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Bespoke settings complemented by Raffles Udaipur hospitality

Rajesh Namby, General Manager, Raffles Udaipur. When it comes to planning a wedding, the checklist of things to tick off is endless. While weddings are a time of celebration, the months leading up to them are

Rajesh Namby, General Manager, Raffles Udaipur.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the checklist of things to tick off is endless. While weddings are a time of celebration, the months leading up to them are a time of pure decision-making chaos and the most important decision to make it often that of the wedding destination. During times like this, to-be brides and grooms look for certain criteria to be met by hotels to be considered the right wedding destination.  


Where a property is located plays a vital role in the selection process. Cities like Jaipur and Udaipur are top picks for weddings based on their history and architecture of regalia and royalty. The uniqueness of the property’s location and structure add abundantly to a wedding experience. Hotels should also be easily accessible and well-connected to airports and stations for a seamless guest experience.   

Engulfed in enchanting natural beauty and architectural marvels, Raffles Udaipur provides the perfect canvas for luxurious weddings with a hint of regalia. The hotel is nestled in a cocoon of the magnificent Aravali range and shimmering Udai Sagar Lake, located at a comfortable 20 minute drive from the Maharana Pratap Airport. The arrival experiences are grand due to their confluence of heritage and contemporary design. At the Raffles Lakeshore one boards a boat that gently sails towards the mystical oasis, enabling one to experience time pause as you leave behind the hustle-bustle of city life. Udaipur’s breath-taking sunsets are made even better by Raffles Udaipur’s Belvedere Points and are set to give wedding guests and loved ones memorable moments.  

On-Site Wedding Venues 

Weddings, especially big fat Indian weddings, are made up of several events and ceremonies. Having a variety in terms of hotel ballrooms, conference halls, and outdoor spaces all at the same location adds flavour to the wedding and elevates the festivities. Hotels with an array of picturesque and spacious locations to offer have an upper hand in the selection process.  

Ideal for one-of-a-kind celebrations, Raffles Udaipur’s five expansive outdoor venues spread across over 70,000 sq. ft. are complemented by beautifully manicured lush green lawns. Imagine the fragrance of the native flowers blossoming in the gardens perfume the sprawling grounds, adding a touch of nature to every event. For indoor celebrations, the ballroom boasts 9,000 sq.ft., making it amongst the largest indoor venues in the city. 

Unique Experiences 

The atmosphere of a wedding is greatly influenced by the venue. It can give the wedding a romantic, contemporary, vintage, or any other ambiance you like. Generally speaking, people want to ensure that the atmosphere of the venue complements the wedding. Hotels with a holistic, immersive experience to offer come out on top. In addition to a good location, properties with unparalleled gastronomy, legendary service, customized experiences and activities make for great wedding destinations. 

For instance, the bespoke settings complemented by legendary Raffles Udaipur hospitality, scrumptious gourmet fare from around the world and unparalleled views from all rooms & suites, promise an immersive experience resplendent with grandeur and perfection. Raffles Udaipur is the place to be to make all your wedding dreams come true. Additionally, the Raffles Spa can add an unforgettable element of emotional well-being for your guests and loved ones. 

Weddings are a time of love, light and celebration. Choosing the right wedding destination is one of the founding pillars which can provide you with the wedding setting of your dreams. Hotels that offer a mystical, wholesome experience across segments can uplift your celebrations and help you create the memories of a lifetime.  



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