Day

Current trends in the industry for rebuilding consumer trust – post-pandemic – World Health Day

Komal Hora 

CEO & Editor 

Hospibuz Hospitality Lexis Media

Current Pandemic has changed our mindset and made us more health conscious and take more attention towards our health. Health is key to happiness. Looking at the present scenario, there is an increase in diseases and this is the theme for this year’s World Health Day – OUR PLANET, OUR HEALTH’.

Health and Wellness in Hospitality matters now more than ever. Interaction with the industry experts from travel aggregators to hoteliers, about Healthcare in Hospitality as well as health and wellness trends in the Hospitality Industry.

Fredrik Reinisch

Complex General Manager of Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection by Hilton

Due to Covid 19, the hospitality industry was the one of the worst hit industries. The success of EXPO 2020 opened the doors to the world and has given the chance to Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection to host some of the most highly anticipated events, since Al Habtoor City is a city within a city. Located in the heart of Dubai on the banks of the water canal Al Habtoor City has aimed to become the one stop destination for entertainment, weddings and much more.  As travel restrictions have settled down, we are ready and ecstatic to welcome back the Indian market who played a huge role within leisure travelers, as we want to be recognized as their preferred destination. The Indian market is very promising with their luxurious destination weddings- and Al Habtoor City is ready for them!

The goal of the hospitality industry is to provide customer satisfaction with a fun and peaceful experience, whether that comes from enjoying a delicious meal from over 20 restaurants and bars to choose from, rejuvenating at the luxurious Silk spa in the Hammam or spending your day at The Vault to exercise away doing some Yoga or Pilates with the genuine care and expertise of Certified Personal Trainers in various fitness disciplines. Al Habtoor City has you covered.

Our guests and our employees are top priority; hence we have dedicated sales team leadership developing the sports and luxury industry segment, working with renowned agencies across the world such as Red Dot Marketing, to ensure we create tailor made itineraries for guest requirements, dietary restrictions and much more. To make it easier for guests, we have our own PCR testing facility within the premises. Expo 2020 has served as a platform for Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection to welcome the world, understand what the new normal means in the mind and heart of our guests and integrate experiences that make travel feel even more personalized and significant to them.

Allen Machado

CEO of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift that has impacted so many aspects of our lives. There is no doubt that the pandemic shook the hospitality sector to its core. But it has adapted like the world itself, quickly embracing some alterations in health and safety regulations concerning hotel operations. Although, digitalization has been a trend for a couple of years, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless solutions in the hospitality industry, especially among hoteliers. It has now become a prerequisite for hotel enterprises to stay current with the latest trends and technologies to thrive in the new normal. Thus, business in the industry is coming up with new and unique ways to attract travellers and tourists all over the world to stem the losses. In the new normal, businesses are making guest health and safety a top priority. This includes offering contactless hospitality solutions by employing QR codes that customer can scan with their mobile devices.

Some of the other key trends in 2022 are: Restriction-free destinations – With booster programmes well underway in many parts of the world, international travel is about to become much easier as countries relax their entry requirements.

Long-haul reboot – Although many industry experts believe it will take at least another two years for global aviation to return to pre-pandemic levels, long-haul flights are experiencing a revival; as the traveller is keen on ticking off items on their bucket lists.

Personal development retreats – The last two years have been uniquely gloomy but as we emerge into the sunlight, for many people this will be the year they invest in self-improvement. As the Great Resignation indicates, millions of people all over the world have been quitting their jobs and seeking new career paths, in many cases launching their businesses and becoming more entrepreneurial. With this in mind, it makes sense that all manner of personal development retreats are popping up around the globe.

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Extreme expeditions – Taking on physical challenges will be top of the agenda for people bored of being confined to their homes, and travel companies are responding by launching a wide array of extreme expeditions overseas.

Chitra M Sharma

Business Head, Skyland Group.

“Health & safety concern has now become the first and foremost priority of an eatery. Adding new policies and using new cleaning agents, protective equipment like gloves and masks, contactless delivery, low touch experience, and meeting the strict safety standard is now the new brand identity. Meanwhile, providing excellent customer service and asking for customer feedback is a significant impact on the new normal with a personal touch in the industry. This shift procured a drastic change in rebuilding the trust of customers and urged the brand to rethink and align based on demands and expectations post-pandemic.”

Shibil Malik

General Manager, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway.

The Pandemic brought about a sudden change in our perspective of life and livelihood. Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ was the need of the hour. The learnings of the pandemic will only benefit operations in the long run and will prepare hotels for the potential of future outbreaks. Our industry prides itself on leading customer delight and it will need to continue to reassure guests of a safe environment. People eventually will resume travel and we can already see the demand improving day by day. It is also likely that a new crisis may emerge someday, and hotels need to be ready and not forget the recent learnings. Hotels will need to continue to be cautious and will have to balance safety measures with a sensibility that helps guests feel at ease. They will also need to continue to demonstrate that they provide a clean and healthy environment and are following specific disinfecting protocols. Promoting healthy hygiene practices and enhanced proactive maintenance measures will most likely become the most influential factor for the guest deciding where to stay. Hotels are expected to go the extra mile in addressing hygiene-related anxieties of guests.The crisis caused because of the pandemic actually offered a unique opportunity to rethink our current business models and reinvent. A lot of initiatives will continue in the post pandemic world such as – touchless technology, keyless entry, digital menus and payments. Sticking to the new norms of hospitality, hoteliers must re-imagine and personalize digital journeys for their guests with a focus on delivering contactless experiences.As much as we are excited about going back to the life of pre-pandemic we would like to move ahead with caution keeping safety of our associates and guests as the top priority.  

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