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Industry’s Opinion on restoring valid five-year e-tourist Visas

Industry’s Opinion on restoring valid five-year e-tourist Visas

Komal Hora

 Ceo & Editor,

Hospibuz Hospitality Lexis,

Welcoming the government’s announcement on valid 5 year tourist e-visas. 
Tourism industry is also a crucial contributor in Country’s economy.  Industry experts seems to be Thankful and Hopeful. 
Interaction with the industry experts from travel aggregators to hoteliers, everyone is thankful to the government.

Madhavan Menon

Managing Director, Thomas Cook (India) Limited.

We welcome the government’s announcement on restoring all valid 5 year tourist e-visas issued to nationals of 156 countries, 10 year tourist visas to nationals of USA and Japan and paper visas to nationals of all countries, that had been earlier suspended due to the pandemic. This announcement is an important step that gives impetus to the revival of inbound tourism and allied sectors, including hospitality and aviation; also local communities and tourist guides dependent on tourism for their livelihood.

Vishal Suri

Managing Director, SOTC Travel

The positive announcement on restoring valid five year e-tourist visas to nationals of 156 countries, regular visas to all and 10 years visa to US, Japan nationals has been highly appreciated across the tourism industry; more so as it comes on the back of the reopening of India’s international skies w.e.f March 27th. This welcoming move by the Government of India comes at a time when countries are also reopening their borders and similar announcements from other countries will inspire India’s outbound travellers. The positive announcement is reflective of the declining Covid caseloads and hence serves to boost confidence in travel thus significantly contributing to the revival of the travel & hospitality industry.

Mehul Sharma

Founder & CEO, Signum Hotels & Resorts.

The tourism industry is a significant contributor to a country’s economy in terms of GDP, foreign exchange earnings, and employment. Of all the industries trying to sustain the pandemic crisis, the tourism industry suffered the most over the past two years. India has opened its doors for vaccinated foreign tourists after over one-and-a-half years of restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Post Covid, tourism is expected to increase by 5 to 7 percent in the coming 3 months.

Infrastructure boost is expected and UDAAN scheme will also get a boost. Tier 2-3 cities will also witness inflow of tourists. 15-20% boost in tourism with 20 million tourists is expected post this decision.

This time around, focus on services and export sectors as growth engines will be seen too. Tourism is one such sector which is employment-intensive, can bring in huge forex earnings and provide reasonably large-scale, low-tech employment that delivers growth.

Pankaj Sharma

President, The Lexicon Group.

It’s delightful news that the Government of India has announced the restoration of five year valid  e-tourist visas with immediate effect. The government has announced this for people from 156 countries of the world. It has also restored the long duration ten year regular visa for travellers from the USA and Japan.
India is on a growth trajectory with an upbeat mood and with an impetus on infrastructure development it presents itself as a new tourist destination. Tourists have always been intrigued and interested in Indian culture, food, languages, dress and rituals but we received fewer tourists vis a vis some other countries.
Pandemic has hit most of the sectors, perhaps tourism and hospitality being hit the hardest. E-tourist visas for 5 years is the first step in making the tourist journey more convenient and delightful. 
India has the potential to be a great tourist destination with so many historical and heritage places to visit, beautiful beach towns and cities along with breathtaking mountains! In recent years we have also developed adventure destinations which are preferred by many tourists. Each state of India has inherent crafts like various handlooms, embroidery, brass work, wooden articles, etc which the foreigners love to purchase as souvenirs. India has a lot to offer to any tourist wishing to experience uniqueness. 
I’m sure the opening of our country and issuance of five year e-tourist visas will not only boost tourism and our economy to a great extent but will also provide new opportunities to our people. We have a large number of young population and with the creator economy taking shape faster, tourism and hospitality could emerge as a leading revenue generating sector! I applaud the government for taking this step and boosting tourism.

Pushpendra Bansal

COO, Lords Hotels and Resorts

“We welcome all the positive steps that the government of India is taking to boost tourism and restore the economy of the country. By reinstating and extending the five-year regular tourist visas to nationals of 156 countries, more international travellers will have multiple entry opportunities to India; allowing them to explore our beautiful country in leisure with a stay that can extend up to 90 to 180 days. Now, we at Lords Hotels and Resorts are more than encouraged to showcase more beautiful destinations in India to the international tourist”

Ranju Singh

Complex General Manager Novotel Goa Candolim & Novotel Goa Resort & Spa

The announcement on restoring valid five-year e-tourist visas has been taken with regards to the improvement in Covid19 situation. We are one step further in opening up the economy and boosting the hospitality sector which has suffered the worst during the pandemic. The judgement shall pass a positive message to the people as the world is opening again. This is an important step that gives impetus to the revival of the inbound tourism, hospitality and aviation sector. We are optimistic towards gaining more visitors as the regulations are easing across the globe. Goa has always been a major tourist attraction in India and this decision will impact productively towards the economic growth of the nation. However, there should be a continued and strict adherence to safety and hygiene protocols until we gain complete normalcy.

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Manish Garg

General Manager Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park

“We welcome this announcement and it is a good direction forward for the travel and tourism sector. Bengaluru has historically welcomed international business travellers in growing numbers especially in Information technology and electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and BFSI sectors until the pandemic struck. With the recent uptick in domestic leisure travel post rollback of COVID-19 related travel restrictions and ongoing efforts by the department of tourism, Government of Karnataka, we anticipate a steady return of international leisure travel into Karnataka, with Bengaluru being the gateway city. We look forward to working in partnership with the relevant stakeholder community to make north Bengaluru a destination of choice for MICE too from 2022 onwards.

Hilton Hotels Embassy Manyata Bengaluru’s versatile offerings of large room inventory and expansive meetings and events space are best suited for the business needs in the ever-growing North Bengaluru. Our hotels also have the added advantage of being efficiently connected with the airport and CBD. As a leading global hospitality brand, we are confident of being able to support the return back of international travellers by offering services that are reliable, memorable and create a sense of confidence about Bengaluru and India as a travel and hospitality destination.”

Prrasad S Bal

Corporate General Manager

( Electronic Distribution & Revenue Management )


This is a welcome step by the government of India to allow a 5-year tourist e-visa which will definitely attract foreign travellers to India. This is the key segment for hospitality in India amongst the various other segments. This will boost the occupancies in key Fern properties in cities like Mumbai, Goa, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore etc. This will also increase the overall occupancies as well and help improve the ARRs  & overall revenues.

India is now one of the safest destinations to travel due to its enormously successful vaccination program. Once the international traveller is back to India they will be able to enjoy the great Indian hospitality after a gap of almost two and half years. This step will also support the airline industry to improve upon their load & revenues significantly,  as till date they were by and large relying on domestic travellers only.

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